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I got back all my results for my mid term already. Overall, I did not so good and not so bad at the same time.
BM- 71
Accounts- 66 (dang it!!)
Physics- 71
EST- 73 (this is the stupidest subject EVER!!!)
History- 88
Maths- 86

Good thing is that i didn't get c for anything. Bad thing is that i don't have a single 90. So altogether i got: 4A1, 4 A2, & 2 B3 1 B4
I thought i could have gotten a 90 for EST but my essay pulled me down... The teacher didn't accept our answers if we didn't follow the exact phrase given! For example, they give you "plant trees" but you write "planting trees" your point won't be marked. Which is utterly ridiculous!!! As a language subject, this is really a dumb thing to do. We change the sentence to be grammatically correct therefore they shouldn't penalise us for this! The teacher said use the "exact" phrase even if you are gramatically wrong cause they only deduct 1/2 mark for grammer mistake but deduct a mark whenever you don't use the exact phrase.
.................Total load of crap. I wonder how would this help us later? EST for me falls into the same category as moral. Useless and redundent