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ho hum
1:25 pm
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how on earth did i pass my exams?
feeling like an idiot currently.

wonder if the feeling ever fades?
hahaha. sometimes i wonder if i'll get caught out that i'm actually such a horrible medical student. that the school will fail me in 5th year because they can't release this idiot as a junior doctor.

i'm really lucky to be passing my exams all these while
Olympic's spirit
6:28 am
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Facebook is now buzzing after the match between lin dan and lcw. The match everyone touted as the only chance for malaysia to get a gold. Alas, luck was not on our side and the gold went to china. I didnt watch the match (too busy stuffing my face in a jap buffet, a very very belated bday dinner with my mom) but it was apparently a nail biting event. What made me feel really sorry for lcw was snapshots of his tweet apologizing to malaysians with his sorely disappointed face on the podium.

That, tugged at my heartstrings. With that, i knew he gave his all eventhough i didnt watch the match (then again, he might have an incredible PR machine behind him as because of this, millions of malaysians didnt turn into an angry mob but still hailed him as a national hero)

However, i do pity the other malaysian atheletes. After that event, the malaysian olympics announcers on RTM said "with lcw winning silver, this ends the dream of getting a gold in the london 2012olympics". Man... If i was one of the athletes competing in london with my event coming up, i would get mighty pissed. Fine, it's probably true what the annoucer said. So far, only a tiny proportion of malaysian atheletes made it through the qualifying rounds. But still, it's quite sad for the other athletes that no one is really rooting for them. I think most malaysians have no clue who is still in the games or what event they are competing in.

Ah well, maybe to them, competing with other world class athletes is rewarding enough for them. Not everyone can say they were an olympic athelete.

Now, maybe if i start playing lawn balls i might make it for the 2028 olympics. After all, all those atheletes are old people. Hahahaha... Is it even an olympic sport anymore? Cant believe lawn balls is supposedly more entertaining than squash ( the reason why squash isnt in the olympics is because it's not interesting enough for the spectators. Hence no one will one to pay £100+ for tickets)