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I watched it.
and boo... i was disappointed.

I was expecting something like the Bourne series kind of movie. But what I got was a man who ran out a window and jumped maybe... 10 meters (well.. all the way across a 4 lane road) ? to the next building killing 3 guys with guns at the same time.

First thing that came into my mind was : Wat the???

So apparently it is a superhero movie. Which explains the excessive scenes which bends
pulverized the laws of physics (2 cars driving at 60km/h, head on, will NOT result in carnage but instead the other car will fly and flip across the next lane and land perfectly or shooting a bullet which can turn 360 degrees to kill off all the bad guys (6 of them?) like in a merry go round of death without the bullet losing momentum)

And seriously... the person which directs them who to kill is.......
A GIANT WEAVING MACHINE!!! (and i kid you not)
And nobody even controls this machine. It just weaves fabric and they interpret the weave of the thread on the fabric. Isn't like so cool? There must be thousands of names already. How in the world would they know how to arrange the alphabets to form a name, i have no idea.
And they won't even know if they killed the wrong guy.

And they added a super cliche moment: the main actor finds out that the person he was trying to kill is....
HIS FATHER!!! (so darth vader man)

Haiz... i was disappointed with the stupid storyline.
But the action scenes are really good. And as everybody says, Angelina Jolie is really hot in the movie. She's the best looking character there.

So if u're planning to watch this movie, be prepared to be brain dead when u finish watching it cause the storyline is absurdly stupid. All the other reviewers are right. They said
"If Maxim magazine ever decides to branch out into filmmaking, Wanted is just the kind of ear-throttling nonsense it's bound to produce"
"the cinematic equivalent of an energy drink. The film keeps artificially pumping your adrenal glands with mindless, malnutritional sensations, only to leave you crampy and cranky minutes later."
*maxim is a man's magazine
super lame
4:58 pm
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what happens when the TV is taken over by my parents and i'm left to browse the internet?


buahahahhaah. i dunno why i get so tickled
9:30 pm
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Happy birthday to Yen, the camwhore queen!
She proved her title today as she has 5 or so photos of her cake and 20++ photos of herself

Hopefully she gets more classes (means more $$ wat), more camwhore moments, and shopping bargains all year round.

I hope your 21st year kicks a$$ and continues to do so all the way until you don't want to kick a$$ anymore.

9:12 pm
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i have a terribly short attention span.

it's a wonder i'm still maintaining this blog.

I jump from one interest to another. It's quite teruk.
Cause when i'm interested in that particular area, i really go all out to do it.
My area of interest is really varied because of it. And also because of it i gathered a few skills along the way.
Firstly, was my obsession with anime/manga. This lead me to improve my drawing skills...Man... the amount of drawings i made during form 1-3 is kind of embarrassing. Then it slowly toned down.
Then i moved on to my obsession with all things japanese. Lucky all i did was just admire stuff online.
Then, was stencilling. Lol... i stencilled a few shirts here and there. so i know how to stencil :P
Then, it was sewing. Heck i just sewed 2 dresses.

When i'm in my obsessed mode, i just get a very very strong urge to just do it.
Which can be good and bad.
I dunno... what does this all mean? too much tv?

No wonder i can nvr concentrate in lectures. And studying is such a burden.
gah... my future looks very bleak. Honestly, i always thought that i would be changing jobs here and there.... which is not good at all.


The only thing that never cease to amuse me is my beloved tv and my ps2. and then again... i sometimes have these phases with games too. Play like 24-7, then suddenly nvr play at all.
That's why i have 5++ games still uncompleted. My brother hates me for taking up all the space in the memory card. hehehe
6:10 pm
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I am currently morphing into a slug.
I wake up, brush teeth, eat, play, eat, eat, play, play,toilet, tv,eat, tv, play, eat, toilet, chat, sleep.
This is the very intimate details of what i'm doing just about everyday since the holiday start.
That's why i only come online at 12am onwards also most of the time :D

And i like it :D
Except i get a annoying thought in my head telling me that "something productive has to be done"
I'm sure that when I stared at my 42" tv long enough, that thought would disappear.
I am exercising my thumbs anyway (cause i'm playing my beloved ps2 which i amazingly have the self constraint to play only during holidays (but probably because i'm too darn lazy to fix it up each time i want to play it)). That counts as something productive

However, there are some stuff I must do before the holidays are over:
hopefully i'll do them ;) Momzilla is pretty scary
beauty and the beast
4:25 am
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Yay! yesterday me and my mom went over to KLCC to watch Beauty and the Beast, the broadway musical.

I've never actually taken interest in theater shows and musical shows (apart from the occasional musical movies my friends bugged me to watch) so I never really thought much about it.

But anyway we took the public transport there yesterday and we amazingly made it exactly on time to the Planery Hall. I was dressed in jeans, a shirt and blouse while my mom was in slacks and a tshirt. Hahaha... and we saw so many people dressed up like it was going to be some gala dinner or it was prom night or something.
One little girl even wore belle's yellow gown costume. All the other little girls that night were like "amazed" by her. Each time a little girl sees her, they start pulling their parents hands, asking their parents to look at her. There was this particular little girl who was holding her father's hand. When she saw the "little belle", she started tugging at her father's hand and started poking him in a ... umm... very nonstrategic location: the groin (because she was so short compared to her father so that's the place where her arms automatically go for). The father sort of like shooed her finger away. AHAHAHAHA

Anyway... eventhough we arrived exactly on 8pm (we were so worried the show might start), disappointingly, even the show wasn't spared from the infamous malaysian timing. I've no idea what was so interesting outside that most of the people didn't enter the hall and needed to be ushered in. Even the VIP were seated and most of the audience was still outside. They only started pouring in after they announced they were starting the show in 5 minutes.
At one time... suddenly audience at the right side of the hall started clapping their hands. Everybody was like huh?
Apparantly it was a way to tell the organizers to hurry up and start the show. I guess it worked since the show begun shortly after.

The props and costumes were all very nicely done. All the characters, with their thick thick makeup looked exactly like the characters from the animated version. My favourite one was Gaston, the self loving muscle dude, cause he really really looks like Gaston. And all his expressions and movement were super funny. Another favourite is Lumiere, the flirtatious candlestick holder. The use of the fire on his "arms" were right on the spot.
Lumiere and Cogsworth
Belle and the nameless prince aka Beast

All the other characters were there: belle and the beast of course, gaston's righthand man, the talking cupboard, babette (the featherduster), mrs potts and chip (chip is actually a malaysian cause as i remembered, they were calling for malaysians to come in for an audition), belle's father, and all the other moving objects (napkins, grater, placemat, cutleries, plates)

My favourite scene is of course when Belle goes for dinner with Lumiere and he sings "Be my guest"
Belle teaching the Beast how to read.

"DAMN YOU ROSE!!! I'll use UHU to superglue all the petals back!!"

Too bad I forgot to bring my camera cause my phone camera wasn't powerful enough. All the characters appear as glowing spots due to the bright spotlights. :(
So all the photographs above are stolen from the internet.

Also, near the ending of the show (gaston fighting with the beast, etc etc) they had a technical error. They delayed it about 5 minutes or so. I think the technical error was due to the prop on the left side of the stage not moving (so part of the balcony was missing) . Which is quite funny. Anyway they repeated the whole scene again and then it was the end!

The whole show lasted about 3 hours which caused us to miss the last train back from klsentral to subang (last train is at 11) and the stupid indian ktm guy which i asked about the train offered to take me back to subang for rm18. When i said i was travelling with my mom he was like "oh.. 2 person ah.. that one maybe a bit hard" SUPER SUSPICIOUS
Anyway rm18 is not really a fantastic deal too (plus he said that he goes to shah alam so not sure whether can go subang also). Anyway we just had to call my father to come pick us up.

So the end :D

6:59 pm
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1) At what age do you wish to marry?
:: Anything.

2) Where will you go if someone sponsors you a tour ticket?
:: No shopping money? T_T
But i would go... anywhere actually. Haven't been to much places outside SE asia.

3) What's your favourite thing to do?
:: Hanging out with friends

4) Do you think money can buy happiness?
:: to a certain extend. it can satisfy materialistic happiness

5) Do you believe you can survive without money?
:: No. unless you go to carrefour everyday and eat their free samples as a daily meal :D

6) What are you afraid to lose the most?
:: NOW: my medical knowledge so i won't be so screwed when EOS comes. I can feel it slowly seeping away already. i guess i'm afraid to lose ppl that mean a lot to me too. and my access to internet.

7) If you win $1 million, what will you do?
:: Aiya... cannot buy a bangalow also. i guess: investment

8) Dream job?
:: having no job

9) List out 3 good points about the person who tagged you
:: friendly
:: loyal
:: straight forward

10) If you have only one wish, what will you wish for?
:: for every pervert in this world to disappear. which may mean potential extinction of mankind.
wishes are dangerous.

11) If you could rewind time, would you?
:: Yes. some choices I made weren't so wise. And i would know all the answers to the exams. better still...i know lottery numbers. ahahahha. maybe my name will show up in the newspapers winning that rm16million.

12) What's your ambition?
:: travel the world and try all the wacky stuff before i turn too old.

13) What's your favourite song at the moment?
:: Damaged- Danity Kane. Dang... that song is stuck in my head

14) If you can teleport once, where would you go?
:: ONCE??? then i'll be an illegal immigrant to where ever i teleport to!! If it was possible, I want to teleport in a fictional world where i'm the main character with a happy ending waiting for me at the ending.

15) What do you think is the most important in your life?
:: My current family.

16) If you could undo one mistake in the past, what would it be?
:: Can't really think of anything cause all the mistakes i did are all quite teruk. I wish i can undo all.

17) If you have a chance, which part of your character would you like to change?
:: To be more confident

18) What music have you been listening to recently?
:: Mixed. I'm on a deleting spree to clear up the 8gb of music i have (O_O)

19) What is the one thing you cannot do but you wish you could?
:: To be less mindful about wat other ppl think

My question:
20) What is your dream at this very second?
:: To find something to do during the holidays
7:03 am
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And I hate IMU for asking all those sissy questions that i couldn't answer. ("wat? why must we know that the bile sac is made up of simple columnar epithelium??") And dang it... anatomy hardly ever came out.

We also had a feedback session where the teacher will go over the qws with us and answer the exam questions. So the kiasu ppl all attended. which was surprisingly little.
some were happy
some were sad
some were like me- too damn tired
like jeremy- "wat the heck? i couldn't even see the slides!!" (cause eventhough they boast about being so high tech, the lecturer decided to use the OHP and didn't switch off the lights. so too bad for those with bad eyesight)

I can't really say anything about my results. I guess it's normal lo (considering i studied a month before only and still watch my 6-9 tv chinese series every day + helped in my father's clinic till 6. + still go out shopping with mom, still chat online till 2, still walk the dog with yen kaye sometimes. hahaha... so i studied like only 2 hrs everyday).

Hopefully i didn't calculate wrongly and become more disappointed when the actual results are given. cross fingers!!!
but it was kind of disappointing that i couldn't get an A. T_T
I want that A damn it.
And dang it for my fickleminded-ness. I shouldn't have changed that 2 answers. and I should have read the questions more carefully.

Now that I've done COP, it's time to write the 3000 word essay.
3:47 am
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i saw an article on sex selection for babies and found that:
"1,050 boys are born for every 1,000 girls"

And i always thought that more girls are born than guys since
1 guy= millions billions of sperms
1 girl= 12 x 40 = 480 eggs

but then again, guys seems to have a higher mortality rate. :D
the problem with chemical names
3:42 am
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One of the more frustrating things about medical school is the weird molecule names.
all of them sound nearly the same with their phosphate components and what not.
enzymes especially. the only easy thing about enzymes is that you have the ~ase at the back.

I really pity pharm students.

I should be more whiny when i start learning pharmacology and microbiology next semester.

for now, i'm just happy that i have 2 more IMPORTANT systems to go - endocrine and repro.
the other 2 not so important-but-maybe-the-diff-between-passing-and-failing is: behavioral science and statistics.
i shall be sleep deprived on thursday. hopefully (cross fingers!!!) there won't be a major accident on the LDP this coming fri. The last time a RapidKL bus fell into a longkang, most arrived at IMU at 9:30. that's about 2 and a half hours in the jam.
luckily joanne graciously offered me to stay at her house until the jam subsided ;)

tomorrow is already my patient interview test.
best thing to do is not panic (don't panic sook cheng don't panic!)
wish me luck and hopefully i get to entice the sp (stimulated patient) into talking for a full 5 minutes non stop and get all the necessary info.
I hope i get a talkative sp :D
1:01 am
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Sooooo... i've been driving for the past 3 months? on my own.

Ahahaha... i can now confidently say i can get to IMU on my own. (so sad ;( )
Other places i'm still trying to figure out how to get there. Getting to 1u still confuses me.
But i've certainly improve.
Last time due to my inefficiency in using the gears, one full tank can bring me to and fro IMU only 4 times. Now it's 5. :D (+ with mom using kancil to get around giant, banks, etc)
And now with the fuel hike... :D :D

The fuel hike, we have to pay 78 cents extra.
My little kancil can fill about 16 litres, so 16x0.78 = 12.48
for a whole month- 12.48x4= 49.92

nearly rm50 more. With rm50 i can buy so much stuff already. hmmm... actually not really.
One bowl of mee also become nearly rm5 so rm50 only can eat 10 bowls of mee.

So sad when the world is getting more expensive.
6:22 pm
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dang it

another... 14 days? 2 weeks exactly. still have cardio and respi and renal and repro and endocrine and BS


i had a patient interview yesterday. my very first patient interview (well, the patient was stimulated as in the uni hires outside ppl to come in and act (At rm5/hr u know...) but nevertheless... still my first)
And i was too nervous. No idea why. Was pretty relaxed before and didn't think much about it.. but when i walked into the room, everybody was so tensed, i became tensed too.

Anyway, my patient was complaining of feeling cold. she taken panadol 2 days ago but the fever hasn't subsided. she is worried it might be dengue cause there are a lot of dengue cases in her area and she's worried she might pass it on to her children.

I forgot to ask where did she think she contracted the disease and why she thought it was dengue.

That was my only practise interview. After this, the interview will assessed.
I dunno... i thought it was pretty dumb that the lecturer (who will be marking us) thought i didn't get the information from the patient if i didn't ask the qw (eg: we are supposed to find out what has the patient done about her problem and ask the patient but sometimes the patient themselves already told us what they did so it's a bit stupid to ask the qw when the answer will be same)
Patient: I have this fever and i took 2 panadols to help with the fever
Student: Oh... ok. So what have you done about the fever?
Patient: errr... i took 2 panadol.


Patient: I have this fever and i took 2 panadols to help with the fever
Student: Oh... ok. *moving on to next information we are supposed to gather* So when did the fever start?
Patient: 2 days ago, blah blah blah

So in the end, we must ask everything. And sound like a total ignorant fool.
Stupid ness we just have to repeat what ever the patient says and add stupid comments once in a while (eg: "ohh... panadol? my mom used to give me that when i had fever last time too!!!!" ) to build "rapport" with the patients (but wth right? if i had a fever and went to see the doctor, i won't even bother to know stuff like that cause i'll be so uncomfortable in the first place. if i went to see the doctor, i just want to be given the medication to relieve my discomfort asap and go back to rest)