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this is it. 6 months into doctoring.

and i don't think i've come a very long way

I'm still pretty naive, pretty lazy, pretty stupid.

But the past months have brought out all sorts of emotions and have forced me to mature in some ways.
Now, I'm a bit more certain with my career choice.
It made me think a lot about career progression and with the current visa climate, where I would eventually like to end up.
Lucky for me, the doctoring degree has made the choice of immigrating elsewhere easier than if I had a degree in business or law.
But it's not to say exactly high in demand too. Each country has its own pros and cons. Staying in the UK would be the best but it comes with the promise of lonely winter nights.

Going to Aus is not so easy now and its unlikely I'll get to progress as fast as I like to.

Singapore is just manic and there's no promise of career progression as well with horror stories about their working hours and kiasu workaholics as colleagues.
Malaysia is similar and with the added fear of horrible bosses who can't give a rats ass about you or patients in general.

Let's just see where the wind takes me

On more current things, I would hopefully be sitting for MRCS in April. Never would I expect to be studying for an exam so soon. It's like I never left medical school :(