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6:10 pm
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Running 10km on Sunday............
Bib number. GO buy toto number now. I take only 50% commission.

My gear :D

Honestly, Standard Chartered has got to be one of the most kiam siap race organizers ever. Sure... their grand prize is 17,500 USD... but have pity on us mere mortals. At least throw in more SOME samples (yeah... not a single sample was included. well they did let us take some MEN'S cleanser when we collected our packs) (even a packet of deep heat rub would be nice)........... instead of spending it on stupid advertisements. You can see banners everywhere and the radio plays their advert every 3 hours. What a let down honestly. SJ10K whoops Standard Chartered's ass in terms of sponsorship.
No matter... makes me more gear up to complete my 10km in 1 hr 30 mins. Not an easy feat at all...... haven't been training and the last time i ran more than 5 km was 2 years ago. ahahhahahahaa.

Soon after all the aches and groans.... PARADISE:

Pulau Redang- serenity and fantastic underwater creatures.
I've been waiting to go to an east coast island for ages. Finally it's here!!!
I just hope I'm not too tired after the damn race. Welll.... I do have the whole Monday to rest.
4:02 pm
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my 2.5 years are over.

simply unbelievable.

2 weeks ago, i was sprawling crap on my blog about how horrific studying for my exams was. now.... it's over!
i'm no longer an imu student!

i feel a tinge of nostalgia and relief when i think about it. nostalgia will be long lasting... relief will be a fleeting emotion as clinical school isn't easy at all.

i can officially start hoarding stuff for uk now. gosh. i can't even feel excited as it seems so unreal.
i think it'll all become more real once i buy my ticket to uk and start packing.
bleh.... packing. don't like it when i have to stuff so many things into 1 suitcase.

in the meantime........... celebrate!!
5:06 am
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i think it just struck me that i'm leaving imu.

no more pbls
no more csu sessions
no more indian auntie (ok.. this i don't miss so much)
no more LT1,2,3
no more mms
no more stupid printers to be frustrated about
no more climbing up and down the damn hill
no more worrying about whether i'll get a saman today
no more idling away while stuck in the morning LDP traffic
no more lim siew siew, mr felix, the old indian uncle who gives us lots of tips, the emo patient (gosh... forgot her name. lisa? brain block), the chinese man with masked facies.....

and i'll take histories and do physicals on orang kakasia now. lol
lol. i haven't even held a conversation with an ang moh before. jakun punya orang... and now i've to take history and perform PE on them? @_@
12:58 pm
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hahhahahaa. it's over.
not too sure if i'm too drunk from happiness and the relief of stress until it's sort of numb.
i just know that i don't have to read my notes anymore (till results are out la. don't want to jinx myself)

as for PMS, got LEEDS!?????????//
bleh. might change, might not.

ah well.
8:50 am
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now i know why twitter's so popular. useful for posting useless short entries like this. hahahahhaha
anyway, i just feel the need to post up the stuff i have yet to study. (i love making lists. i bet it's some personality disorder. on a side note, i think i've finally figured out my personality type. cause those personality tests are always so confusing- questions like "do you like surprises?" is so super vague. yes i love birthday surprises. i hate surprises like a cicak jumping on my head. my personality is mostly likely the less emotional, more logical thinking type. dunno why it took me so long to figure it out cause i'm sure it's as clear as day to some of my friends.) anyway, back to this:

  1. coma lectures
  2. pharmacology for the central nervous system- sedatives, gen anesthesia, antipsychotics
  3. special senses and their related anatomy- eyes+ear
  4.  intracranial infections
  5. neurodegenerative diseases
  6. whole pile of git which i don't plan on touching. no friggin time.
  7. PBLs
  8. past year questions
my exam? Tomorrow!

just a brief overview of how my exam is like:
first day- it's the fun game called MEQ!!! or multiple extended qws. i think.
anyway, they give us a bunch of questions printed on individual coloured papers. then it's all arranged and placed in an envelope. then we are only allowed to pull out 1 paper at a time and have to complete the questions on that paper in the given time (usually 7 minutes). when the time ends, we're not allowed to go back to the previous paper and we have to move on to the next paper. this time we have a total of 8 MEQs- meaning 8 medical cases, broken down into 3 sheets of papers. so the first paper is usually the patient's history and related questions (diagnosis? investigations? a random qw) then the 2nd paper is the blood report or some x-ray or something and the 3rd paper is usually the outcome of the patient or some complication. lol. it's like playing on steroids.

then on the same day we have our regular oba- one best answer or mcq qws.

2nd day- we play another fun game! this time it's called OSPE- objective structured something exam. lol
we have 24 stations. this time it's like playing a really weird gameshow. in the exam hall, we have 24 cubicles. at the start of the exam, we;re given the qw sheet (it's like a thick booklet of 24 pages). then we sit at our respective cubicles. at the cubicles, they will have a picture of some diseased limb/microscopic picture/ an anatomy model/ some weird drawing made on Words/MS Paint (i swear, sometimes i stare at the diagram with no clue what it is at all cause there would be some bunch of squares, some triangles and arrows pointing here and there). anyway, we then have to answer the questions in the booklet within 5 minutes. at the end of 5 minutes, a really annoying buzzer will go off and we have to move to the next cubicle. so it's like a giant musical chair game. 
this is a really annoying test cause there's only 5 minutes to think of everything under the sun. and sometimes when we have to do calculations, if the calculator is broken, too bad for you. cause they are not going to stop the buzzer fr ringing and by the time the lecturer comes and fix the broken calculator, time is up.

3+4th day- CLINICAL SKILLS. lol. here is where we become pseudo doctors. We have 4 clinical examinations, 2 histories and 2 self standing stations per day. It's something like ospe except instead of cubicles, we have rooms. So we will stand outside the room at the start of the exam where the qw is pasted on the door. then when the exam starts, we're given 40 secs to read the qw and to plan what to do. Then when we enter the room (with an examiner inside), we're given only 5 minutes to finish the station. and there's really a lot to do in 5 minutes sometimes. we have to greet the patients, introduce, explain the examination then wash hands, etc. this will take up at least 1 minute. so we have 4 minutes to inspect, palpate (molest patient with our hands), percuss (do the tapping thing) and auscultate (use our stethoscope!!! most exciting part since all real doctors uses stethoscopes (jk). plus this is the part where we can just cincai give an answer cause the examiner can't listen to what we're hearing. lol). and finally thank the patient and wash hands again. phew!
for history stations, it's pretty simple. we just have to ask a series of questions then in the next station we have to answer questions about the patient's problem. well... actually it sounds simpler than it is. most of the time we forget to ask really important qws due to lack of time (5 minutes again!) or just because we're nervous. every disease is somewhat special and have their own important questions. so yea... easy to forget to ask some qws. then we will have behavioral stations too where there is an examiner with you in the room. then we have to fake empathy. lol. have to ask qws like 'are you ok?" "do you want to rest?" "do you need anything to make yourself feel comfortable?" cause honestly.. it's hard to produce real empathy in an exam with a person faking to be sick. 
for self standing stations.... basically it's exactly like ospe. see picture, answer qws.

and that concludes my post. lol. it was supposed to be a short, twitter-ish post. sigh. spent 30 minutes just on this. back to studying!

7:16 am
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few more days la.
and like i guessed even before the start of the study break, i'll have to cram cram cram a lot of stuff.
and true enough, this study break has been a weird mix between the longest/shortest + most stressful period of my entire 2.5 yrs in IMU.
somedays i feel like i can't wait to get everything done and over with
somedays i feel like i want more time to study. just a day or even just a few hours extra
somedays i feel like i can do it, only a little more to go if i organize my time well
somedays i feel like i'm doomed, with a never ending pile of notes to read through

my brain is like some battle field now. a fight between negative and positive thoughts, a fight between the kiasu side of me and the procrastinator side.