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7:00 pm
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parents are thinking of heading to aussieland in aug.

i'll be free.

i think.

i want to follow. tickets are pretty cheap

what's the problem then?

the problem is.... i don't know where the heck i'll be twinning to.
if i don't know this fundamental fact, i'll never know when the semester will commence.
and if my parents leave when i have to leave (super slight chance that i get a uk uni where they have a bridging course) means i'll be leaving malaysia alone.

not so worried about the nobody-sending-me-off thing. more worried about my-chance-of-going-to-aussieland being destroyed. i want to gooooo. and it gives me a beacon of hope to look forward to instead of the impending EOS doom.
how depressing
4:07 pm
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how depressing is it that i feel like i'm losing contact with my old friends just cause i'm so busy with uni life.
and it's only uni!

can't imagine how it'll be like when I actually leave m'sia. then, we can't even meet even if we wanted to. and the time difference! it'll be so difficult to catch them online!

then if i graduate... my god. no time to go online at all. no wonder they say med students/doctors have no such thing as a social life.
4:28 pm
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i reckon i'll be on a real hiatus this time. exams are near and i can't find time to even go online.
left about a month + and i still have officially 7 systems to finish.
I think i can probably eat, sleep, crap notes.
aiyoo.. tired la
6:27 am
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sem 5 sucks all the energy

it's truly the most horrifying semester of all.

Every monday to friday I'd wake up wishing I had more sleep and on the weekends instead, I'll sleep for 12 hours but still feel as though I haven't slept.

my room is in a mess. my com med report is still to be completed. I haven't finish respi, which I'm supposed to by this weekend. I'm lagging behind by 2 weeks on my musculoskeletal notes. I'm supposed to design a few more pages for the convo mag. I have to send a document to my brother. I have to format my dad's computer.

I CAN DO IT!!!!! by this weekend :D

i'll just need coffee, coffee and more coffee. I reckon this will be the time I'll get addicted to caffein.
my batchmates are so cute. hahaahaha
2:16 am
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Taken from the batch's chatbox.(before they start deleting comments :D)

regarding our batch's photoshoot. keep in mind that we do have 230+ students when med and dentistry batches come together. i think on that day only 10 or so didn't come despite constant reminders there was going to be a batch photoshoot.

29 Mar 10, 13:30
sad: can we take another barch photo, a lot of people did not attend it..
sad: me want take again cuz did not stand nice..

yo!: ya, take another background, every year also the same..boring

....: 1 hour to take pic? neh, just use today's pic. (we did take that long. organizing a group of ppl isn't easy)

-.-: take pic again, can we choose outside IMU? ism't it more livelier than in atrium? Lets make it d best convo mag cover!   ( where in the world would you suggest? the basketball court? i can foresee so many ppl complaining about the heat)
-.-: seriously need to consider, good idea ~yo!
-.-: can we do it again korwoi, jade?

picture taker: 1 hour for pics?why so hard to take pic...plz if wan to take pic again,do come earlier...i cant also got class maa

...: ok wateva it is , plz do get the majority to agree k , we're defo not gonna reshoot coz someone didn't come today , if u didn't come , too bad ... seriously

to sad: zia asked if anyone wasnt ready when they took the photo. YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID SO THEN RIGHT. now only complain. you know how long it takes to get our batch to do anything.
to -.-: its not going to be on our convo mag cover. its going to be IN the convo mag. and anyway if we reshoot, i can bet that even more people are not going to come.

kor: no harm taking another~

...: yeah there's no harm done of course , but i really doubt everyone will attend the 2nd time if u guys reshoot lo .... (agreed)

Now, it's regarding PMS (Partner Medical Schools) students VS Seremban students

(someone asked what's the difference between going overseas and staying back i think.)
30 Mar 10, 19:26
zzz: it's the same whichever uni u go to... in the end, ppl will see where u specialize, who cares where u get ur degree from... why wanna spend so much only on a degree...

to zzz: o0o
to zzz: the problem is that i didnt wan to further my stdy...enuf with how?do i need to choose the best uni?answer harm

zzz: if u just wanna be a gp, might as well go to seremban =)
zzz: trust me, u ll be the most excellent gp... even if u're a gp in overseas, it doesnt matter where u grad...cuz they cant choose which GP to see in d hospital

K: Why come to imu then? Even for the seremban option, the fees are so much higher in comparison with other local private medical unis 
Kl: If planning to work in UK, even as GP need specialisation for 3 years. Apparently UK planning to up it to 5 years - according to Warwick Dean.

to zzz: wow u can assure me everybody going to pms are gonna be great surgeons and physicians? some of them even got lousier grades than seremban point is, if u r lousy wherever u go u will still be lousy

malassezia: i agree with 'to zzz'! Found 'zzz''s comment insulting to people who r going to seremban... we wish we hv a lot of money to do pms too you know..

kor: even u go overseas, u need to be back in malaysia anyway...sad..
kor: anyway, lets take another batch pic b4 u guys go to hell in sem 6..
kor: going to pms is like want to transform urself into westerns when anyhow u r still malaysian
kor: tats a fact that never change
kor: so just stick to it guys
kor: dun disgrace urself in overseas
kor: be malaysian
kor: 1 MALAYSIA!

...: haha omg , bitter much ? zzz was just saying that it's no difference studying overseas and local , how is that insensitive to seremban ppl ?...weird la ....infact i thought it was a reassurance ..

to ...: it's not about being bitter, it's a's u who is uber sensitive lol
to ...: zzz: if u just wanna be a gp, might as well go to seremban =) ...u tell me what's this supposed to mean??

o: I think its the same thing pms and seremban, if you're good you are good anywhere, and vice versa

zzz: yup, if u wanna be a gp, u can earn d same amount wid those local grads even if u're an overseas, why not just stay in seremban, and get more exposure wid d diseases in malaysia..
zzz: wid greater experience, im sure u ll be a better doctor than those grad in overseas...
zzz: despite of saving money... dun misinterpret my words... i have no intention to offend anybody here... =S

...: gosh , seriously , we who are insensitive ? speechless ... none of us said that seremban ppl are goin to hell like "kor" did one is saying that PMS students are superior or anything ok , chill

DBS: look everyone is being overly sensitive about everything!u all r a bunch of babies!honestly!so wat if someone thinks that seremban doesnt matter his approval of where u r going is not going to make a blinking difference!and who said that ppl who got to pms hv to coem bak they may not, they might just stay on..and vice versa..u noe instead of being petty over tis u should all band together have good time cos tis is our last sem together as ME108!grow up!~

to DBS: u r not helping..seriously..

it's quite funny how ppl are still debating about this. we're in the last semester. THE LAST SEMESTER.
and only now these ppl are arguing with each other