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Gashapon's wonders!!!!
6:16 am
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I just found out what gashapons are... they are capsule toys found in vending machines!!
And OMG japan's capsule toys are so freaking cute!!!!!!!!!!
I want!!!!!

And also my Jap is well.... not going to well...
Getting lazier each day...
Now crazy about an old game called gazzilionaire Nice game!!

+ Have to buy presents for Yeen and Su Yen.. Quite hectic 'cause i'm not too sure what to buy them..
Su yen most probably a purse
Yeen most probably some anime stuff (if i can find it in time)

Harry Potter
12:23 pm
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I'm sick and tired of the stupid Harry Potter game (1st installment)!!!!
Why do they have to make it so tedious!!!
esp the place where we raced with peeves and gringotts bank. Hagrid need the money so why does Harry need to do the job!!!
"I'll go get some butterbeer.."
I thought this game is for children?

And what the #@$^$%%@$@ is wrong with DA?
I can't access the webbie at all....

And I cut my finger and it's quite deep... had fun watching the blood.... :)
Finished reading "My Family and other animals" by Gerald Durrell. It's a nice book quite funny actually...:)

Jap test
5:29 pm
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Hohoho... today I woke up at 10:00. Watch alias and an array of programs till I forgot all about my Jap test. I had to cram in everything I learnt in 33 months in 2 hours... It gave me a major headache which I cured by taking 100+
Then I went and take the test. As expected I didn't know quite alot of kanji and words so didn't answer some.
Besides that, there was this big crowd of Jap ppl suddenly came into the centre and aome of them sat in front of me. Feeling very intimidated I couldn't concentrate at all... sat there for 1 hour till I gave up. They keep talking and sometimes I suspected they were talking about me (or that I'm overly sensitive.. cause they were saying like "wakaisou ne" "nihon go wa chotto jozu ne" or something like that.)
That banished my thought of simply answering the questuons because I was imagining their startled faces if I answer something like:
the kanji (chinese characters) shows a name of a teacher
I put there:
Chicken and fish

will be quite stupid... + I don't think my own teacher will be marking since she's leaving for Japan sometime soon.

Anyway, decided to continue...
and I have a new teacher. Her name: Takayama sensei
She's quite small sized (compared to akiko (my previous teacher)) and quite formal too (not to say strict..)
She was also a high school teacher teaching Japanese somewhere in the Marshall island 1 year before (i think)
and she only stayed here for 6 months (akiko: 2 and a half.... maybe it's about time she returned)
anyway... i'm quite sleepy.. have to sleep soon

Friends...such a problem
9:42 am
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Today I went to school which was a mistake. It was soooo boring...
The counselor went on and on yapping about which stream we could go to from the time we came to school till 2 hours before we went back.
So, we can choose 5 stream
a) pure science
b) accountings
c) Literature
d) Arts
e) Catering

Most probably gonna choose pure science with accountings as the 2nd choice
Siao Chen seems to be very worried about this thing and BB was like "tidak apa" mood since she made her choice already since she applied for MRSM

Su Yen, Siao Chen, BB and me are planning to go to Times Square but have so many problems.
First of all, BB is going to start to puasa from this Fri to next month
Su Yen doesn't want to skip any school days 'cause she want her 100% attendence certificate (don't ask me why she wants that sijil)
And she also said that her grandma is going down to Singapure next month (near Hari Raya) 'cause her aunty is going to give birth which means Su Yen has to take care of her baby bro (and her grandma is going down for 100 days!!!). So if BB can't go, Su Yen can. If Su Yen can't BB can...
Got headache trying to plan this out. I also still have to ask Yeen Yee and Yik Meng if they wanna come
Yeen Yee I can just email her but Yik Meng I feel soooo awkward talking to her....
And they (the whole gang in school) want to go to Yik Meng's house. And I'm responsible for calling her... I feel super awkward now. (maybe cause i lost contact with her since dunno when... now i've to call her....)

And I've to study for my Japanese exam which is quite hard... very san fu...
But I'm not going to school till Thursday so I got 2 whole days to brush up my Jap

day 2 + others
4:03 am
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i just realise i go on yapping about competely nothing... cheers to that
BI was fine except for bi 2 . Did the 3rd than the 2nd but ran out of time for the 1st. Had so much to write and only 15 minuts left. I went cold... yes i guess the blood was drained from me cause after that my legs felt like jelly and i couldn't even write properly. My hands were shaking (Serious attack of panic)
Put my pen down and took a deep breath + drank some water. Felt much better and continued...
The next time i have an exam i'll plan out the time T-T

sains and geo
sains paper 1 was quite easy but paper 2 killed nearly everyone. They called us to draw. In all the other test we had (including gerak gempur set by the @#@#$%#$ MINISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!) WE NVR EVER HAD TO DRAW ANYTHING!!! This made me so pissed off... + stupid kitar karbon thingy.Perana tumbuhan dalam kitar karbon HANYA adalah untuk menjalankan fotosintesis FULL STOP!!!
Made a lot of careless mistakes...
Geo was okay... luckily i studied

sej and maths
maths was okay except for the common 1 or 2 careless mistakes. We came late for paper 2 (busy talking to teacher...) but luckily it was only 1 or 2 minutes late (thank god for that) when we were halfway talking to the teacher (in staff room) about one particular stupid qw, i realise nobody was outside and unusually quiet... bb said it started at 10;15 but we rushed back cause we know we had to get there earlier. Luckily we did that too. But i forgot to bring in my liquid so the paper was a mess (sorry to who ever is marking my paper !!!)
sej had a few tough qw but overrall it's a balance paper

Last day
Was so lazy to study.. conteng in sketch book and do some other stupid stuff. For that i was punish by staying up till 1:30 just to finish studying. Luckily i did that too...
Finally when it was all over the teachers shooed us to go home (bad experience?) Anyway a few boys got caught and i think one of then was an ex-classmate
They came out of the hall early and lighted a few fire crackers. Than one of the joker ran round the hall shouting merdeka (this is all according to my friend.. i had the exam in the classroom but i did here the firecracker (i thought got car accident))
Another friend said they also smoked behind the hall. I guess that is what made them hand over to the police
Went back and did nothing

I feel depressed for what ever reason maybe it's mr or maybe cause i find it hard to make friends... loneliness kills. I feel so left out eventhough i join them. chat with them, give them my opinions but nobody bothers. Then i think again. Why am i even in this? Why should i go on drawing? It makes me feel quite sad...
Or maybe it's because i have a jap exam coming up?
day 2
4:03 am
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pmr blues
3:39 am
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ARGHHH.... (hmm... how come the font looks unusually big....)
let's try one size smaller
yay... let's see..


I want to go back into the past and resit (i don't care if they give me a whole new set of qw) So many mistakes... in a short span of 1 week...
Anyway, the summary of the week

Day 1: BM 1 and 2
went to school meet up with friends and started rushing through Raja Bersiung (the bm paper testgot lots of soalan bocor unfortunately....) Then we were called to assembly and the ritual daily praying was done... Everybody was like " i'm so scared!!!!" or "omg.. i'm gonna die"
strangely i was quite calm.... but anyway, we got started and the horror begun...
First of all, sastera part was very tricky (especially the sajak) but tatabahasa was worse...
i made 2 mistakes in the first part (dang juruulas and untai!!!) then another 2 mistakes in the second part (why!!!!!!!! careless!!!!!!!!)
Everything was a mess i didn't have enough time to check (why!!!!)
the we had a break...
After that there was another paper, bm2.
kinda okay.... (can eating healthy make your life longer?)
had time to check
and i forgot to mention, our pengawas was a teacher from SMSU (pn saleha (dyed hair) and another was mrs/miss shirely (another dyed hair teacher (blonde!!))
Me and my friends was a bit suprised to see 2 teachers dyed their hair... (teladan yang buruk kpd murid-murid) another guy was a teacher from taman megat
Our own teacher (pn jamilah)went to smsu
Went home and did the worse thing ever... check to see if my answers were correct
my sprit practically died that day
then after that crammed in some literature facts and sains

to be continued....