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2:24 am
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back home.

i wish i had more holiday :(
darn electives!!!
11:40 pm
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officially a sem 4 student (well... that is until i pay up my sem 4 fees)
hopefully the email they sent was for osce and theory cause it would suck if i found out that i failed osce instead. that'd be stupid.
2:56 pm
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my sister says that if i fail my EOS 3, no need to worry cause i can study with her.





yea. and that's why i came to melbourne.
If i fail, i'll definitely throw a fit here. Cause I wanna go exploring and slack and sleep and take photos instead of viewing my lecture notes online from Victoria.

I feel unusually confident about my results. And that's always not a good thing. i rather feel nervous and horribly worried than confident. The heartbreak is not as severe with the latter.
so wish me luck whoever that is reading this. i'll be getting my results in a few hours time. exactly 15 actually. (oh wait. convert to aus time. i keep forgetting. means 17 hrs time)
4:32 pm
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in aus ppl!!!!
weather is alright. (think of genting highlands.... xcept that you're completely naked and it's in the middle of the night walking around when it's raining. so that's how cold melb is under 3 layers of clothing. yea.... the exam hall doesn't seem so cold anymore)

love the freaking craft central. they have everything1!!!!!
i can spend hours in a fabric stall cause they are so huge! and they have everysingle type of fabric u can think of. and thank goodness gracious baju kurung like material (synthetic slinky fabric) are only one small section (unlike m'sia where all the fabric stalls are basically covered with these sort of material)
so after touching down from the plane, i had breakfast with my sis and we went around her area. went to the library, nearby parks and ikea (yea... ironic. btw, ikea prices here are dollar to dollar with the ikea in malaysia. and yea... they dun sell currypuffs here. but some weid plasticine sweet food. shall show a pic later. taste exactly like cough medicine. lesson: whatever that looks funny probably tastes funny). then crashed for 10 hours and when we woke up we went to vic market for a short while then we went to brunswick (craft central!!!)
brunswick is fun. then saw some cemeteries. lol
shall head to the city tomorrow.

no picture uploading cause apple computers are evil and i have to figure out how to load the pics from hp to here since there is no activesync or what so ever.

nvm... shall use photobooth and post pics up asap.

6:58 am
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stupid road bully actually followed me all the way to my house to "scold" me.
thanks to alexius lecture on dealing with angry patients, i dissipated the tension by just apologizing

But it wasn't my freaking fault
it was his blardy driving. blardy mat rempits. I was already putting on my signal at the roundabout going to turn left. i was at the outerlane. i can't see any reason why i have to look at my side left mirror before turning when on the left is basically the sidewalk. well... now i know. to avoid crazy motorcyclist.

well... things could have turned out worst. i've heard stories of random strangers beating up random people. just for the heck of it.

day spoiler. well.... i hope with this incident i've dispel all ill fortune that can happen for the rest of this month. so unlucky to meet a crazy motorcyclist.