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5:48 pm
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remember the skirt i was trying to make?
I PRESENT TO YOU........................the finished product!!!
actually, i finished it ages ago. just too lazy to take a pic and too busy with exams and such.

the front :D

the back. variation 1

back, variation 2 (the front looks completely the same. the variation is just for kicks)

if i had guts to dress up properly with no fear of people calling me lala, this is how i would do it.
i love my damn hat. but i have no excuse to wear it anywhere since all i do is drive and walk about in shopping centres/university with no sunlight pouring though. darn it all.
oh. this is variation 3. the straps are tied up halter style

close up of the hat design. I bought this for RM5 at those hinode? shops (those shops where everything is rm5. i just realized... i hardly notice them anymore. probably the novelty wore off already and bussiness must be pretty bad) it was an ugly green. so i took my fabric paint and painted the whole thing black xcept for where the design is (the bright green you see is the actual colour) well... i was hoping it would be black black... but too bad the black fabric ink can't cover the green entirely. ah well

last variation. no straps. the bow u see is from the infamous black string i tried to con u guys with for usd400. darn. no orders yet.
oh. i contenged my wardrobe with photoshop. tomato placed there for nicer decoration. i was looking a bit too weird for my liking.

k. thus end my picture post.
i realised... i must bring out my camera more often. then i can have more picture post sans the camwhoring-alone pictures.