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...I have to be sick on the 365th day of the year


so i shall end the year with a .... *cough*
i know it's a day early but i shall be wallowing in my sea of self pity tomorrow. Yeesh, spending new year's eve at home with my father only since my mom and lil bro is off to perak to attend my cousin's wedding dinner.
Not that spending new year's eve with my father is bad. Except that new year's eve, or whatever special occasion there is (including my birthday, my mom's birthday, his own birthday, etc) is basically a normal day to him. So to him, tomorrow is Wednesday and the day after next is Thursday. Very practical guy.

And in the bigger picture, spending new year's eve at home sick is really nothing. I have bigger problems and worries to face next year. Hopefully with me being sick so often this period, i better be freaking well for the entire span of next year!
Picture post
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Since i've never done this for a looong time,


Blast from the past. Here are some pics in my phone/folder that prob u guys nvr got the chance to see (or prob forgotten about it)

And i shall of course add extra photos of a certain narcissist i know that keeps commenting my blog is boring.

:D Enjoy!!! *evil laugh* It's good to be the photographer most of the time :D

(dun worry if i post embarassing photos since well... most that read my blog knows you guys *or should i say a certain someone* well enough, and those who don't, well... don't know who in the world u guys are)

Lol. and its a weekend so he prob can't see this post till... next week? hahahahahaha

After rummaging through some very very old pics, i decided i shall start from... the beginning of time:

Librarian trip to Cameron, Form 3 :D

Fast forward 2 yrs later....

(ancient) Yen Kaye!!


My sis and I in Mid valley

Randomness after SAM
Christmas! 1 yr already

ZARA-fied Kaye


Leo's place, Amber Chia's den

This pic is so ancient

Yen setting her hair on fire

Nice food!

Family pic

(didn't know i have sooo many photos of you)

Pregnant. Who's the father?

Finally...... 10 months before:
And I shall finish off with a pic of u:
10 months after pic shall be added when i do get the photos :D
Horoscope for 2009
10:04 am
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Simple Horoscope for 2009 by fantastico Mdm Sooky

Guaranteed to be true 100%. If any ill fortune befalls you, be sure it's because you didn't follow Mdm Sooky's advise.

Snake- Be careful of everything

Tiger- Relax when stressed

Dog- Be wary of your surrounding

Dragon- Pay attention to details

Horse- Do not be wasteful

Monkey- Overexertion is to be avoided

Pig- Keep your cool

Ox- Smoking is bad

Rabbit- Do not walk through dark alleys alone

Rat- Drive carefully

Rooster- Do not eat the mouldy bread

Sheep- Working hard is key

Remember... follow Mdm Sooky's advise for good fortune, good karma, good health and to bring in a lot of money.

Yes, i just pulled that out of my ass. Boredom, it does wonders
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timetable and groupings for sem 3 is out.

darn it.

this is probably the biggest wake up call that sem 3 is really going to commence.
Putting an end to:-

1) sleeping at anytime i wish
2) going out till the wee hours with my dear friends
3) watching tv till 2am
4) surfing the net for 3 hrs
5) leaving my med books under my bed for the past 2 months.
med school
7:20 am
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another med school rant (what?!?! in the middle of holidays??)

anyway, here i am pondering if what i've studied is enough to be a doctor.
EOS 2 was in no means easy but still i managed to pass it with an incredible amount of procrastination and slacking. (during the exam period i was watching 7 ongoing series i download from the internet in addition late night tv watching when i was having the crazy sleep-at-12pm-wake-up-at-7pm period)

And this has been disturbing me a lot.

With another 1.5 yrs before i leave IMU to head to an overseas clinical school, time is not really something i can spare. And clinical years are tough. With clinical rounds, etc etc you apparantly have very little time to study.

So these 1.5 yrs left is the amount of time i get to study my basic sciences.

And now that i am 2 weeks away from commencing my system based studies, the folks at IMU has basically assumed that we, ex-sem2 students, have a pretty solid foundation.
[Foundation basically means fundamentals of a field of knowledge. Basically the knowledge which more complex knowledge is built upon.]

And I am sooo doomed. Cause I know my foundation is as good as a quicksand.
Built anything on it and it will sink!!!
And yes, i still haven't read mariebs completely. which means i haven't read what is called the bible of anatomy and physiology for IMUians.

So, no more procrastinating, damn it.

Whch brings me back to me procrastinating and yet still able to pass my exams. I dunno, but i think it reflects pretty badly on IMU's standards. (i think i'm gonna get stoned for this)
But seriously, after spending sometime on SDN (student doctor network- a forum where mainly US med students talk crap or talk serious crap), most say that getting into med school is pretty damn tough there (must have some volunteering experience, average GPA of 3.75 above (means getting an A or B for most exams))

And after getting into med school, these bright students are talking about how tough it is in med school, where everyday they have to clock in about 3-4 hrs of study to prepare for the next lecture. Their class average, from those who posted them up is 91%-95%.

Their USMLE step 1 exam (which i think is equivalent to our EOS 5 exams?) is taken at the end of their 2nd yr where their exams are tough as hell.

I say IMU students have it pretty easy. so there. it means that we have to be bionic students too. it shall be my no1. resolution to be the ultra nerd.

How to be ultra nerd
  1. Understand lecture notes before entering lecture
  2. Not falling asleep in lecture
  3. Reviewing lecture notes after lecture and read associated reference books
  4. Making notes
  5. Prepare for exam 2 months before
  6. Do not try to cram 3 systems in 1 week
  7. Practise clinical skills once a week. crucial.
But whether to attend lectures or not, i would say its still optional cause some lectures really are a waste of time (and petrol and toll money)
no time no time no time!
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somehow, nowadays when i'm alone, i get this feeling nagging at me.


I hate falling asleep because i know a day will pass, which is a day closer to going back to uni.

Books are still left untouched.
Facts slipping away into nothingness.
And my desk is still not cleared. till this day

and now i have the darn cough that's making its rounds among my friends.
And i'm the last to get it. which sucks cause the end of the holidays is the period you don't want to waste lying in bed coughing your lungs out and stuffing medicine down your throat.

stupid cough.
stupid virus. i have no idea what virus it maybe eventhough i memorized so many viruses last sem. study so hard but yet my memory is failing me.

this has got to be the most frustrating feeling in the world.
guys vs girls
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I was pondering.

Scenario 1:
Girl, 22 years old, gets murdered when she was kidnapped outside a bar at 3am.
Ppl's general impression:
Girl must be those slutty types to be hanging outside a bar at 3am. She didn't deserve to get murdered but still, a girl should know better than to be at a bar at 3am.

Scenario 2:
Guy, 22 years old, gets murdered when he was kidnapped outside a bar at 3am.
Ppl's general impression:
Poor guy. Wrong place, wrong time.

Scenario 3:
A bunch of girls talking quite audibly about sex
Ppl's general impression: OMG! SLUTS! HOOKERS! *cast shocked and disapproving look*

Scenario 4:
A bunch of guys talking quite audibly about sex
Ppl's general impression: OMG! Horny guys! Oh wait... but its quite normal for them. *ignore*

Scenario 5:
Woman has an affair.
Ppl's general impression: So horrible! Irresponsible and evil woman! Poor husband

Scenario 6:
Man has an affair.
Ppl's general impresion: Stupid horny guys. But its in their nature since its so common. The wife musn't be treating him good.

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tagged by sab
1. Do you think you are hot?
No. but i feel hot.

2. Upload a favourite picture of yourself

"MMMM... dashing fierce looking dragon... *kiss kiss, muacks*"

i miss playing with my long hair

3. Do you like the picture?
It wouldn't be a fav picture if i didn't like it would it?

4. When was the last time you ate pizza?
Yesterday! Lol.

5. What was the last song you listened to?
One of the many random songs in a particular black city car.

6. What are you doing right now besides this?
Bumming around in clinic

7. What name do you prefer besides your name?
sooky. hmmm... can't remember how many ppl call me that.

8. Tag 5 people
siao chen, su yen, yeen, kaye and yen.