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7:26 pm
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coming back to malaysia is like returning back to my second life.
that's the best way i can describe it. in uk, i live my life as the medical student, the hermit in her room, the one who is always doubting herself, a scatterbrain and i'm on my own.

in m'sia, i live my life as a daughter, a friend, a sister. still the hermit but in the house, the helper around the house and clinic, living my life day by day rather then the rest of the yr where i'm bound by my timetable, my hospital placements.

when i'm in uk, m'sia doesn't exist. when i'm in m'sia, uk doesn't exist. i look out of the window here, and it's unbelievable that on the other side of the world, the university is still there, some friends are still there and the place is as cold and windy as ever. it's a weird feeling. likewise, in uk, it's hard to imagine the hustle and bustle of subang is there, the never ending korean dramas playing on KBS, parents still fetching their kids from Sri KL like clock work at 4pm causing a massive jam.

anyway, apart from all that pondering, i'm perfectly comfortable in m'sia. haven't done anything exciting apart from eating. i do like to thank my dear friends for belanja-ing me for my bday and thank you to joanne and sabrina for the prezzies :D right now, i'm just comfortable. comfort is a rare feeling. and i shall relish it till sept comes