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Astrology readings.

Lilian Too, for the year 2007
I, the earth snake, will
All in all, I will have a good year ahead of me

Face reading by Joey Yap (the book la... not actual person)
I am
Since I'm borned on July 12th, I am
In conclusion, I am a slow thinker who does not know how to manage money and i like to save money and will be richer than usual next year. Eventhough i am a slow thinker, i am careful when making decisions thus i will be sucessful in my college year. Me bein so selfless will have a fruitful love life next year.

Load of bull...i say
Last outing with friends... boo hoo
4:09 pm
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Today I went out to what seems to be the last outing of the year. Me together with hui xian and siao chen went to 1 Utama with the main purpose of eating at the new Japanese buffet, Shogun. Unfortunately, I still had blocked nose and phlegm so I decided not to eat there (blocked nose= tongue no taste, RM55 to eat tasteless items is just pure craziness) Xia Xun couldn't join us because he had to go Singapore today while Yen Kaye is terribly sick. But anyway, since this post is dedicated to this single trip, I shall give an in depth report for today's events!

We were suppose to get on the bus when hui xian boarded it in Sunway (she call us, we run to the bus stop from our house, join her in the bus) I, stupidly, mistook Siao Chen'd words for "meeting at carrefour at 12" Luckily we decided to walk to the bus stop together so I ended up in Siao Chen's house for 35 minutes. When Hui Xian called, we ran to the nearest bus stop we could find which was the one opposite Subang Parade.
Hui Xian got down from the bus at the one opposite Carrefour and was laughing in regret when she found us at the bus stop just beside hers (we didn't get on to the bus since hui xian was not to be found inside) So we laughed and waited for 15 minutes for the next bus. By sheer chance and luck, we managed to tahan the 1 Utama FREE shuttle bus there! Hahahahahha...Us in the shuttle bus

Apparantly 1 Utama has a shuttle bus to and fro 1 Utama from Taylors College area.
It comes every 1pm and 5pm (i think) from Subang on Mon-Thurs.
It goes off from 1 Utama back here every 7pm and 11pm on Mons-Thurs.
On Fri- Sun + Public Holidays, it comes every 11am, 1pm and 5pm to 1 Utama and comes back from 1 Utama every 7pm, 11pm and 2am (who the hell comes back at 2am?!!?)
Enough of advertisement.
Back to where i left off, we arrived at 1U in an hour. Then we walked around and tried clothes in marks&spencers (siao chen was suppose to buy a pair of trousers there but it seems like their promotion was over)trying on pants

Than we went to McD to eat (siao chen couldn't tahan) Hui Xian, with great resilience, didn't buy anything to eat. She also ate only 3 french fries while seeing us gobbling up over meal (i bet her tummy was rumbling like mad at that momment). We also visited Pets Wonderland, Rotiboy, PDI, etc (etc= i cannot remember at all)
Faceless mickey mouse on the main concourse

Oh, after eating we straight away went to the highest floor to pierce our ears. Hui Xian kept making such a big fuss over everything! She was constantly pressing her ears (her logic: ears will be thinner so the earring can pass through faster)
She let me and siao chen pierce our ears first (so that we will be human guinea pigs to test how painful it will be) Siao Chen went ahead first. Strange that her ears were not painful but itchy! Than I went. It was alright, a slight pressure and that's it. The only thing i regret is not confirming the position of my new piercings with the person before going ahead and doing it. I feel like she pierced it a bit too high for my liking. Too bad i didn't take any photos of the actual process (dang! chance wasted) The piercing will be gradually more painful but it's nothing more than a slight pain.
My new piercings

When it was hui xian's time to pierce her ears, she decided that 2 piecings will be too much for her. So she did one... and she let out a loud "OUCH" when it went through! Then she told us not to talk to her cause her ear was too painful (me and siao chen didn't really bother though (haha)

Than after wandering around, hui xian stomach was rumbling too much (siao chen's too) that we arrived early in front of shogun by 20 minutes. Than after they went in, I went off to wander around 1U.

I went round 1U with the intention of buying clothing for myself. Unfortunately, my budget was too tight to buy anything from anywhere (i went to body glove, tropicana life, PDI concept store, plastic, random small shops, jaya jusco, parkson, baleno, hang ten, a lot of random boutiques)Top- RM10, Pants- RM29 (both from ti:zed, jusco)

So I gave up finding clothes to buy at 7.30pm (sc and hx went to shogun at 6.30) So I went to find random clothes to try on. And no... I wasn't going to try on t-shirts or jeans, I tried on dresses! ( to compensate not going to the prom..hahahhaa)
Dress- RM199 (Forever 21)

Dress- RM109 (Wh)

Dress- RM425 [omg (*o*)the price... this is my fav dress btw] (Warehouse)
All the dresses kinda make me look fat... gah my waist must be trimmed! So tempting to use photoshop to make me look more "model-ish" but this is what i look like and i must accept it. No more late night snacking!
Too bad when I was trying on my 3rd dress, sc and hx was done eating. (about 8.40pm)

Lol... by then they were too full to walk so we went to MPH to read random astrology books.
(my astrology: see next post)

Then we went home at 10pm :D
baked cookies
9:08 am
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Just finish baking chocolate chip cookies with the help of my mom. This batch was so much better than the last one (i made them too soft so it was like eating burnt pancakes) Too bad I made them too brittle this time :( I can't bake!!! Also burnt the first batch but the others were alright.Had a strange dream too last night. I dreamt about going back to school for something (after SPM) and meeting all my old friends back. I dreamt there was a few girls trying to ask more marks from Pn Loo.. Than i jokingly said; "I used to be like you too". Pn Loo looked at me and laughed than it turns out the girl who was asking for marks was vienna. Apparantly she needed another A so she could enter college or sommething like that. When I woke up I felt nostalgic about my past. Than I missed my old teachers and friends. It's hard to think that i won't be going back to that school anymore and all my classmates are going to change.
Weird feeling actually
what did i do in my holidays?
2:34 pm
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1. Went to pyramid to watch James Bond
Hui Xian is really fun to watch movies with... hahaha cause she'll make you crack up at every scene. The torture part was the funniest. All the girls were laughing while all the guys must be wincing in pain *lol*
The CPR part was just..... weird. Everybody laughed at that part too... I think Mr Bond shouldn't have press her chest (or should i say her *ahem*breast....) so hard. And she should have at least worn a bra.
Met mel, yi wen, janice and li jun there. Met reeshmma, li ling and kimberly than some girls from SU gang came too. Oh.. leonard was there too.
Weird to see these ppl outside of school....

2. Went and watch The Host in pyramid again.
Su Yen finally finished her exams so we went out again. At first I thought the poster of the movie was a guy waiter... hahaha.. Turns out to be a girl wearing school uniform. The movie was hilarious and yet sad at the same time. Sad ending also.
Too bad siao chen was sick so we had to go home early.

3. Went to (post next)

4. Became sick for 5 days
After coming back i somehow got food poisoning. Very bad food poisoning. Nausea, diarrhoea, fever and giddiness. Terrible combination. I think my parents actually felt sorry for me cause i felt so uncomforatble I had to sleep in the sofa at night (lying down makes the nausea worse and the rooms were too cold for me) So for 5 days i slept downstairs with the table fan. And i slept most of the day. Was so tired even to check my mails and log on to msn (explaining my long absence from msn)

5. Becoming sick AGAIN
Right after recover from (above) sickeness, I caught the common cold + phlegm. I suspect i caught the bug when i went for the engine talk in Klang. Dang it!
Currently consuming 14 tablets a day... terrible

6. Got my L lisence
Not exactly got it yet but I done everything so i just have to wait for JPJ to issue my lisence now. Oh, my father also let me drive the auto car for a while (just for fun). Hahahaha... my car was super duper jerky. I got to do a 3 point turn (in 10 minutes... hahahhahaha) I didn't know you have to turn the steering wheel so much just to turn a little. And the proton had power steering!!! I wonder how am i going to turn the kancil... I imagine i'll be entagling my hands everwhere with the kancil. Hahahhaa... my driving instructor is going to have the shock of his life. I have a weird feeling i will surely bang his car...

7. Finish 2 games
Not really that much of an acomplishment but hey, I usually don't finish games. Finish playing Secret files tunguska (with the help of a walkthrough). The game was alright but the ending just sucks. Going to finish playing Okami on the PS2 very soon... (great game!! very fun to play)

8. Learn the Ok Go dance
Hmmm.... not really but i did learn the starting. It was my sister who tricked me into joining her current craze over Ok Go! Now i can't get the song out of my head (song= A Million Ways)
Oh, if you don't know what dance i'm talking about, it's the ultra famous dance in YouTube. Because of this dance (and the dance with the treadmills) the band became super famous and got to perform live at the VGA and MTV awards. Oh, they are also nominated in the Grammys for Best Music Video ( Here it goes again)
Go to youtube and search a million ways and here it goes again. You'll get what i mean.
Trip to embarassment
10:17 am
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Long time no post... well i have a solid reason why..
1) Sick!!! for 5 days!
2) Sister just came back from melb
3) busy playing games

I just came back from pyramid and something extremelly embarassing thing happen to me. Maybe not that embarassing to other ppl but at this very moment i feel SUPER DUPER embarassed!!
It was a.... wadrobe malfunction. And i didn't realised until an ice cream seller pointed out to me while waiting for the bus. Hahahah... so i've been walking round the whole pyramid looking like that while being blissfully unaware what happened.
Yeesh... y m i so careless! Luckily i was in mph reading books for quite some time so i didn't go to many shops. Arghhh.... and my sister didn't notice a thing too.
I don't want to o back to pyramid T_T
Random stuff
4:15 am
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Can you see a face at the side of my head (on my right ear behind the chair)? Creepy eh...?

Me and yen kaye in Japan. It was a fun 3 hour trip there! Look we are even in the man's bathing area (where all of them are naked except for a piece of cloth strategically placed)

The face in the 1st pic is actually a stupid bag. Gave me such a fright when i first saw it! My mom laughed at me and confirmed it was the bloody bag!
3:58 am
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Enough said.
10:03 am
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I got a new hobby!! (actually i just started 2 hours ago)
This is what i created so far:

(errr... it's suppose to be animated. It will say Spm is over than a purple smiley will push it away and start dancing. It works fine in MSN (i just realised it's working... ignore my pointless ramblings)

Dog sleeping... requested by yen kaye to do her dog but i got no pics of her dog so this is the substitute

Wakakakaka... i can see more emoticons coming

PS: All this emoticons are copyrighted by ME!! Although it may sound really stupid and arrogant, i hope people who uses my emoticons will ask me first (lol... like anybody ever reads my blog(if u do read my blog, just leave me a comment so i won't fo overboard and start writing offensive stuff thinking nobody reads it (i do not make sense)))
Au revoir
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Goodbye, my dear old uniform...

When I came home today after moral, I was relieved and I knew the end was near but I still didn't really feel the hapiness. I went online, chat a bit, watched tv and lie around. It wasn't until I spoke to one of my friends that I realised my "school" life is going to be over in 3 more days. College life will be beginning instead in 1 more month. I feel weird- a mixture of happiness and sadness at the same time.
I find it very ironic that after finishing my exam I saw Carrefour advitising their "Back to School" sales. I haven't even finish my exams and they are already advertising uniforms, bags, school shoes and books! I even find the thought that today is the first of Dec odd. It feels like it is merely October and I would still have 2 months of holiday waiting for me. It's like one whole chunk of my memory was erased. Like I've been robbed of my time.
Damn SPM

I cleared my room today (following the lead of my friend) I have 3 stacks of books to be recycled, 1 stack of books to be passed down to my lil bro and 1 stack of test papers to be recycled too. Eventhough I cleared out so many things, my room still looked the same. Still as messy as ever. Then I found my New Year's Resolution for 2006. It was written,

Dear World,
My new year's resolution are.................
1. Study more (hmmm... i think i fulfilled this one)
2. Draw more (errrr.... no time for this)
3. Get as many A1's for SPM (we will know next year)
4. Be more considerate (i have no idea why i have this resolution. N i have no idea if this one is fulfilled)
5. Sleep and eat healthy.(hahaha... this one i didn't do! Exam time = 3-4 hours sleep only)

I shall create new resolutions today (for the upcoming holidays...)
1. Go learn driving
2. Go learn how to cook and sew
3. Go figure out what the heck career i want
4. Go play around with Photoshop

Hahahhaa.... holidays are nice

Day 10
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Moral, the most hated subject by all

Sat for the paper this morning. It was alright, but i forgot one nilai's name. Hopefully my other answers will help me! Being moral, I can't really tell what marks i would get. It ranges from a G9 to an A1. Stupid marking scheme. And it also depends on the examiner who is marking your paper. Get a good one, she'll mark your answers beyond the lines given. Get an evil one, she would cancel those written beyond the lines.