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Holy cow!
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I went back and reread a few earlier post and i just realise something-
How incomprehensible my ramblings are!!!!

Some post i get left and right mix up. Some post my grammar is just horrendous. And some.... the horrible mistake of putting too much "..." I should learn to use this: "," the comma
Stuff I made... crafty mode :D
6:48 am
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During the 2 weeks holiday I somehow became very crafty. I think I've been lurking in craftster too long
So this is what I created (hehehehee)
1. Geisha tank top
The image was stolen from a photographer in dA. I use in on my fav pink tank top and luckily didn't cause a mess. But the ink is fading a bit. That's what happen if I use the fabric paint on clothes which are not 100% cotton. But if its lycra (i think it is) the image seems more crisp.
The dA entry

2. Tokidoki shirt
Again a stolen image from tokidoki. Love the vector art so i stole it. But i did pay it homage by stenciling the logo behind the shirt. Too bad ppl here don't know much about tokidoki when its quite popular in the US (ps: it's a cosmetic/fragrance/accessories line, popular for their recognizable characters)

3. A tank shirt
The images used were my own :D And was a pain in the a$$ to cut out. Heck.. to make it worse, all i had at that time was a horrible rusty blade. Right after the stencil was done, the tip of the blade broke off. Hahahhaa... this is how I abuse my stationary. Had to buy a new blade (rm1.20... i thought it would be more expensive) to make the 2 shirts before.

(I'm saying the images on my shirt are miss.fairytale(s). NOT ME!

One thing i dislike about this shirt is that the tank is too short. I don't like showing off my belly so i'm still thinking of a way to wear this

Random picture (to burn your eyes with my image... cause i'm such a narcissist)
Next, we have books!

1. The conteng book
This is pretty much the trash book. Almost everything with this book was made out of potential trash. I now use it to conteng and doodle! Too bad i didn't glue the hanger (the dress was suppose to have a hanger too) down properly so now the hanger is missing.

2. The sketch book
I'll be giving this to my friend. Hahahahaha... to bad it wasn't that well made. The pages are odd and funny. Hopefully she wouldn't mind (she must be thinking why am i giving her all my trash.. XD)The book can be closed by tying the ribbon together. Oya, the covers are made out of 2 diskettes

Lastly, a keychain!
Went for a walk in Sunway with my friends and I was reminded how I always wanted to try and make a voodoo doll but kept procrastinating. I actually made a green one earlier but it kinda sucked. So I made a new one!
(sorry for all the random words. It was 3 am when I tweaked the images in photoshop)

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Alert! THIS IS AN ADVERTORIAL (buahahahhaaa... x2 u better pay me for this )

Spoof music videos featuring Sylar from Heroes!
(ppl who don't want Heroes probably won't find it as dumb as those who do)

Remember to fav 5 stars and comment alot as my fren, x2 will probably be hawking over his youtube page for weeks. Therefore replies to comment will be swift


hahahahhahahha... one post = rm10 (u belanja me watch movie now la)
My class- G12
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Today, me, pei chern and yik ming had quite a long chat with our mentor. Main discussion: Our ununited class

In the beginning of the year, everyone didn't know each other so everyone mix with each other. There were virtually no barriers cause everyone could ask anything!
But once the class ran out of "introduction questions", groups formed and interaction between classmates decrease.
Now, we have distinct groups and islands. I am in one of the smallest group of 3-5 people while the biggest group is half the class.
I used to mix with the giant group but eating lunch with them is just awkward. We have nothing to talk about! I feel terribly awkward speaking to them. Is like we are speaking 2 different languages to each other.
Now that they are quite close with their own group members, it's just more and more difficult to mix with them. I bet when the whole class go out to lunch together (if ever!) they will just talk to their own groups without much interactivity between the groups.

Sigh... sometimes I also feel quite sad with the state of our class. Other classes seem to have so much fun organizing activities together. Our class... it's mainly the giant group dominating the class activities.
Take for example the carnival activity. They just discussed with the class once, mainly to get the agreement from the whole class. After everyone agreed to their activity, no more was heard about the progress of the activity.

Suddenly today they said they got the plywood already, and pretty much decided to use homemade whipping cream (ahahha... in the group discussion they said they were using whipping creme + flour and etc).
I feel they should at least let the WHOLE class know what is going on with the activity and not just go on with their own plans as this is a class activity.

But they can't be blamed alone. Everyone in our class should hold some responsibility over the state of our class (maybe excluding p. yi wen who mixes around freely). I'm feel bit guilty conscious over this fact that I'm not doing anything to improve the class eventhough i am the assistant class rep. But I feel I am helpless in this situation (since I can't even mix with them)

What should I do? Should I continue to care? Or should I just forget about it and just mind my own business?
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Hahaha... just fnished bio oral presentation. Thank goodness is over! Just found out that i kind of rock my body back and forth during the presentation which i didn't really realise. Note to self: stop doing stupid things during oral presentation.

Ooo... and yesterday the Kit-Kat "bus" came to our college. They had this competition where you are supposed to say something in their camera for 10s and complain about anything you want. The complain must go somewhere in the lines of: "I WANT TO TAKE A BREAK FROM.......... (studies/exam/world/cat/teacher/etc) I made my complain dedicated to the pervert banglas i met the other day. Yes! My whole 10s (at least i think is 10s) is dedicated to the sexual harrassers! They should be proud!
Sab and Pei Chern (who said didn't want to do it) tried too and we all got a kit kat each! (hooray! free kit kat!)Sabrina looked so cute in the afro hair (she put on the sunglasses and the hat We actually can win RM10,000 if our video was creative enough. I think the best thing to do if you really want to win is to make a song or rap something.

Next presentation: ESL. Dreaded ESL..... T_T
How am I going to keep the class entertain about blogs in 5 minutes? I think I should just show posts from so they can laugh their heads off. Hmmm....
Oh no....
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I just realised I have 6 more months to go before I finish SAM! Oh no... THE DILEMMA!!
I still have no idea what on earth to do after SAM.
Doctor? Pharmacist? Dentistry? Or some out of this world thing like Architecture (lol... i will kill myself for taking this cause I have already suffered one year of misery with chem and bio)

I think I might really need to flip the coin. Medicine heads, dentistry tails? Hahahaa.. which would you pick, heads or tails?
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I was walking to Subang Parade a few days ago. When I crossed the park, a few bangla MPSJ cleaning man starting saying "Woo woo" like a dog. I wasn't wearing anything revealing. Heck! I was in jeans and a t shirt and wearing a cap that covered my eyes.
From that incident onwards, my mind spiraled into a never ending train of thoughts on perverts.
I wondered, why some man are so intent on making fun of women? Why can't they keep their woos and whistling to themselves. In times like this I wished I was some superhero then i can punch their mouth till their teeth break and pull their tongues out of their mouth. Yes, I'm a violent person.
So many times I've encountered this sort of street harassment. It's irritating and disturbing. What kind of sick satisfaction would they gain out of this, i will never know. Even some of my guy friends unwittingly insult women just as a passing comment. I feel irritated by this. Men think they are superior then us just because they have more physical strength. Stupid traditions reinforce this believe by favouring men. What a stupid world! We are even known as the lesser sex (and this term is used even in newspapers. I feel quite insulted when I read The Star was referring to women as the lesser sex. What do they mean by lesser?)
Sometimes I think that all the women should just migrate somewhere. Let the men die in extinction. We can just clone ourselves (cloning does not require men... AT ALL. But it needs an egg from women) then we can manipulate the genes to ensure the baby would be born a girl.
The idea will probably never work but if it does happen, there would be virtually no rape cases and abuse, molestation, harrasment, etc.
I know there are stupid and evil women too. I think we can just throw this sort of women to the crocodiles.

Gah... what an irritating and horrible world, knowing that I can't even walk alone and not get harassed.