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12:24 am
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finally, graduated!

this blog has followed me through secondary school, college and now medical school.
hopefully it'll continue on for as long as I need a place of catharsis.

I start next Thursday so everyday feels precious. It's like I'm trying to grab hold of whatever freedom I have left. Yet, I spend it wasting away in my room. I guess eventhough I may just be hanging out in my room, not spending it exploring places or trying new things, it's good to have the feeling that you have time to waste.
This will not happen so often in the future now.

Anyway, I won't be able to concentrate in whatever I do. I have a mix of emotions when I think about it. The feeling of responsibility, doubt, nervousness, excitement and fear. It's exactly how I felt, coming to the UK 3 years ago. The dread of having to make new friends, push my boundaries, trying the unknown, the knowledge that I will make a mistake... times like this, I wish I can rewind time and go back to being a student.

I can get all my student discount perks as well.

Onwards I guess
Wish me all the best and hopefully the first week will be smooth sailing.

No idea if I'll be able to hold true to my oath...