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mid year examinations
9:27 am
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Tomorrow will be the last day of my exams. Only bio and PJK left (why the hell do they have a pjk exam? ) Sat for my first proper accounting test and i learn a few things.
1) Time is of the essence!!!! (2 and a half hours just fly by in a blink of an eye (especially when you're doing the document qw))
2) No liquid paper. Use a bloody correction tape makes your work neater, and faster
3) Eyes must be open wide to scan for susutnilai, terakru stuff. Wasted a whole lot of time rewriting my penyata pendapatan thanks to the hidden "pulangan"
4) Be sistemetic. My whole table was covered in papers. And remember to number your pages. Oh, and if it's a school exam, use as little space as possible cause the dumb school is so stingy there isn't enough journal paper.
5) Move on when you can't imbang. Once you finish your paper, go back and try to imbang. Just minus and find the difference, Then check the butir to see if you miss anything
6) For penyata pendapatan and k3 qws, sort out the terakru stuff. Look at the maklumat tambahan and figure out which one goes to k3 and pp. Then only you write your pp and k3

What when wrong in my exam
1) teacher started late and didn't change the finishing time. (eg: starts at 7:50 but ends at 10:10 (means we lose 10 mins))
2) Teacher gave the pembetulan so slow. and the stupid me waited for her.
3) Liquid paper!!! there was liquid paper everywhere!!!
4) i tried to be neat causing me precious time.
5) Allocated time for document: 1 hour! I did it in like 1 and a 1/2 hours
6) I was very unorganise. I jumped from jurnal belian to jurnal jualan then back again to jurnal belian. I think i should have put all the small accounts (the one with only 1 baki) in one paper and all the big account (bank, tunai, modal) in another.

Conclusion: First exams sucks. Like my first bm exam, i miss out the whole rumusan. Luckily i learn from my mistakes (most of the time). eg: mat tam... last time i couldn't even finish the paper. Now at least i got time to try and check my ans. So during this holiday i will walk to the bookstore and get myself a copy of an accounting book. And i will do my homework T_T..... So now i have to improve on my physics, bm, +mat and accounts

This holiday will be the shortest one i ever had.....