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Promised pics
4:17 am
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Ok... so long time no update. :P
But here are the pics I said i'll post up:

Hippo wrist rest (official use) but i also use it as a squeeze buddy/ light when i switch the lights off (cause it's glow in the dark) given to me by college buddy, Chirunu san!

Another hippo camwhore pic

My bro's gift (which is a total surprise) The pendant is made out from Mother of Pearl (meaning the oyster shell)

Macro shot. I dun like Olympus camera :(

The earrings given by the fab sisters. YK and YY. lol

My chatting buddy during boring lectures (which is virtually all the lectures we have have now), Joanne's gift. Lol.. it's a stress ball which is pretty practical this yr since we have EOS coming up right after Sum 2. It's Miss Pinky (yea.. pretty uncreative but it was named during a lecture on Infectious Disease so what do u expect)

Yeen's card (the envelope is made out from mesh!). She is my friend fr primary school and she nvr failed to wish me every yr. I'm happy to have a friend like her :D
And all her cards are handmade! And soooo much better than those factory made cards.

Card details
Yeen keeps insisting she made a mistake here. I see no mistake.... (eventhough u pointed it out to me I still can't see what's wrong with it)

More details (butterfly butterfly lalala)

Finally... sab's present. (the tshirt) Ignore messy background and me kneeling on the ground. Somehow it's hard to capture the whole shirt into the background without my hands shaking violently. She also gave me a little tshirt for my car (no no... it's not an actual tshirt for the car. More like a decoration) and tobelerone chocolate fr Labuan!

Thanks so much guys!!!

Now.. on to more photos (holiday randomness):
I said i wanted to sew something. Guess what! I did! And made this dress
The sewing is horrendous though.

Bon Odori! I like this pic. Its colourful. That balloon on the top kept blocking my camera. So i didn't take anymore pics

Observe what is written on the red background and pronounce. I see innocent names in a different eye.

Kaye after dyeing.

Me and kaye camwhore. Look at our brand new hair!!

Obligatory camwhore pic after getting new hair (too bad the curls are gone now).

Yen has more pics though. Have to get them fr her.
Anyway... uni has started and as I've mentioned before... they are disastrously boring. And we are more busy as we now have 2 PBLs a week (PBL= Problem Based Learning where we have to research on random stuff related to the lectures) , more lab sessions to come... and basically the reason why i don't update as much or go online as much is cause my bro is back fr Dundee

So it's either he is using the internet or I'm too distracted playing Assasin's Creed (a computer game which my bro had the cd) or either watching him play God of War 2 on the playstation. See... i say i'm a computer game/tv addict and no one believes me. I'm like the cacat-er version of your ordinary geek cause I don't really speak computer language and somehow was forced to format my com 4 times since my bro left.


Back to playing now
my bday
6:57 pm
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so it's my bday again.

tq very very much to those who wished me thru sms,msn n facebook :D
And thanks to leo, ultra bb partner (who called me at nearly 12am..), xx, fab lame club CEO, who called me all the way fr the land of down under and also sab!, the ultra sweet college buddy, who called me too :D

Yen and kaye belanja-ed me at Sushi Zanmai on my bday eve too!! I love japanese food. *drools*
I got to eat a whole plate of those small octopus too.
Buahahaha.... cause they didn't want to eat "intelligent creatures" ;D
And they also treated me to watch Kungfu Panda on that day
Too bad no camwhore pics.

Then on the 12th, me, yen, yeen and kaye went to Bon Odori at the Matsushita Stadium. We a wee bit too late so all the fans ran out so we danced empty handed. But later we went to mamak and chit chat (yen again belanja me mamak!!!) Oh... they also gave me these cute teddy bear earrings (which i will post pics later). Yeen gave me a handmade card (definitely a hundred times better than those store bought cards anytime)

XX also made something like a photo montage for me.
I look so fab. ahahahahah...

ok.. click for a bigger screenshot pic or just hop over to xx's blog.

wait another 50 yrs before i can actually have enough money to dress like that. But then i'll be old and wrinkly by then. Darn... that's why i have friends like xx to "cyberly" dress me up. lol

Oh... and i shall soon include pics fr my college class gathering last week where wee kiat and cheryl bought me a small cake for my bday :D

Evil wee kiat actually smeared chocolate on my face followed by Pei Chern. I shall get them back..!
*_* <--- evil glint

Pei Chern also bought me a present which was an arm rest thing which is darn cute. It glows in the dark. better to see my mouse when i'm too lazy to on the light when i'm online-ing at 3am

all in all.... it's been a fab bday.
Hugs and kisses to all who have been sooooo kind to me.

And hopefully, i hope all the wishes come true and I shall have a fab 19th year, till the next bday comes along :D
of pets and abuses
6:11 pm
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me, yen and kaye were talking about pets and abuse in the old Ford and this conversation went something like this:

(i said something about cats will run away when they are abused as opposed to a dog who will stay even though the master abuses it)

kaye: your cat milo ran away rite? but you didn't abuse it
me: i did... i hugged him
kaye: that's abuse?!?
me: ..... i squeeze

ppl who don't get it, it means your level of lameness (read: awesomeness like Po (kungfu panda)) has not yet reach the level that we've attained

ppl who get it: congratz and welcome to the club of total awesomeness
3:19 am
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results are out.
and i can just say i got what i expected to get thanks to the wonderful IMU concept of having feedback sessions right after the exam. (also thx to Joanne for pulling me along)

Wished i done better though. Some qws i could have answered correctly but didn't.

So... cramming+ medicine= wrong idea

But i can expect to cram end of this yr anyway. It's just my nature cause I'm darn sure that I'm not going to be picking up a medical book anytime soon.

Cheers to me being pure laziness.
5:16 pm
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i'm sorry.

sorry for not replying msges on msn

sorry for not answering missed calls

sorry for forgetting to do some stuff

i guess i'm a pretty guilty person

but can i just pass that off as just being human?
10:24 am
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i'm so tempted to blog again after seeing anonymous comment in my shoutbox.
I think i know who is it (but i'm just guessing though) since the number of readers i have is probably limited by the number of fingers i have.

ok.. so in case the comment is lost in the pages of shoutbox comments, i quote it here:
its getting boring... ur blog.. try something new n fresh pls..!!

i know i shouldn't take it seriously since my blog is my blog and i can write whatever the heck i want in my small little pitiful green webpage of mine, but i'm in a bit of a pissy mode now so yea..

So fresh and new? i don't really know what this mean. Fresh and new? It's not like i'm designing clothes here or writing reviews of gadgets/cars/movies and crapz. What does fresh and new means in the context of my blog? So far I've been blogging whatever random thoughts i have in my head or events which are important. Actually, this blog is more meant for me than for my readers. Although a big part of it is to just somehow stay in touch with friends, the blog is sort of like a diary for me to read after a year or so.
Everybody who knows me know that i'm one of the most forgetful idiots around. I leave my things everywhere. I can't remember most of who i mixed with in primary school. Hence a blog.
I laugh when i read back how i felt about SPM last time. Now I can only remember SPM as some stupid exam which only main purpose is to get a scholarship. And to get a scholarship, you either must
a) have a religion where the quota system favours you the most.
b) take AT LEAST 13 subjects for SPM

SPM is of no point if less than 13 subjects is taken cause no matter how many A1's you get, the only thing you can do with your SPM results is apply for college. After that's done, you might as well burn it.

Back to the subject, fresh and new. I dunno... maybe i should become a bimbo blogger. Just randomly post camwhore pics photoshopped like gila. Or maybe a sensational blogger. Just backstab all the friends that don't read this blog and those that my readers know.
That will be more interesting?

So this post shall be damn interesting:

(insert pic of self)

(insert pic of self)

(insert pic of self) x1000

(insert pic of teddy bear)

(insert emo pic)


__(fill name)___ is the biggest BiAtCh in the world. She act as if she has a donkey stuffed up her behind. And you know what? __(fill name)__ is also another one. She acts like she so cute. She has the crappiest face I've seen in my entire life. Looks like inbred daughter only. Maybe hor... Wait till her boyfriend leave her then she know. Her boyfriend veli cute actually. Maybe I take her boyfriend when he leaves her. Blaah ablaha ablaha (bitchx100, whore, slut, etc etc)

My brain just died.
i'm a nerd
10:17 am
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i'm such a big nerd that i'm playing a medical sim game.

other than that, i'm spending my days in front of that big ol tv.

COP word count: 2300 more words to go

19th yr anniversary of being alive: 3 more days

Back to bkt jalil day: 11 more days

Brother coming back: 5 more days

Oya.. xx cats gave birth again! Not even a year after they last gave birth (i think? or is it exactly a year?) So anybody want kitties, go and disturb him :D