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it shall all be over soon


and till then,
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streamyx sucks.

i hate streamyx.

i have the 512 kb package but my speed tests shows that my download is 176kb/s while my upload is 260kb/s.

weird how upload speeds are higher than download, while normally it would be vice versa.
and yes. i did stop all internet traffic before starting the test.

and streamyx promised the speeds to be 50-70% of what we were promised to get.
and it's nearly 3am.... speeds should be like super high.


just wondering, what are all your streamyx speeds like?
and what is the speed like in aus and sg?

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ok... so i don't want the first post that shows up on my blog to be about IMU bitchin

i shall now crawl back to my hole whence i came.

btw, msn is getting a little quieter these days.
signs that end of the yr is approaching. 1 month left.

i can't help but say:
of course there shall be a lot of groaning and crapping before that.
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and damn it. the same lecturer keeps marking my essay. do we get an assigned lecturer to mark all of our AIR topics?


I feel bitterness and anger right now. And a lot of regret for not making my essay better.
Is it my fault?
Should I have checked it more? Added more facts? Make it more enjoyable? Change the style?

i want doaremon and his time machine

I'm so angry I feel faint.
seriously... My head feels like a thousand kilos now and I feel my chair is slanted like i'm gonna fall down. I think i'm getting giddy from being too angry.
there's a saying that u can get all giddy from being too happy.
I say its wrong. u can get giddy by being too angry.
I'm so fuming right now I want to throw darts on somebody's picture.


I shall plagiarize now. No more taking the high road.

AIR is totally useless crap. Don't get it why we even need it. if IMU wants to cultivate writing skills since most of us are going to contribute to research papers and prob writing up articles to journals, etc, what's with the 300 word limit?
They only have the word limit because the lecturers don't want to mark 50 4-page essays on the same subject. So why can't they cut down the frequency we have to do this crap and allow the lecturers to mark our essay over the sem holidays? meaning 1 essay per sem.

and damn... don't they have standard marking? Like what qualifies for an A, A-, B, etc? Or its up to the lecturer's whim to give whatever marks to a student.
If they do have something like an answer sheet to follow, why can't they post it up students to see?
at least we know what went wrong with the essay. even a bloody general guideline will do.
A= contains all points, interesting and cohesive
A- = contains all points and cohesive

Even better if they can post up sample essays of what is an A,B, or C essay. randomly pick an essay with those marks and post it in the common directory for all to access. Anonymity is given to those who wrote the essays.
Is that so hard to do?

Sucks. Useless system.
Now with the current system is we write our essay, hand it in, get the marks, cry, repeat.
Sometimes no constructive criticism is given at all. either no comment or comments that make no sense. so in the end the system is to taunt and pull down the spirits of students who get less than satisfactory results.
No freaking use.
We do research and all that but isn't it the same as PBL anyway?

that's why most of us leave the stupid "what is good about AIR?" qw blank ALL THE TIME

and what's with asking us the same stupid 3 qws every single time we submit AIR?

stupid stupid stupid stupid
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when i'm alone,

i realize i really am alone.
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siao chen's tag. looks like fun :D

a) Answer the questions below,do a Google Image Search with your answer,take a picture from the first page of results,do it minimal words of explanation.
b) Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday:

Lol... since i'm the same age as siao chen i got the same result as her. so i googled "20 hooray". I actually don't mind getting this as a bday present though i'll prob have storage problems (the inner child in me has awaken...)

2. A place you’ll like to travel to:
Buahahaha... my travel plans when I've accumulated enough money

3. Your favourite place:
my bed. these 2 words describes my personality precisely.

4. Your favourite food
Malaysian food: I got this as my first pic but i prefer the one below:


5. Your favourite pet:
The baby.

juts kidding. ignore the baby. focus on the cat

6. Your favourite colour combination :
Blue and turquoise. isn't it beautiful?

7. Your favourite piece of clothing:
Eeeee.... i googled "little black dress" but what i got is trash bag lookalike. victoria's dress looks better

8. Your all-time favourite song:
Lol... my fav song change constantly. the first song that popped up was this.

9. Your favourite TV show:
Anybody can guess what my fav show is?

10. First name of your significant other/crush:
Self explanatory

12. Your screen/nickname:
red tomato. but i got a black record. hahahhahaha

13. Your first job:
i've no idea what does this got to do with clinic assistant.

14. Your dream job/jobs:
Yea... life's good

15. A bad habit you have:
LOL.... exactly what i'm doing right now

16. Your worst fear:
I entered failing. but this comic is quite discriminating.

17. The one thing you’d like to do before you die:
I'm flying!!!!

18. The first thing you’ll buy if you get $1,000,000:
Buahahahaha,... this house trumps siao chen's

I tag:

too darn lazy
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I have trouble sleeping.
But it's not like any sleeping problem where some one just can't sleep.
It's a weird problem.
I'm so tired, if i lie down for a minute i'll probably fall right fast asleep.
But I think about how I have to wake up and start studying tomorrow I don't feel like going to sleep.

And i've no idea what crap am I talking about.
My english is getting crappier and crappier. It's quite upsetting.
Studies is like crap too. Spending an ENTIRE day to read 1 lecture note. The other 99% of the time is spent stoning.

Oh, anyway, we (IMU students) went to Hospital Seremban and Hospital Port Dickson for the past 2 days. It was a nice break from the monotony of lectures/PBL/CSUs but other than that it was quite a waste of time. We went there with the objective to learn about what nurses do and observe how they do it.
But that task only took 3 hrs at most. They left us there for 8 hours. So 5 hours spent lepaking around the hospital. But we did get to see the patient's notes, etc and it just proves that doctor's handwriting really do suck. 50% of what was written either i couldn't read it at all or i have no idea what they are writing apart due to the lack of knowledge. It's funny to notice that all the neat handwritten patient's notes are almost always written by the nurses.
It's a good concept for IMU to organise this trip for us but I think it should have been done in a later semester where we have more knowledge.

Oh... I got to see a dead body, a newborn baby and loads of road accident victims with broken bones, cuts, etc.

And on a lighter note, I attended a meeting on viagra to accompany my dad (and according to my dad, to learn new knowledge. lol)
found out a few interesting facts. hahahahaha
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ok... the world has finally come to an end

yen and kaye has a blog............. jeng jeng jeng

xx, now kaye and yen............ ppl whom i NVR assume will have a blog have one now.

the surprises just keep coming.
later my parents will have a blog... omg
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stressssssssssssssss <------- mountain of stress
^ <-------- me

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save me!!!

Anaerobic bacteria..........ABC......Actinomyces, Bacteriodes, Clostridium
Aerobic bacteria........Nagging Pest Must Breathe........Nocardia, Pseudomonas, Mycobacteria tuberculosis, Bacillus anthracis
Obligated intracellullar bacteria.......Really Cold, so stay inside.......Rickettsia, Chylamydia
Naked DNA viruses........PAP..........Papovavirus, Adenovirus, Parvovirus
Naked RNA viruses........CPR...............Calicivirus, Picornavirus, Reovirus

**Some Killers Have Pretty Nice Capsules, . {Encapsulated}
Strep Pneumo

staph aureus is like soft pains

skin infection osteomeylitis foodpoisioning toxic shock syndrome pneumonia acute endocarditis impetigo necrotizing fasiculitis scalding skin syndrome



Mr. V.Z. Mapsy (mnenomic)
ADENOVIRUS(pathogenic respiratory strains are given in enteric coated capsule)
POLIO(new, sabin)
small pox
yellow fever

lol... i remember the diarrhea ones like this:

butthole= o -> cocci shape-> streptococci faecalis

add the crack and it becomes a d-> clostridium difficile (lol.. bloody explosive diarrhea)

for mycology, there's the superficial fungi i remember Dr. Mala maung having seizure -> Malasezzia
for strains of mycobacteria, imagine a cow coughing with skin falling off:
mycobacteria tuberculosis; mycobacteria bovine (tb caused by cows), mycobacteria leprae (leprosy)

leptospira interrogans just have to imagine a guy interrogating a person till he turns yellow(jaundice), sweats (face edema) and starts breathing heavily (pnuemonia)

chylamedia trachomatis- remember repro system gets affected (cervitis, urethiritis, epidydmitis, prostatitis) by dick (serology d-k)

then a-c will cause trachoma. L1.L2,L3- Lymphogranuloma venereus

The ones above are wayyy better though. creative ppl.

and these mnemonics doesn't even cover 10% of what we have to learn by hard in total

so who is worst?

pharm or med? lol

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my sleeping cycle is getting weird

the day before: slept at 4 woke up at 6.45
yesterday: slept at 2 woke up at 10
today: slept at 4 woke up at 7

not to mention merdeka weekend where i constantly slept at 6am


and i don't even spend the extra time studying. i study 1-2 hrs everyday (matila) and the rest of the day is just spent staring at the ceiling/door.
also partly ps2 fault. hehehehe

now i'm so tired, my brain is just stoning. but have to go to airport to send off bro and go uni later.
and i've to finish microbio by this week.
immuno by next week
parasitology by the week after next
pharmaco by end of the month

i don't have alot of time to study.
padan muka study 1 month before exam. even my bro say i die edi. and i take his word seriously.

soooo... i shall ban msn and ps2
no more seeing me online.
if you see my shoo me away. nudge me until i exit msn
remind me i have 1 month to memorize 100+? parasites, bacteria, viruses and immunology reactions, etc
and not to mention understanding pharmaco crap. really pity pharmacy students... dunno how they can stanad such boring stuff.

i dont wanna faillll

oh... then after this exam i have 2 weeks to study 6 months worth of mind numbing anatomy and physiology of the WHOLE body which means 12 systems. 12 systems in 2 weeks. wow.
must study like 1 system a day
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Ways to tell if you are kiasu

  1. When the lecturer recommends a book, you run to the library later to borrow it and had the urge to hide all the other copies of the book
  2. When the lecturer asks to gather round, you immediately get up from your seat and speed walk to the lecturer hopefully getting a front row view eventhough you might be 6ft tall
  3. You arrive to class 30 minutes earlier to book the seat in front of the projector
  4. You get irritated when someone else taken your seat in class/ library/ lab
  5. Whenever a new book gets mentioned around class, you rush back to google the book's name and find out all the information you can about it
  6. You have at least 3 different books on the same area of study
  7. You have all the books in the photocopying shop
  8. You feel like studying when you see others study
  9. When someone mentions something you don't know, you feel your knowledge is inadequate and decide to study an extra 3 hours that day
  10. You have a countdown timer on your hp/computer to the exam's date
  11. You have your notes in your bag each time you go out
  12. When exam comes, you have at least the following items:
    • 1x mechanical pencil +lead,
    • 4x wooden pencils (in case mechanical pencil spoils)
    • 3x pen (in case one pen after the other runs out of ink),
    • 1x gel pen (in case the ballpoint ones fail on you)
    • 1x eraser + sharpener
    • 1x ruler (eventhough the exam wouldn't need it)
    • 5x highlighter
  13. You quadruple check your pencilbox before the exam
  14. When sitting for gov exams, your pencils and eraser are all exam graded by Stabilo
  15. You buy a whole box of pencils each time a gov exam comes
  16. You bring your books on exam day eventhough there is no time for you to read
  17. When you have finished answering the questions, you look around to see if anybody has finished just to compare if you have finished the fastest
  18. You compare answers with your friends after the exam
  19. Then you compare the answers with the reference book and calculate how much you would be getting
  20. You countdown the days to the release of the results each day
  21. You phone/sms/msn your friends to ask about the results but is reluctant to reveal your own
  22. You get frustrated when someone else gets a better result then you
  1. You come 2 hrs earlier to a store that hasn't open when its having sales
  2. During sales you grab all the items that are on sale and later discard 50% of the items
  3. You feel irritated when other cars cut your lane
Can't think of anymore.

lol... and to think i won't post anymore entries.
look how bored i am :(
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the time has come to start cracking my brains till hopefully it doesn't fall apart.

hopefully this time hyperplasia of the brains occurs instead of atrophy due to lack of sleep.

nerd humor.

ok. so i won't be online so often anymore and hopefully this blog will be on a hiatus (hopefully cause i don't want to update this blog when i'm supposed to be studying!)

my cpr practical test would be on next sat.
mock EOS exams will be on 15-19? sep (not counted though :D)
foundation 2 exams will be in early oct
EOS 2 will be on nov 3-4

see... so buzy