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kuiz kimia.... sux
8:12 am
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So, finally the stupid kuiz kimia came. And we lost.
Dumbness.... i'm not really that surprised that we lost but i can't get over the fact that i lost to steph and evonne (both got same marks.... 23/40) by 4 freaking marks (worst thing is that the teacher read my marks as 17 only... i counted later and it was 19) And also the fact that i (and steph and evonne ) can't even get above 25.... so memalukan only. I wish i wasn't chosen then i can spare myself of the pain and misery. Sux sux sux sux.... i did so many careless mistakes too (as usual). I hate me. Both evonne and steph didn't study too... i studied and finish off last. GAH!!!!
Feel so lifeless... I got no semangat after that. Laugh also like half dead and so fake. Yeesh....last year our school won the kumpulan and individu categories somemore.....
stupid stupid stupid
9:06 am
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crap, i think i'm getting nervous about spm.... All because i read other ppl's blogs abt them sitting for spm and i now, i'm very worried. They all seem so brilliant. Is that what you must be to get all A1s' in SPM? A lot of people will say that SPM is not everything, there is a life after spm... i know all that. But it matters a lot to me cause i have a too big ego... hahaha... for those who didn't know, i'm quite a proud person. I'm scared if i get terrible marks in spm, it'll spoil my confidence that i have finally attained for myself. All this years my marks aren't really that bad... but what if everything goes wrong during spm? What if i'm not as smart as what i think and other people think? My parents, me aunties, my friends, everybody is expecting me to do well for spm. Argh.... i feel like dying. I cannot even study for the freaking kimia kuiz tomorrow.... and my english still sucks like shit. I think even my bm is better than my english. My english is pathetic, and my spelling sucks. I think even a preschooler will do better in spelling than me. And i'm suppose to be the one that reads the most storybooks compared to my elder bro. And yet, my english marks are terrible. What will I get for my 1119?
What will I get? I'm so scared of the future. It's so uncertain and i'm so afraid to disappoint my parents.......

and myself
9:34 am
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after reading a few classmate's blog (well... they don't know that i read it cause i googled their name and hey voila their names got results! Sorry if you think i'm stalking you or something (is this considered as stalking??))
Anyway, lots of my friend's entries are mostly very angst in other words, EMO. (emo= emotional, for those not used to our Malaysian sms chat)

Anyway, some of them were complaining about how the "popular" girls at school will treat some ppl like gods and the "nerdos" like dirt. I dunno, call me naive but i don't think there is much of distinction if a girl is popular or unpopular. Girls here are not like the type you see in Mean Girls or Lizzie Mcguire (i know i spelt that wrongly, who cares) Girls here are much much more mild. Teasing is the most they would go to (unless you step on their toes first then maybe you'll at the receiving end of a string of f-words and behind-your-back complaining. But other than that, most of us are of equal level. Everybody studies like mad for SPM, everybody does their own work, nobody purposely do bitchy things like setting your books in fire or push you aside if you walk across their path. So, things are quite peaceful here (which is boring).
Another day to study for kuiz kimia and another 2 weeks before Mid Year exams... yay.......................................... *breaks down and cry* TT_TT

Oya, going to take my undang-undang after mid year during june holidays. Maybe i'll take my driving lisence after my birthday. (july exams should be between july17 to july21 or something like that) So if i take it after that, 10 hours of driving maybe can be divided between 2 weeks. So if each is 2 hours, then maybe can go every sat and mon and one thurs. Hooray!
laziness... it's contagious
5:10 am
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I had unofficially one week of holiday :)
Why? Cause i didn't go for any of the sport day events held by my school and i skipped Mon and Fri :)
Now it's already Sun so I have to go back to school tomorrow... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now i feel so lazy doing my mountain pile of homework!!! (i got kimia laporan, add maths stuff, add maths tuition homework...)
Anyway, nearly done with bab Asid dan bes. Got 3 more chapters to go (including termokimia for my mid year exam) and damn... got about 2 weeks + to go before mid year exam. Still haven't studied sej, bio, a math, math, moral, bm, eng, physics..................... dielah
I remember struggling to even remember everything for history form 4 syllabus. Now i have to remember form 4 + 5 chapters of form 5. Gah.... physics also the same... i really had no time last year. Going to school also had to study the last chapter.

Crap... i better speed up my studying
Hopefully i'll finish kimia and start sej by this week. Hopefully finish sej when exams comes. WHY CAN'T THE EXAMS BE AFTER THE HOLIDAYS?????

public transport
4:15 pm
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Recently, the government has taken a step to improve their public transport service by changing the old ragged Putraline bus to the new and shiny RapidKL buses. They increased the number of buses and added more routes to the old system. Hooray to the government for that.
the buses still come infrequently as ever, bus drivers still drive like maniacs, people are still forced to be squashed like sardines in a can (it's quite common for the drivers to exceed the max number of people allowed to stand/sit. Usually they will shout " Masuk lagi! Masuk lagi!! Banyak tempat dekat belakang bus!! "

Anyway, today i went to 1 Utama. But i was so dumb cause i waited for 30 mins at the wrong bus stop... So ended up waiting altogether 3 hours just to get to 1Utama... hahahha (no thanks to the hourly shutter bus to 1u) I've decided to compile my street knowledge to share with anyone who wants to know how to get to places by public transport!)

Basic: Going to train stations
Take a bus (no 99, 66, 900B) from anywhere in subang jaya to go to carrefour. The KTM station will be just behind the hypermarket!

1. Take a 900B bus from the Sri KL school bus stop or any bus stop along that road to get to kelana Jaya LRT station
2. Take the KTM to KL Sentral
3. Take a KL bound bus to KL Sentral

Shopping malls:
Pyramid: Very easy. Just take a bus (99,66, 900B, NO 13, ) from the SJMC bus station or anyone along that road
Summit: same as above. Only take the no 66 bus (i think so)
KLCC: Take the lrt to KLCC station
1 Utama: Head to Kelana Jaya lrt station and take a FREE shuttle bus from that (be warned! it's an hourly bus so plan your trip well)
The Curve: same as above
Mid valley: Take the KTM to KLSentral then transit to the other KTM line to their Midvalley station OR Take a no13 bus from the metropolitan/sunway pyramid bus stop
Times Square/Sungai way/ Lowyat: Take KTM to KL Sentral and transit to the monorail there. Go to their Hang Tuah station (i think)

NO 13 bus is a KL Bound bus. Permata Kiara buses are mostly KL Bound too
The RapidKL bus (900B) comes around every 20 mins or so. Goes to Kelana Jaya and areas around Pyramid and Subang
Going to the hypermedia library in Taipan: Take a no 66 bus

If you're lazy, take a cab and go anywhere you want. Or go drive a car!
The things about friendster
2:14 am
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Since friendster became hip and popular mainly among individuals with loveless lives, the objective of the website has somewhat been twisted by a bunch of people. The "collector"s (haha... reminded me about the tv series) No, this "collector" doesn't collects ppl's souls but they collect testimonials and friends.

Sounds familiar? (for those of you who has a friendster account, chances are you've already met this sort of ppl)

The main objective of the website (i believe) was to bond more people together by introducing them to 3rd degree friends, 2nd degree friends and so on. Now, most people go round and invite complete strangers with messages like " PUHLEASE ADD ME!!!! I want to be the first one with 50000 friends!!!!!!"
And why the hell does he/she need 50000 online friends when she doesn't even bother to contact at least half of the contacts she got?
Testimonial collectors are somewhat the same xcept they change their message to let say:
" PUHLEASE TESTI ME!!!! I want to be the first one with 50000 testimonials!!!!!!"


I wonder if they brag to their friends about having [insert amount] testimonials/contacts? Do they actually feel a sense of acheivement after that?
Although it may be sad to have an active account and with little more than 5 friends and a few testimonials, people shouldn't make it a piority to invite complete strangers just to achieve their "target"

I'm ranting too long.... (getting a bit hormonal on the side) Just felt the need to rant after a rough day

yay! new skin!!
12:02 pm
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i curi (stole) this from drogue designs! Found their skin here:
I just changed the heading from theothereden to my blog's name!
But i didn't erase their copyright stuff...


I wonder if i still have to send them a letter of permission for using their designs?

Anyway, mighht create my own blog skin when i'm free. Kind of easy if you start with the basic template.

Didn't go to school on Monday which was good also since hardly anybody came that day (xx told me) But found out i was to join a Kuiz Kimia representing the school next next Monday. Which means i have to study like crazy since i'll be joining forces with 2 super intelligent girls (Steph and evonne) Hopefully we don't lose because of me...
Also found out I'm actually allergic to caffeine (and i blamed sleepless nights for my aching muscles and drowsiness (but they most probably had something to do with what i'm experiencing now)) Whenever i drink coffee...
  • my hands and feet become extra cold

  • i feel lightheaded

  • have aching muscle

  • feel jittery

  • my hands can sometimes shake

  • occasionally get palpitations

  • feel slightly nauseated

I read somewhere on the net that if you have caffeine allergy, you can actually get hallucinations and anxiety attacks. Drinking too much coffee when you have this condition also can actually damage your brain. So i must stay away from coffee. The only problem is that i like the taste of coffee. And i was actually planning to work in Starbucks (at least once). Dang... all those dreams of drinking free coffee shuffled down the drain!!
Oh yeah... i just had a cup of mocha, so please excuse my typo errors and gramatical errors cause i can't really concentrate and my hands feel weird...
Class photo!
4:14 am
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Class photo taking day= total disaster
I think i may have screamed my voicebox out of my throat! 5 Adil is a class full of rebellious teens so it was my mistake to try to get them to organise.
Anyway, got some pathetic, great, lame, cool, blur, sharp photos of the class. I really love the tribal dance thing the guys did! Sakthi was so blurr tho, he kept messing up the steps (there were only 8 steps actually...christal was like "It's only 8 steps lah!!!") BTW, Aliah brought a videocam (that's why they did the whole dance thing)
We did a heart shape pattern at the field too... I wonder where to include it in the Senior Pages layout?
The guys were really enthusiastic about the whole photoshoot (xcept for xia xun for some unknown reason) They made really crazy poses which made us all roll in laughter!! They even had Nicholas pose with the girls holding a broom (pimp stick?)
In the end, as a consolation to losing my voice and energy, we had loads of fun and aching sides.
The 5 baktians were a tad more crazy then us. They climbed the scaffold to the top of the dewan... Luckily the whole thing didn't fall (but they won't be able to use the pictures anyway because Pn Tan (in charge of the mag) said she'll scan thru the pages before publishing it)

Next monday i'll have to collect all the pictures from other classmates cause my poor camera had no more bateries halfway thru the photoshoot. Ah... very mah fan loh... Have to collect from more then 3 ppl.

Here are some of the pictures:

Tribal dance!

5 Adil caged up

Corridor shot (sorry to those faces that can't be seen!!)

Girls.... the driving force of 5 adil!
(guys are the jokers. The ones that makes our side ache with laughter)