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1:01 am
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spring- amsterdam/belgium
summer- prague/budapest
winter- spain/portugal
spring- germany+ swiss+austria
summer- denmark+sweden
winter- greece
spring- Poland

gp postings
12:00 pm
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m'sian gp postings: makan, observe consultations, makan, kena grilled until brain becomes chacoal, study handbook feverishly, makan, bergossip about politics , cabut before time ends

uk "primary care" postings: coffee, observe consultation, tea, ask dumb qws to drs, gets complimented by gp dr, tea, listen to nurse joking about strawberry dick sticks, tea, run away

not too different after all

5:10 pm
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i'm being such an emo kid these days.

look ahead, and know that the sun still shines behind those clouds.