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I have millions of assignments to do!!!
First off,
and finally,
STUDY FOR TRIALS!!!! (left about a month to study for it)
My cat is getting so smart now. It knows how to open my brother's cupboard door. And it knows how to play dead. It pretends to be very cutsey when u carry it. Then put him down. he'll run all through the house.... (up sofas, up tables, under bookshelfs, up ladders and stairs)
4:42 pm
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doushite atashi wa getsu no owaru no toki, modo suwingu ga aru. soshite itsumo nandemo tabmono o tabetai. aii....... moshi pms ga aru ka?
doushite kono entori wa nihongo o kaku ka? nihongo ga wakaranai tomodachi san wa yomu koto ga dekinai kara.
ima, watashi nani mo shiranai. Ashita LAN no shiken ga aru demo terebi o miteimasu. shinimasu ka?
watashi no atama mo kowashitai desu. Itsumo watashi no inochi o kangaeru. Tomodachi no koto, kazoku no koto soshite gakuen no koto wa sutoresu ni naru. Watashi wa hidoi tomodachi desu ka? atashi no koto tomodachi ni kangaeru ka?

doushite istumo kono koto ka?
why is it always like this?

atashi atama ga nai. nani mo shiranai. yowai desu. Ai... moshi 10 nen mae, atashi ma mada mada kaerimasen... dou suru? hinseigeretsu hito desu. Dakara hito ta shinsya ga ikana kereba naranai desu. shinsya ga nai toki, atashi kono koto ni naru.
uttoshii desu ne atashi no inochi
8TV Wet and Wild party
9:03 pm
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Today I went to Sunway Lagoon with Hui Xian, Xia Xun, Ling Yang, Joyce and her bro, Gheetha andher sisters. For reasons, we split into multiple groups once we entered the surf beach. Gheetha and Ling Yang was obviously together while Joyce went ahead with her bro.
We got a free goody bag with 17 mag, t3 body cleanser and a keychain. Which is pretty good since all these are free! (sponsored by 8tv!) Hui Xian was pretty pissed though when the Sunway Lagood staff told her we weren't allowed to enter the water park unless we paid rm22.50 (for dry and wet park)
We actually planned to ditch the whole 8tv party and head to Sunway Pyramid to play bowling. Joyce convinced us to stick around so we did.


We joined every contest that we could join! And won quite a lot of stuff
We joined:
Pretty tired by the time I came back (we went to hartz for dinner and spent some time in the arcade) Too bad I didn't bring my digicam to camwhore at sunway lagoon. Hui Xian, me and XX will make pretty good camwhores I tell u....
Will post pics of the pretty magic 8 ball. It's my new toy now :D
5:52 pm
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Updated links
Will be changing layout soon. Expect to be up next week. Still thinking of a suitable design.....
Playing all day... studying rate, nil
5:00 pm
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Today, my gila friends crashed my house. I was half asleep when sej freak honked outside my house with his equally gila friends (mainly leonard, mel and yi wen)
They were "going round ss15" and asked me to join them.
I was bored so I did.. hehehehe
We crashed caroline's house (too bad she can't join us) then fang's house. We did went round ss15, ss19 and so on, finding a place to makan.
Finally picked some mamak stall named Kayu something in taipan.
Apparently this chain of mamak restaurant has a shop in Melbourne too, selling teh tarik and roti canai at ridiculous prices (eg teh tarik for rm15)
Their speciality there was roti tisu so I ordered one. The roti tisu was...... RM4.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was.... #!#!@#!#!%$#T^#%^%#@#$!
There better be a good reason why it was rm4. And I waited like 15 minutes for my meal.
Then it came, the taipei 101 of the roti canai world:
gila long roti tisu

Hahahhaha... xx and leo was busy taking pictures of it.
OMG... it was drenched in condensed milk and sugar. Not recommended for anyone on a diet

Looks like a tree bark from here. Maybe that's where the restaurant got it's name

Mel: "Oooo... delicious"
Me: Arghhhh.... how am i supposed to finish this?

Order this when you are with friends ONLY. I don't believe anyone can finish this on his/her own. The sickly taste of sweetness is guaranteed to make you "jelak"
Taking a bite off
It tasted like..... sugar biscuit. Except its extra extra thin. I think it's even thinner than the usual potato chips.
I don't think i'll ever be ordering it again though. Strictly to order just to taste it.

Later we went to starbucks at carrefour and spent hours crapping (aka chatting)
Hahahaa... it was fun to meet up with u guys again

a refreshing new entry!
2:43 pm
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status: better but not 100% well

"Holidaying" during a school day is fun knowing that i am at home, lazing around while my friends are all in college, hard at work (oo... have to remember to ask my dad to write me an MC (pros to having a dr as a dad))
Anyway, regretfully I didn't go to today's yellowhouse. Not because I was too sick to go but because I was afraid I was sick enough to spread the bacteria to the children (apart from that i was lazy.... (not))

And i was in some sort of drawing frenzy. And *gasp* i think i finally produce what i deem to be my best artwork to this date :D
I'm so proud.... i can't help staring at that picture
Probably the artist at dA would call it boring... but to me it's otherwise....

On a serious note, maths common test 3 is coming very very soon. Dang.... i wanna play more.
Statistics is a murderer...It's stab u in the back when you're not looking.
I got a feeling mrs lim won't be too happy about our results this time.
diagnosis: dengue
6:43 am
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my mom and pa thinks i have dengue.
Hahahaha... which explains why after running up 6 flight of stairs i got sick again.
But this dengue got no symptoms... no nausea, no headache. The only symptom is bodily aches (but could be caused by all that running) and a light-headed feeling. Apart from that the fact that i get fevers at night but feel totally fine in the morning. I think this is some weird dengue-flu combination.
Luckily dengue can only be spread thru mosquitoes so i wonder if pei chern only got the flu from me?

the flu seems to be clearing up anyhow but still have a pretty coarse voice thanks to the phlegm. The only thing bugging me is the light-headed feeling. I feel quite giddy and tired. Must be cause i'm not eating much.

Going back to sleep. T_T.... this year must be my bad-luck year. I think this is the 3rd time i'm sick + i lose my bio folder and my pencil case this year (i nvr lose stuff.... only maybe butang baju kurung last time during secondary days)
132nd post- MY birthday
1:45 pm
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Happy 18th birthday to me *everyone shouts: lamer...* (who wishes themselves birthday right....)

I can now buy cigarettes, alcohol, watch 18 above movie (cheh... been doing this for such a long time already) in the open! Oh... and join "adult" contests (don't get any wrong ideas here). I mean ie Nescafe Kickstart, any costest organized by giant coporate companies like Maggi, Nokia, The Star and so on

However, I no longer can be passed of as a child so no more paying child ticket T_T (hahaha... i was still considered passable as a child when i was in form 2-3. half price!!!) And if i do a crime, i'm not a juvenile anymore!!! (means i can dihukum gantung sampai mati)

But all that aside, I had a really great time in college this year. Everyone was really kind. Oh... Wai Beng especially smsed me to wish me happy b-day about 30minutes before midnight on the 11th!! Forgot to thank her!
Piglet and Yuki (and sabby) gave me a lolipop while i was still at home eating breakfast. Hahahhaa... and i paraded the lolipop around college the whole day! Then Winnie, Yi wen, Sab, Pei Chern and Yuki belanja me Pizza Hut...
What happened next................
Sab said she left her book at the garden in taylors. I fel something wasn't right already when i saw yik ming running after seeing us coming into the college grounds (pei chern and yuki went off first from pizza hut after claiming they were paying the bill) Sabrina went ahead into the garden so i followed her (i didn't notice yi wen was already stopped following.... clever yi wen) Yuki was pretty obviously covering something with a newspaper and when i went to get a closer look pei chern threw flour on my face. And again. and again until i ran away.Lol.... they were a lot of students watching us from above too. Sabrina also got flour on her shirt and skirt cause she was standing too close to me. I thougvht pei chern would stop throwing flour but who knew she was so evil.... she threw at me again when i got closer. I went close and pick up a handful of flour but she ran away and I'm not so inconsiderate to throw flour at innocent bystanders.

Suffice to say, I got floured. Worse thing.... i chased pei chern up the stairs and when i sweat the flour become dough. Hahahahhaa... was a walking snowman (snow-woman) that day.

I think the chasing part made me sick again though. So here I am, typing this entry with a sore throat and giddy head. my mom and bro went out without me cause i was too sick to follow them ;( Somehow my mom and my brother remembered it was my birthday too! (which is a miracle by their standards)

Oh... sab and pei chern thought i was allergic to flour after school cause my skin was red. Yuki asked me to play along so I did... ahhahahahhaha.. Got a thousand apologies from them. My skin was red cause i was rubbing the dough off my skin actually... kuahahhahahahhaa
woot!!- anime fest taylors 2007
5:59 pm
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