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anyway, back from my KKB posting which I guess wasn't that bad afterall. Didn't get to see the dam and the waterfalls though.
Only complaint is that IMU could have done more to upkeep the guy's place. Damn.. that place was filthy.
And all the bunk beds at the nurses's dorm creaks like crazy. I think I must have one of the most creaki-est bed in the room. Can't move my butt at all when I'm lying on that bed. And I tend to roll around to get to my perfect sleeping position. So.... I really had little sleep in KKB. 

I also got a new pair of glasses :D. It's shinyyyy... (metallic shiny mind you. Not glitter shiny. I'm not that lala)
And my old glasses is really scratched up. It's like a veil is lifted off my eyes when I wore the new glasses. No wonder I felt my contact lenses were much more clearer. hahahahaha

Then I'll be working for most of the weekends till CNY. Dunno if this is a good or bad thing. I know I can never be working as a promoter for all my life. It's crazy boring just standing there. So the 9 days I'm working will be my last days as a promoter. When I was doing the GP posting with my dad, I felt so relieved to return back to the world of medicine. Tough as it may be, it's much much more interesting then standing there and giving out samples. Which reminds me, have to start studying!!!

Next post shall be about broga hill. i'm such a lazy blogger
where are all the bloggers?
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i just checked out some of the blogs I have in my blogroll. and to my horror... most have left their blogs inactive for a long time.

what happened?

has life taken over? they say only bored (social phobic) people blog.

or has blogging become a remnant from the past decade? Has micro-blogging, or twitter, taken over?

Ah... has our world become more lazy where we are comfortable with the 140 characters limitation? or more narcissistic since twitter allows you to update your status quite easily, people has begun updating them so often, the whole world knows when you are taking a dump?
a little horrifying
5:37 pm
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I'm a med student. I think most people would know that by now.

As a med student, I'm supposed to read my textbooks well so I'm equipped with the knowledge to diagnose diseases.
That's well and dandy.

How about procedures then?
I practise as regularly as I can with what knowledge IMU has bestowed upon us. Non-invasive procedures are easily practised with any volunteer or the SPs IMU has provided us. Invasive procedures are practised using mannequins.

I'm still a little blur as to what happens to us when we are in clinical school. But to my understanding, clinical school is basically being posted to a department and following the doctors around, taking history and basically get used to the clinical settings. You practise the non-invasive clinical skills here. If you're lucky, maybe you get to practise some more invasive procedures here.

Hence, that's why some interns graduate without knowing how to properly draw blood. Or insert an IV.

I find it quite surprising that some friends are horrified at the thought of medical students practising how to draw blood or insert an IV. Some med schools make the students practise on each other. But eventually they will have to come to their first actual patient. And my non-medical friends are horrified at the thought of being that first patient.
My friend said she will never let a medical student draw blood from her. Everyone is the same I guess. Who wants to be the guinea pig of a medical student for a somewhat painful procedure?
But then again, doctors don't magically pop out from thin air. Mannequins are not the same as humans.
So if everyone says no to medical students, we will just graduate and then have a dr in front of our names without any experience.

Luckily we have internship years to cover our asses.

I guess it's the same for every career. Given 2 planes, would you sit in a plane where a fresh graduate was in charge of repairing the plane or the plane which was repaired by a more senior staff? Or you wouldn't mind sitting in any one?
But they probably won't tell that to the passengers anyway.