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Minggu Pusat Sumber
7:48 pm
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My school's Minggu Pusat Sumber will be kicked into action in aproximately 31 more hours, 3 minutes. The biggest problem is that we, the librarians, have nothing to "lancarkan" We have a 9ft banner made of papyrus, but it's quite flimsy because it's so damn heavy! Thinking of an ingenious way of unveiling the banner was the hardest part. We have came up with a number of ways:

No matter the risk, most of them thought the last option was the best one. I tried reasoning with them but somehow the cartilage of their ears have grown over their ear holes making them deaf to any reason i give them. I have absolutely no idea how are they going to make it work. So many things can go wrong! I prefer the 3rd one since it's the most foolproof.
I guess i'll just have to wait another 30 hours and 40 more minutes to see what happens