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2:51 pm
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tired... exhausted....whatever.

it's tiring both mentally and physically to be traveling to and fro bukit jalil.
And it's just mental stress being there. New environment, new coursemates, lecturers, etc

And we have no proper classes unlike college where they actually place u in small groups to have classes together. In classrooms, it's so much easier to bond to people you don't know because you'll be seeing their faces everyday.
In IMU.... or should i say all unis, your classroom consists of 260 people (210+ med students with 50+ dental students)
Getting to know all your classmates will be virtually impossible (hmm... maybe not for the likes of some very charismatic people... ).
So.... we have to get to know ppl, and usually just stick together for lectures, breaks, etc. I'm currently in the phase of "finding the right group". I thought it would be easy to find since there is virtually taylors students everywhere. Weird thing is that for these 2 days, i hardly ever talked to other taylors students. I've been talking to singaporeans, some girls from sabah, sarawak, people who did their pre-u overseas (perth, adelaide) anda korean.

I guess probably because most taylors students already have their "buddies" from college. Most of the time after introducing, etc etc.... suddenly comes lunch break... POOF they suddenly disappear from plain sight to go have lunch by collecting their buddies from other parts of the lecture halls.

I'm crapping btw.
I just have to let things go on their own. Who finds bffs on the first 2 days of uni anyway???
brain dysfunction
5:17 pm
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I seem to be losing my memory.

Not too long ago i used to laugh at my elder bro for forgetting his glasses whereabouts after 2 mins, whether it was after brushing his teeth, taking a shower or after getting up.
Then he'll borrow my glasses to search for his.
And i'll laugh at him for being so forgetful.
Multiple times he grabs stuff to bring to uni only to forget that he left everything on top of a table, his bed, chair, anywhere basically.

Now i'm getting his disease. Maybe is coming with age, i don't know.
But more likely is because i'm lacking sleep and destroying my brain cells by watching too much tv dramas and youtube videos.
I always forget where i put my glasses nowadays, only to find it hanging on my shirt.
I also always forget to take my water tumbler... the infamous blue tumbler which most of the time my friends end up reminding me to take it (eventhough its right under my nose)

Oya. I finally caught up with the fact that i am going to med school.
Somehow IMU doesn't conjure up some magistic image of producing caliber and capable doctors. Influence by my brother's and his friends antics i guess
muet results
7:47 am
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lol... this is very late.
MUET results came out i think somewhere last month but I finally decided to go collect it this morning. I knew that I got a band 5, (lowest-band 1, highest-band 6) which expkains why I was in no hurry to collect it.

However, the hardcopy of the results further explains the breakdown of the marks I've gotten in the listening, speaking, reading and writing component.

these were my results:
listening: 39/45
speaking: 30/45
writing: 47/75

overall: 235/300

haih... my writing just sucks. proven in both MUET and IELTS. Luckily I got more than I deserved for the speaking component. That I thought really went horribly wrong cause my brain was no functioning well that day.
I'm pissed with my reading component too. what the heck were the questions I can no longer remember but I don't remember the test being difficult at all.

Gahhh... oh well. At least it meets the requirements. After I send this over to IMU I can probably burn or throw it away, either way it won't matter anymore.

Oya... my nose is filled with mucus now and my sinus regions are just... aching.
Damn viruses!
xx's departure
10:12 am
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Looks like I finally decided to make the effort to go downstairs and upload the pictures :D

13th dec was xia xun's departure date where he was to go to melb to study pharmcay in monash.
Anyway... since it was his last day with us, we (leonard, yen kaye, siao chen, me and xia xun) went to pyramid. On top of that... i fianlly got him his bday present too (cheating way though... he wanted to find headphones and when he decided on one i just offered to pay for him as his bday present. lol... he said he would have chosen a more expensive type if he knew i was going to pay for it)

camwhoring in old town white coffee.

They all played with my hat and camera while i was in the toilet. ahahahhaa




after that, xia xun had to go back to pack and get ready for his 9:15 pm flight.

leonard somehow manage to get a van to fit me, yen kaye, yen yen, stephanie, melissa, caroline and siao chen so we could all go to the airport. If it wasn't for him we wouldn't have made it there. When we arrived, we had a mini get together at the klia mcds.
Xx with steph, mel and caroline

xx with me, yen kaye, yen yen and siao chen

we asked xia xun to pose as a last camwhore session.

group pic!

then it was finally time for him to depart. We said our goodbyes and off he went to the gate


we all will prob miss his gila antics, lame jokes and camwhoring session.
remember to have a drastic change when you return end of the year so you can wow us with your new appearance

oh damn
4:39 am
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I'm sick.

fever with cough. all those nights sleeping at ridiculous hours has again made me sick. good thing is i'm taking time off from the clinic so i can continue to watch more movies at home.

best remedy for a fever is.... 24-7 sleeping/watching movies
i'm so happy... i slept for 12 hrs just now already.
if not for my irritating throat i'll probably sleep longer.

off to go do some slacker stuff. XD

next update i have to do on xia xun's departure. been procrastinating about it
5:23 pm
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i can't sleep. ARGHHHH

So i shall write a pointless post.

I think i'm a pretty selfish and calculative person.
I really don't really like going to birthday parties where the attendees are mostly people I don't know personally or I don't feel comfortable with.
I'm such an introverted person that sometimes talking to people is strenuous for me. I feel awkward talking to people. It's like there's nothing to talk about.
With familiar faces however, there's always something to talk about. I also wonder how on earth we can chat for such a long period of time

With unfamiliar people... i sometimes feel so tired to talk to them. I feel as though I have to continue to conversation sometimes. It's so tiring. And once I reach taht point where I get fed up, I just stop making an effort. Maybe my "efforts" are not really an effort at all.
Am I such a social outcast?

Back to the birthday thingys. I used to go for any birthday party I get invited too (and which i can go to). And the result is feeling more tired and not any more happier or satisfied when I get back from those who the birthday person I'm not close with.
It's always the same old scenario. The closest friends of the birthday person will be chit chatting away and I'll prob be at the edge of the group. Occasionally they'll address my existence and occasionally I'll get to join some "group discussions". But most of the time I'll feel pretty ignored.
Again... it's probably my fault for being introverted at social gatherings.

But... I seriously don't see the point of inviting people that the birthday person is not close with. I rather have a small gathering so at least no one gets left out rather than to have a big gathering and some people will be left out. I always feels bad when some people i know gets left out cause i hate that feeling.
Maybe other people aren't as sensitive as me. And then again... it's also part of courtesy to invite people like classmates cause some people get really pissed when you're part of the class and half the class gets invited and you don't get one.

Gahhh... the mystery of human behavior. So now i realised that maybe some invites i get are actually just courtesy and it's best that i politely refuse their invitation.

how dumb of me... lol

thus ends my pointless rant.

note: stupid post written with eyes half closed and no light switched on. I can finally get to type without looking at the keyboard. Actually I can already xcept it's just a habit i have to look at the keyboard.
because i'm bored
2:08 pm
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weird weird weird
5:29 pm
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WARNING: weird weird weird post. RANDOMNESS

I just discovered that a lot of people think about death.
I guess it's just how we grow. When people around us don't talk about this sort of things, we think about it.
At least I know I'm not weird.

Or is it because malaysian youngsters are basically weird?


I always sort of wondered what a weird thing death and birth is. A giant full grown adult is produced starting with 2 cells.
How miraculous is that!
Then a giant full grown adult who had laugh, talk, think, smile, cry and so on can just stop doing all that once he/she is dead.

Another weird thing to comprehend is that we are all made up of a bunch of cells. I can understand why people believe in souls. A mass of cells isn't supposed to feel emotions like we can. How can a mass of neuron cells store memories, produce language, control our 5 senses?


Returning back to death. I like to think that when death comes, we just fall into a deep sleep and return to being non-existent. Like a baby before it's conceived, or like a dinosaur. Hahahaha...
Another weird thing i just discovered is people's obsession with suicide.
Is it weird to think about it? Does thinking about it make one suicidal?
I think our group nowadays tend to think about it when times are hard cause of... media influence!
I think the media influence us too much. If we have not known about suicide, would so many people have committed it? Too many movies have shown suicide in such a noble light. Another thing about the media is the concept of love.
I think most people understand love as to how the movies and books have it portrayed.
I'm no expert but I think everybody have this idealistic image of love. Then reality catches up with them and boom....
I'm a cynic so to me, love isn't forever. It lasts when there is lust. Marriage that stays intact after many years isn't because the couple love each other but its through social obligation and responsibility that they are together. Perhaps mutual respect for each other also plays a part.

See how random my thoughts are? You're not alone siao chen... lol
XX's bday & Happy CNY
4:48 pm
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Gahhhh... just returned back from Malacca after... ummm... 1 day there?
Cause lots of relative were leaving to go elsewhere so we decided to go back too. Which is good cause I'm back in Subang and can do whatever I wanted to do during these few days (NO WORK!)

So here I am blogging!
On last Sun I was invited to xx's bday party in delicious at 1Utama.
Went there with Hui Xian (driver!), siao chen, yen yen and yen kaye (

Most memorable quote by Hui Xian when we were worried about her stopping so near to the car in front:
"Dun worry la! I know physics"
(hahahhaa... later we went on to have a debate about "what has physics got to do with anything?")

We arrived there and met up with the other invitees- Caroline, Melissa, Janice, Yi Wen, Leonard, Hooi Yen, Yeen Yee and of course, the bday boy himself.

With a table full of camwhorers... this is the result:
Me and Hui Xian

From the left- Siao Chen, Yen Yen, Hui Xian, me, Yen Kaye, Yeen Yee and Caroline. (lol... and some random camera kalafeis behind)

The bday boy

Xia Xun with Leonard, Hui Xian and Melissa

And then with me, yen yen and yen kaye

Siao Chen stabbing her food- Four Cheese pasta (delicious!)

My food! Spaghetti with cabonara. The green one is from Kaye's pesto

Yeen with her Chairman Mao bag she got from HK. Hahahaha... thought is was darn cute

XX with Hooi yen (sry if the spelling is wrong)<--xx's college darling and siao chen <--- my secondary buddy :D.

Group pic! Top row (l to r)- Yi wen (super swimmer), mel (the lame girl, as leo and xx calls her), caroline (smarty girl), siao chen (camwhore teacher), yeen (the fab artist), muah & Hui Xian (vanity and camwhore queen. she has a magic mirror..jk)
Second row- janice (cool chic), Hooi Yen (super sporting), xx (president for lame club 2008), leonard ( CEO of lame club), yen yen (camwhore queen. sama konco with hui xian) and kaye (lame club's member... ahahhahahha)
XD all these are just for laughs so no offense intended XD

The lighting in delicious

The ice cream cake xx belanja us. lol... weird cause the bday boy belanja us cake....

One thing though, I say the customer service in Delicious is pretty bad. First of... no outside food allowed. That is understandable but even a birthday cake wasn't allowed. If we wanted to bring it in, they would charge us RM25. Then one waiter there was particularly pissing off. He kept pulling faces at us while taking out orders. We were loud and rowdy and that's understandable cause we were supposed to be having a birthday party there. There were so many of us eating there, making business for the restaurant so it would be appropriate if the waiter would at least stop pulling faces.
And one more thing.... each time we ask them to help us take a photo, only those clad in blue uniform (indicating seniority?) can take it. I wonder why.... What's so hard about clicking "a" button? Are the seniors so scared that when one waitress is busy taking photos the restaurant would suffer from being desperately understaffed for.... err.. 1 minute?
stupid restaurant. Even if the brownies are good (bleh.. haven't tried that yet) I won't go back there.