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12:46 am
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update. hahaha

will be starting clinical postings next week. starting with Cardio in St James Hospital. Hopefully it'll be ok. I'm crossing my fingers my group and doctors would be alright.
Went out shopping today at a factory outlet store. got the stuff i needed- ballet flats and boots. and a few extra stuff- tshirts and formal pants
still looking for my perfect winter coat and jeans. arhghh. the prices of some things here make me appreciate the prices in Malaysia. Like for example... i won't think a dress priced RM60 would be worth it. But dresses ON SALE here are at 20-25 pounds at least. like i wanted to find a cardigan as well. minimum price here is 10+ pounds. i got my zara cardigan for that price T_T Also saw an MNG here (or mango. always wondered why they don't call it mango back in m'sia. do they change their name to MNG if their franchise is in a non-european/ english is not their first language country?)  It's cheaper in Malaysia. much cheaper. Maybe it's because it's not really crazy sales yet. Have to see how boxing day is like otherwise i'll be immensely sad with the shopping here :(

Things been quite relaxing after the spot test (the test was ok btw :D most ppl said it was hard but i came out of the exam room not remembering half the qws i answered. really don't know if my brain is just remembering all the easy stations and selectively forgetting all the stations i found hard. it happened in the past before where i thought the exam was pretty ok but got really disappointed at my results.) anyway, i'm really reluctant to go for my Friday morning teachings tomorrow. An added factor is because I'm meeting my group for the first time yet again. this is because they screwed up my grouping for the first 2 weeks. then they changed my grouping again but i wasn't here for the last 2 weeks. so tomorrow will be the first time meeting them. haizzzz. i'm getting really anti social i think. stupid sook cheng. i need some confidence booster. wish there was a pill for this. anyway, should get to sleep now. due to wake up in 7 more hours.
music to my ears
8:59 pm
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i can't listen to emo songs cause it makes me emo too. it's amazing how songs can affect mood so much