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dear yuki
9:22 am
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Yik Ming aka yuki has officially left malaysia
She'll be heading to India to study dentistry there for 2 yrs.

Best of luck i wish to one of my best buddies in college and form1-2.
become a good dentist and remember to give me free treatment.
200th post
7:13 pm
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my 200th post and i wasted it on a tag??
ah... whatever

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night?

omigosh... where the heck was i last night............ oh yea. kaye n siao chen.. lol

2. What were you doing at 0800?
i got woken up by the construction happening behind my house. but i just moved rooms and fell asleep again.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
posting my last post about the wedding

4. What happened to you in 2006?
yes....... SPM.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
errrrrrrr.......................... i said "ok". answering my father when he told me to switch off the lights before i went up

6. How many beverages did you have today?
cincau x2 and water x2?

7. What colour is your hairbrush?

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
fillet o fish in mcds

9. Where were you last night?
out with kaye and siao chen at 12am-2am. lol

10. What colour is your front door?

11. Where do you keep your change?

anywhere that is convenient. but mostly in my purse or pockets

12. What’s the weather like today?

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavour?

14. What excites you?
accidents. lol... no la. errrr.... good movies, meeting up with friends, trying something new?

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
soon. i need a trim. my hair is like a jungle bush

16. Are you over the age of 25?

17. Do you talk a lot?
depends on the subject. if it's a subject that i can talk a lot on, i usually do

18. Do you watch the O.C.?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
hmmmmmmm................................. no

20. Do you make up your own words?
all the time (malay verb+ "ing")

21. Are you a jealous person?
also depends on what is it. i'm quite kiasu though in terms of studies

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’
alyssa? (internet name though)

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list?
siao chen

25. What does the last text message you received say
dhina's. my group leader getting pissed at me for not coming to the charity home visit thing today at imu, my bad since i didn't inform him earlier

26. Do you chew on your straw?
yes....when i'm bored

27. Do you have curly hair?
nope. wavy and frizzy though

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to?
to my bed.

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life?
hm... can't really remember. rudest guy i've met was a patient in my parent's clinic who asked me in a damn sarcastic tone "aren't you chinese? (in mandarin)" when i told him i can't read chinese (stupid... ppl ask him write his name he wrote in chinese characters)

30. What was the last thing you ate?
keropok udang.

31. Will you get married in the future?
dunno. i can't think about it. each time i think about it i fall asleep. serious.

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks?
the only movie i've watch is ah long pte ltd. ok la the movie

33. Is there anyone you like right now?

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
just now. but it was just one dish for the keropok.

35. Are you currently depressed?

36. Did you cry today?

37. Why did you answer and post this?
because i'm bored and kaye's messenger is so screwed up i can;t receive her msges and vice versa

38. Tag 5 people who would do this survey.
6:12 pm
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last last sun, i was a bridesmaid at my cousin sister's wedding in melaka.
the weird thing is that the day before i was participating in the imu's orientation treasure hunt.
sooo... a simple comparison between both days:

sat: blowing a ping pong ball up a hill. scrape my elbows and knees while poor alex had to drink a strange concoction of what seems to be raw egg, tomato sauce, kicap and other weird stuff
sun: applying make up and getting into my dress.

ahahhaa... so weird.
anyway... i was worried about being a bridesmaid since i've never been one before and know if no one who has been one.
turns out that all i need to do is carry the bride's long train of dress everywhere she goes (super hassle) and make sure that i take the angpows she receive so she has a free hand to serve or receive tea during the tea ceremony
so i've been practising to be a bridesmaid since a long time a go as i am like a "coat hanger" each time i go with my friends.... ahahahha (no la... jk. my friends don't treat me that bad. that is what i want to believe:P)
chinese wedding is quite complicated. first.... the groom must come to the bride's house and here he gets teasing/tortured before being able to go to where the bride is. usually he has to sing a song, declare his love for the bride, dance, complete a word puzzle, etc n of course give big angpow

then after he succeeds in getting the bride, they must do the tea ceremony. first, the bride n groom serve tea to the elders according to importance (grandparents, parents, eldest uncle, etc (chinese tradition always places guys first so uncles first then aunties regardless of age)) this is the time where the bride gets showered with gifts n angpow.
then after all the elders are served, it's the bride n groom's turn to be seated while the younger ones just line up to get angpow. hahahahha

then they will leave to the groom's place when the auspicious time has arrive (lol... they actually waited for it to be 12:30pm) there will be like a whole rombongan of cars following the bride n groom's car. when approaching the house, honk like crazy.
then another round of tea ceremony.
then after that they will be escorted to their "bridal room".
this is where things get a little weird. hahaha
a little boy is called up where he must break a paper cover to a pot which contains 2 mandarin oranges. the oranges are then placed on the bed. then the same boy has to roll on the bed so that the couple gets a son. oh and before all this is done no one is allowed to touch the bed.
in my case, the "little boy" was about 16?. so he was damn pai seh n reluctant to do all that crap.
but with so many aunty there to force him..... terpaksa la.

i pity him

then that's all. after that is just dinner where we all makan.

oh n a pic of the event (no ppl... it wasn't photoshopped at all. apart from adjusting the brightness/contrast)

1:46 pm
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just because i love being tagged

Name: duh.. csc
Age: 18+
Birthdate: 12 July 1989
Birthplace: GHKL
Location: KL

Hair colour: Black roots with brown dye. gahhh.... but my dyed hair is looking more n more black so the roots really blend in.
Eye colour: dark brown
Braces? used to. now none
Glasses/contacts? both... depending whether i have had a good night's sleep
Freckles? nope.
Scars? loads. mostly on knees
Style: casual. IMU is not so strict on female students thankfully :D

Food: anything japanese/itallian n of course..... malaysian
Coke/Pepsi: coke... gassier
Love/Money: money
Boy/Girl: boys
Dogs/Cats: cats
Night/Day: Night. i wish classes starts at 12am
Sun/Rain: sun with a lot of clouds. my skin was burnt by the evil sun

Cried in school: in std 2? can't remember. too embarrassing anyway
Laughed so hard you peed: nope. ewww
Seen your best friend naked: omg... i shall be scarred for life. no.
Taken a shower with someone: my mom bathe me and my brother when we were below 5
Been drunk: nope. i haven't tried going "all the way". won't ever will anyway since i hate the taste of alcohol
Smoked: nope. damn those public smokers. wish they can wear an airtight box around their head. since they like to smoke so much they might as well just suck everything that comes out from their cigarette and spare the rest of us.
Cried on someone’s shoulder: nope
Let someone cried on your shoulder: nope. i have a cold shoulder apparently
Slept on bed with same sex: duh. my sis, mom, cousins
Used the bathroom in front of a friend: nope. the author of this meme is seriously wacko

Smoke? nope
Do drugs? no
Drink? when i'm tempted
Cry often? when i'm down or the occasional PMS strikes me
Change in front of your friends? sometimes. only when there is a real pressing need to change
Talk about private things with friends? errr.... some

Favourite eye colour: blue. after watching babel and atonement in a row, i realize that they love to focus on a character's blue eyes.... i'm mesmerized by them now
Favourite hair colour: anything. xcept asians with total blonde hair. too ahbeng already
Height: taller. though i don't really mind anything. he can't be a dwarf though
Weight: bmi of 20-25. sorry just did research on BMI indexing
Drink/Smoke: smoker a definite no no. social drinking is fine though
Tattoos: doesn't matter. as long as he doesn't have any weird tattoos and too many of them
Piercings: not too many also. hahaha... i dun share siao chen
Style: anything la. as long as he's hygienic.

Person you hugged: joanne. LOL
Person you kissed: my cat?
Person you talked to: my mom. about mangoes and oranges
Time you cried: last month? for some odd reasons
Time you laughed: this morning
Thing you bought: foodfair tickets to buy coney dog
Person you yelled at: my bro last year. I was seriously damn pissed
Person you said 'I love you' to: nvr said it. perhaps to the air while singing some song. if so this afternoon
Person told you they love you: my mom. in a very non direct way :D
Person you gave present to: yik ming
Person gave you present: lol.... if cny angpow counts. if not, sabrina for the lovely tshirt she bought for me in cambodia
Person you hit: my little bro. i told u i was pissed
Person hit you: can't remember. must be ages ago. the last i can remember is the stupid motorcylist who banged me down in form 2.
Thing(s) you drank: water
Thing(s) you ate: orange

tagging: alyssa, sab, yeen (ahahha... finally get to tag u and not viceversa) and anyone else
IMU orientation
10:21 am
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orientation week is finally over.... and damn it was tiring.
I was in group 3 aka 3pah (3= sam in cantonese)
lame right. ahahahaha. med + dental students calling themselves sampah.

each group had to come up with a long n short cheer + a flag.
our flag was obviously a garbage bin (with a face made out of paper and aluminium can).
our long cheer went something like this:
*clap+ stomp feet*
who is it x2
sampah here, lap sap there
we'll trash you
we'll smash you
we'll bash you
watch our for sampah
or we'll tapau you

our short cheer was just yelling out sampah according to the pharmacy's group cheer.
which proved to be contagious since at the end of orientation random ppl form other groups were also yelling out our cheer.

we had a bunch of activities. and i can proudly say i went for all the activities xcept finale night (cause i got no transport ma).
dry icebreaker was a bit boring. we had moments where we had completely nothing to do.

random group doing punishment (includes dancing randomly or spelling letters with their butts)

track trip was just a shopping trip to one of the many shopping malls in KL. our group got KLCC. we did a lot of stupid things there..... because each team had to do certain task at the shopping malls. we had to take a picture of us going to KLCC, eating together, an interesting dish, etc. and the security guard was staring at us all the time... ahahahhahaha

eating together

the beauties of 3pah

me and joanne posing.

the whole gang.
(from the left standing: me, jac ric, sanjay, alex, akmal, pei san, jeremy, dhina, ziyan (OO), boon, david, calvin (pharm OO)
from the left squatting: joanne, izzat (OO), king and khai)

wet icebreakers were more fun (girls in white shirts playing with water....... i guess the guys had more fun) though an accident happened involving our poor leader, Dhina. But still he was so semangat... he still went for all the orientation activities apart from the telematch despite him having a twisted wrist and a bad wound on his chin.

then we had treasure hunt. It was one of the most tiring events. (but still couldn't beat the exhaustion i felt during the amazing race treasure hunt in taylors. the organizers were crazy ppl)
we walked to and fro IMU and the national stadium 3 times. and in between that we did stupid things at each station (duckwalk.... did the helicopter a total number of 20+ times, blowing a ping pong ball up a slightly sloped hill (jac ric got hurt here though), doing push ups (the lame way... all i did was bend my elbows a bit... ahahhahahaa that's not even considered a push up by my bro's standard), finding a 5cent coin in a bag of bird feed, blowing flour in each other's face, etc)
guys got it worse than girls though. all the girl's t shirt were still white but the guy's tshirts have turned into an array of colours ranging from green to brown.
eventhough our group completed the treasure hunt first.... we got one of the lowest scores for some odd reason. what the heck.

next was dress code. we were supposed to dress up in diff cultural costumes and i got geisha from japan. our sketch was pretty lame though.
other groups had hard gay. tat was freaking cool and stupid. since when hard gay was a cultural costume (of japan)?

Dhina with his kenyan costume

Khai with his roman costume and King with his brazillian costume

Natashini as a spanish and Ashmin as a hawaiian

me as a geisha, joanne as a brazillian, husna as an egyptian, and pei san as a roman

jac ric as a samurai

the other group with hard gay. LOL

then we had telematch. another round of water and mud splashing.

2nd dress code was based on the theme "once upon a time in IMU". each group got random princesses and settings. our group got Princess Peach (frm mario) in a pirate ship (other examples were like princess xena in the toilet, princess belle in a hawker stall, etc) Joanne was the most fab princess you would ever see. She looks so princess like in her dress and crown. Alex was one of the more funny characters wearing an armani cardbox pants. best mario award can go to jeremy. his expressions are priceless.
seniors enjoyed the storyline very much so joanne shud be feeling proud for writing the initial script.

last dress code was making a music video based on a song the seniors gave us. We got Melodi sang by Sheila Masjid and some chinese singer (XD). joanne and alex were the main stars of the event and they did a pretty good job. sanjay and dhina can dance hip hop pretty well.
i laugh each time i see sanjay dancing.

finally...... variety night.
one of the most fun events throughout the whole week. me and pei san did work on the costume with help from the rest of the group members who helped us a bunch.
our sketch kena QCed 3 times eventhough we were supposed to go down the stage by the 2nd QC. hahahaha
Jeremy was the most graceful swan i have ever seen in my life. and the only swan who can dance a bollywood song. And thanks to that he won the best POTW (prince of the wild) and best dressed (WOO HOO!!!)

the swan costume

so thanks to all 3pah group members + OOs (orientating officer) for the enthusiasm which made orientation week really fun..
[btw.... anyone want their pictures taken down can request so at the chatbox. i hope the seniors pass us more pics of the orientation]
100facts tag
1:59 am
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100 facts Tag

1) Name:Chin Sook Cheng

2)Male/Female: duh... male (+fe)

3) Were you named after anyone? no

4) Does your name mean anything? my father said it was something like unmaterialistic, nun thingy. don't ask me. i don't get it either

5) Nick Name(s): sooky, suki, sookychengy, redtomato

6) What do you think you look like name wise: some kampung china girl who doesn't know how to speak english (LOL... i don't even know how to pronounce my name properly in chinese so that's how ironic i think my name sounds)

7) Date Of Birth:12th july (i think it was highlighted for emphasis)

8) Place of Birth and Current Location: GHKL, KL

9) Nationality: Malaysian

10) Astrology Sign: Cancer

11) Chinese Astrology Sign:Snake

12) Religion: freethinker. my mom sort of practice taoism though. we're not a very religious family

13) What’s your favorite smell? lol.... i don't know. anything that doesn't smell like a sampah truck.

14) Political Position? (hahahaha.... yeen has such a dirty mind. i didn't even think about that btw) No stand. if i get to vote i'll vote for the minority party. kesian them la... one party always eventually tapau all the seats

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning? nothing. i don't drink h2o in the morning for some weird reason. i get weird tummy feeling after that

16) Hair + Eye colour: Light brown (something like dark hazel?) + dark dark almost black brown eyes

17) Do you look like anyone famous? LOL... I can't remember what i got on the program which matches your face to the closest celebrity figure. It was some relatively unknown celebrity. I think I got some weird matches like zhang ziyi and britney spears (yes... that is how inaccurate the program is) though

18) What do you look like? an alien in disguise. i am one too.

19) Any unusual talents? i can make the cracking noise with my wrist if i twist it in a particular way. My mom says she can foresee i shall get arthritis in an early age

20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? Righty. I want to be an ambi. Drs do a lot of stuff using both hands

21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? straight.

22) What do you do for a living? nothing. i get money from my parents for lazing around and holding the 1-tonne medical book around

23) What do you do for fun?stare at the wall. u get to see funny shapes after a while. or play tetris on my PDA

24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? errr... pen. easy and fast. like maggi mee

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with? acrylic paint. they are waterproof.

26) Have you met your grandparents? yes

27) Boyfriend /Girlfriend: both. like duh.... i have friends.

28) Crush: once last november when i actually crashed (not so drama la.... more like bumped) into another car. I can foresee i shall be crashing my kancil soon though

29) What celebrity would you date if you could? any a-list stars. most of them are quite hot + loaded

30) Current worries? imu orientation preparation. we have a music video to shoot, 3 sketch to plan out and 1 performance to think up for our poor swan. oh yea.... and transportation to imu. the girl hasn't call me back (uh oh)

31) Favorite online Guy/Girl: errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....... they mean chat buddy? anyone who was in xx's entourage for super late night yumchaing

32) Favorite place to be? shopping malls/mamak with friends

33) Least favorite place to be? currently.... IMU.

34) Do you burn or tan? tan.

35) Ever break a bone? nope

36) What is your favorite cereal? cornflakes. i like sugar in my milk

37) Person you cry with: my pillows. they are my friends too u know. i talk to them every night *gets send to hospital bahagia*

38) Any sisters: 1 elder

39) Any brothers: 1 elder, 1 younger

40) Any pets: no. ;(

41) An Illness: no. apart from sporadically telling lame jokes

42) A Pager:no. prob will be getting one in 5 yrs if i get through med school

43) A Personal phone line: does my mobile phone count?

44) A Cell phone: yes. a great PDA phone which has tomb raider in it (i'm stuck at the level where she has to jump crazily far. pda phones have fiddly buttons)

45) A visible birthmark:my mole above my lip.

46) A Pool or hot tub: hot tub. warm water is good.

47) A Car:an auto. ANY AUTO.

Describe Your...

48) Personality: quiet girl that tells lame jokes after you get to know her. then she'll haunt you with lame jokes each time your msn comes online

49) Driving: like a drunk driver. or maybe worse. drunk driver that doesn't know how to drive except turn the steering wheel

50) Your clothing style: preppy. i like preppy styles

51) Room: messy. my bed is constantly unmade. and i have cables everywhere (thanks to the phone line connected to my modem and the LAN wire connecting the modem to my bro's room)

52) What’s missing: missing from my room? wallpaper.... a new desktop... a new bed.... proper bookshelves

53) School: crazy. we are medical students thinking up of how to dress a guy up as a swan. go figure

54) Bed: my home sweet home in my home

55) Relationship with your parent(s):alright. i think i'm quite close to my mom

Do You

56) Believe in yourself: not really. my driving has been affected by my confidence at times.

57) Do you believe in love at first sight? yes? but i think that this type of relationships will eventually break down after a while once the spark is no longer there.

58) Consider yourself a good listener: errrrrrrrr....... do not talk to me when i'm driving or doing homework. chances are i'm nodding my head at random.

59) Have a future dream that you would like to share? get thru med school so i won't waste my parent's money. it's A LOT of money

60) Get Along with your parents: yes most of the time. except when i get cranky or vice versa.

61) Save your e-mail conversations: only my sisters. and anyway gmail doesn't promote deleting msges with their 1gb? space

62) Pray: no.

63) Believe in reincarnation:yes. i'm kind of torn apart between reincarnation and disappearing into nothingness after death

64) Brush your teeth twice a day? yes

65) Like to talk on the phone: not really. credit really goes fast

66) Like to eat? yes.

67) Like to exercise? no. but i do that for a reason, i come back from imu too late nowadays anyway

68) Like to watch sports? figure skating. or synchronize swimming.

69) Sing in the car? yes. occasionally in xx's car or when i'm alone waiting for my mom outside the bank.

70) What is a dream that you have all the time? to bathe in money and get full of paper cuts

71) Dream in color? yes.

72) Do you have nightmares? only when i'm sleep deprived for 7 nights in a row

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: no. i do have stuffed animals in my room though. gifts. girls always get stuff toys as gifts.

What Is

74) Right next to you: my desktop and all it's components, watch, pens, random paper bits

75) On your favorite coffee cup? ?? i don't even have a personal coffee cup.a handle i guess for holding steaming hot drinks

76) On your mouse pad: no white spots on the mouse pad. my optical mouse goes crazy

77) Your favorite flavor of gum? mint

78) Favorite deodorant? i don't use them.

79) Your dream honeymoon spot: in the moon. told you i'm an alien

80) Your dream husband/wife: caring and respectful. no hobos or homeless ppl. educated. and yea.... i don't mind him being goodlooking and loaded with cash

81) Hiding in your closet? unused clothing.... my children clothing.... my brother's leftover clothing... some totally random stuff

82) Under your bed: boxes of reference books and SPM books. yes... they are still there and i'm going to get rid of them.... when i have the time

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends? yum char gang. they are all my bffs. leonard is missing from the msn scene so not too sure if still can stay in contact with him.

84) Your bad time of the day: at night before i go to sleep when i'm not tired. i just stare at the ceiling wishing i can go to sleep. that feeling sucks

85) Your worst fear(s): crashing into a divider while driving. or crashing into another car. i'll soon have nightmares about driving

86) What's the weather like: hot and humid. it's raining almost everyday again

87) Your favorite time of year? weekends and holiday periods

88) Your favorite holiday? when i'm actually on holiday away from my house and malacca staying in a hotel

89) A material weakness? money. i get clothing i love a lot too. but so far the most i spent was rm50? for a proper collared tshirt and slacks (rm50 each la... )

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like:white rice with just soya sauce. i love salt

91) At the top of your "to-do list"? getting through IMU orientation week (more like month)

92) The hardest thing about growing up: weird emo moments. i blame it on PMS

93) A pet peeve? my grammar/spelling mistakes. and those weird waiter/waitresses who look likes they are pissed 24-7

94) Your scariest moment: i had quite a few. one is of course finding a guy masturbating right in front of my door. another was nearly banging the myvi yesterday.

95) Your attitude about love? happy-go-lucky? i'm not actively searching for it nor i shall ever will (unless my attitude changes and i become desperate or something) whatever comes comes

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex? shouting at them when i'm trying to get their attention during group discussions.

97) The worst feeling in the world: being alone in the world with your mind full of problems but no one to pour them out to

98) The best feeling in the world:yup... being with your best friends.

99) Who sent this to you? yeen

100)Tag more people?
whoever that has the time. i think i did it in an hour while chatting to yeen in between
syok sendiri
3:27 pm
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i just came back from 1u. I drove there!!!
going there was ok (apart from the turning part into LDP from federal where i didn't slow down enough so it was like a roller coaster ride on a tiny kancil)
Coming back..... nearly 1 accident. I totally forgot my naik bukit procedure. So when i was going up the ramp from 1u's carpark, there was quite a lot of traffic. So I had to do the balancing act.
Well..... i didn't press my accelerator enough and let go my clutch too much. so mati engine.
and i rolled back...
5-8 inches maybe?

the myvi behind me honed like mad. he changed lanes after that.


damn crap. but after that i was concentrating on my clutch/ accelerator so much that i didn't even hear yen's and kaye's conversation. then changing lanes..... another one of my biggest driving flaws. I hate changing lanes on a busy road.
I can't do the "inch by inch" thingy cause i still can't estimate my car size (like.... wth right? it's a damn kancil) And i can't look at both mirrors- side mirror and back mirror while concentrating on the front. It's something i have to get used to. Is like I can't make out whether it's safe to change lanes or not

Hahahahha.... if my parents were there driving with me tonight they probably ban me from driving alone to IMU for the next 6 yrs or something.
Maybe they will force me to take driving lessons again
first impressions
9:27 am
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first impressions.
they say the first 5 seconds from the moment u introduce yourself to another person is the most important. The other person will automatically have their first impressions about yourself which will unlikely be changed unless you and the other person continue to socialize with each other for another year or two.
Everything counts in the first 5 seconds.
The tone of your voice
the words you choose
the way you stand
what are your hands doing
facial expressions
your clothing/accessories

It's amazing how our brain process this information so fast and relate it to other people we have met before to make conclusions.

So during the whole first week of IMU, everyone was scrutinized by everyone.
Some I think are the booksmart ones, some you can see that they were the outgoing ones (although there were a few surprises where this guy, he was scrawny (thin as a stick), has glasses, untidy hair you would think he would be some geek with a wealth of computer information. instead, during orientation, he was in a group where he dared to put twisties in his shirt (to be boobs) and acted all slutty with him biting/licking his glasses and shaking... his booty n boobs in front of 150+++ people)

I met a girl named Joanne which I've been introduced to before. After meeting her a few times, she started talking to me in mandarin. OK.... for those who know me... and I guess everyone who have met me before or heard of the name Sook Cheng, all of them can say that i'm a pure banana.
Totally white in the inside (something which i am NOT proud of. I'm slowly learning.... but I hate it if people start accusing me of betraying my own culture. I can't help it if I can't speak chinese eventhough I'm chinese. I mean.... I can't learn it in a single day right??? I speak english almost my entire life, been sent to a malay school and have never attended mandarin classes since i was 4? and my parents + siblings all speak in english.)

So i said that my mandarin is terrible and probably worse than any standard 1 student in srkjc (sekolah rendah kebangsaan jenis cina)
She told me that I look very chinese that's why she kept talking to me in chinese. Something like a reflex action.


I guess it's a good opportunity to improve my mandarin anyway. So it's pretty damn funny to hear her speak in mandarin and me replying in english. Or sometimes i'll just give her the damn blur look when I'm lost. I'll be like... "huh?" and my eyes will be staring blankly at her
And Joanne is a pretty damn good mandarin speaker. She speaks in mandarin and english very fast. Faster than any mandarin serial i've watched. So each time she starts in mandarin... is like I have to concentrate fully on what she's saying to understand her. (btw... she got an A1 in mandarin for SPM. that is how keng her mandarin is)

Now I think i'm going to be dead in hospital rotations if the first impression i give people is that I can speak mandarin. Patients will all start talking to me in mandarin and i will only be able to reply them in english/malay/ some awkward sounding mix of all teh chinese dialects i've heard in my life.