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ranting here. under hormonal influences

i pity those poor researchers and doctors. They slaved away at their labs to discover a new vaccine/medicine/etc in hopes that this new found knowledge will be a benefit to communities around the world.

then there will be a group of people trying to discredit what ever they do.
conspiracy theorist and just plain weirdos.
i just found a bunch of people over in youtube land talking about vaccines are made to kill people and recently, the infamous HPV vaccine, was made to render all girls infertile by including moth DNA in the vaccine.

conspiracy theories just gives me a headache. it's always the little people against the evil multi-billion cooperation.
now if everybody will just proceed to burn all their possessions and live the hippy way of life, everything would be solved.

i think i should stop reading crap and start studying.
this is spartaaaaa
4:24 am
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ok. i should start studying seriously now.
i shall feed off the kiasu energy hanging around msn since everyone is practically having their exams now, next week or in 1 month's time.

to everyone having exams, all the best.
to those who is going to have exams, ganbatte!!!! chia you! (i find that the english equivalent of chia you and ganbatte, "work hard" just sounds really odd. any other more suitable english phrase for this sort of thing?)

within a month, we shall be free from the evil clutches of exams and we'll be lazing around once more.
12:04 pm
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this post is dedicated to ppl who speak medical lingo.


interesting case I got to know today. See if you can come up with a diagnosis.

patient history: 2 year old boy with excessive hair growth (coarse thick hair, hint of moustache, lots of back hair, you get the picture) and mild hypertension. Was diagnosed as anaemic shortly after birth and had 3 episodes of crisis where he had jaundice and heamaturia in which he required blood transfusion for. Bone marrow aspirate wasn't exactly normal (i didn't see the report so :/). SLE antibodies came back negative. Was subsequently put on steroids which prevented any further episodes. Has 3 other sisters, all in good health except for one who also had anaemia but spontaneously recovered without intervention. No deformities found and development (mental, physical) were normal.


I threw out some pretty dumb diagnosis: endocrine disorder, leukemia (he won't have survived till 2 years old if he had acute lymphoblastic leukemia), and myelodysplastic syndrome (which is rare in children). in short... my heamato knowledge sucks

the most probable diagnosis (since doctors can't really confirm the diagnosis also):
autoimmune hemolytic anaemia. the excessive hair growth and hypertension results from the high dose steroids he is taking.

cool right? but this also proves how difficult it is to make a diagnosis in a real life case. Symptoms may be present due to a side effect of a drug, or may be a combination of 2 (or more) pre existing disease.
you know when............
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you know when............

you're not a good pianist when you can't figure out what the heck you're playing.

my lil bro printed a music score by Scott Joplin called Bethena.
I know scott joplin is a fantastic composer as he did compose 'The Entertainer'

(which i still can't play right)
When I saw this piece, I was intrigued. I've never heard it before so I have no idea how it sounds like. And I still have no idea what it sounds like after I tried playing it.
The occasional long pause to figure out the fingering and the "oh so many" wrong keys accidentally played probably distorted the piece. Anyone who heard me playing it won't have guessed what the heck I'm trying to play

So I gave up, kept the music sheet and finally, today I tried playing it again. Still sounded horrible.
Best solution: google!
And so I found out what it actually supposed to sound like:
dying la
7:10 pm
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exam time again.
i'm pissed.

[ok, you can stop reading now. below is just some rambling about exam/medical stuff]

exams also signifies the near death of a semester. which is a reason to rejoice.
too bad we don't get lots of holiday in between the semesters though. Nvm, less holidays means semester 5 comes faster means my course here will end soon.

currently studying endo. hopefully will finish it soon then i can start studying repro and finish in 3 weeks and finish renal in 2 weeks. hopefully
don't want to end up having 7 lectures to finish on the night before the exam day.
that'd be stressful.

on an interesting note, i had some symptoms (namely some palpitations occasionally and sweaty palms when i'm not doing anything which would cause anxiety) Prompted me to just have my thyroid function checked (t3, t4 and tsh levels). results came back and it's quite unfortunate that my thyroid is functioning fine. Only t4 lvls were slightly elevated.
I say unfortunate because I still don't know what caused my palpitations and sweaty hands.
6:47 pm
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i'm aginggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg

beautiful clothing
6:05 pm
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procrastinating to go to sleep (there's such kind of procrastination??) therefore i've been scurrying the web for street style photos.

[i was prepared to type a long essay-ish post on the evolution of the web (memories of my ESL project suddenly came to life) but figured its way too boring.]

So here, i'll just skip to the fun part:
my fav fashion sites:
the satorialist
Stockholm street style
and many more which i discovered through stumbleupon (go google stumbleupon. nifty gadget to use when you're bored)

and i'm in love with this skirt:
by Cloak and dagger

no idea why i am that obsessed with it also
their entire collection is quite nice actually. darn it. i want them all.

i also realize that i usually like a fashion trend that is dying out. I think its the "mass effect" (too much medicine i tell you. fyi,mass effect also means the effect of the tumor on its surrounding tissue)
where i see so many people wearing it -> i become accustomise to it -> i begin liking it

meaning that i can never become a trend setter. sobs.

i really really like the blazer trend now. too bad its too hot in m'sia.
stolen from here

and the hairband, ala blair waldolf trend. (and weirdly, i've never watched an episode of gossip girls. hahahahaa. just that i tried one hairband with a gigantic black rose on over at forever 21 some ages ago and found that i really really like them :D)
stolen from here

and leggings/tights. and i hated them last time when they first started popping up. wait... actually leggings are the ones that end at the angles while tights covers the whole foot also right (similar to a pantyhose)? if so, i still hate leggings.
stolen from here (these tights are actually a diy embellishment project)

sleeping now. 4 hrs left
9:54 pm
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another sleepless night.

Why do I have a feeling where I want to do something but have no idea what that something is?
Does that even make sense?
I stay up thinking about what I want to do (hence the sleepless night) but I have no idea what I actually want. It's like I've forgotten about some unfinished business somewhere.

Or maybe its just another form of procrastination.



New template
8:19 pm
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new new new template

what do you think?

all those thin pink lines are there cause i never bothered to put a title for my previous post (my previous template didn't show the post's title)
dumb, dumb, dumb
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*think of "my humps"*
*the song is in your head already? ok, go:"

i'm dumb, i'm dumb, i'm dumb, i'm dumb, i'm dumb,
i'm dumb, i'm dumb, i'm dumb, my stupid little lump. (in my skull)

why is studying so hard!!!
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can't sleep

thinking about way too much unnecessary things.
must have something to do with the 3 cups. no wait + 1 teh tarik= 4 cups of tea i took today

oh damn. i didn't realize i had that much. i think i must have drank more tea than water today.

arghhhh. times like these i wish i didn't have school in less than 12 hrs time.
let's play dress up!
7:13 pm
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reproduced from here (without permission of course. plagiarism!)

lol. and just when i said i should dress up more, this article pops up in my stumbleupon toolbar.

So why dress up? Here are 25 good reasons.

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dead deadddddddddddddddd

dead tired i mean

no idea why i feel so tired and drained this past week. ughhh
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It's a sin!!!!

Dr. Hunt from Greys Anatomy has just failed IMU's clinical examinations.

Then again, i heard that they put it the the other way round so they can still hear what's going on in the set.
LBD- Little Blue Dress
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