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Obviously this isn't 100% accurate. I know there are some that don't speak mandarin but speak super fluent Hokkien or Canto.

Going by the scale.... I'm one step away from being born abroad. hahahahahaha
Ugh. Hp or camera?
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Or camera?

Nokia 5800- released late 2008. Has GPS, wifi, 3.2mp camera, symbian OS
Cost: RM850- RM900

Why? My phone sucks. Resets sporadically.
GPS feature will be really nifty too.
But I still love my phone. Having Windows allows me to install more applications then a symbian OS (i think?). And the phone is still working. Only a little crazy

Canon Powershot G11- near DSLR like pictures, fully manual controls, FREAKING ROCKS (till like 5 months later when more powerful cameras blast into the market)
Cost: RM1700. T_T

why? My olympus sucks. It works well in natural daylight but produces crappy photos indoors. Like blurry and full of noise. I've always complained of the lackluster colors in the photos it produces too.
But I don't know if I would be able to learn how to use all the fabulous functions on the camera. It would be a total waste if I keep using the auto mode. + My dad bought 2 4gb cards of olympus XD cards. gahhhhhh. I would either have to sell them or leave them to waste if I get a new camera.

Broga hill post!!!!!
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Ok, super delayed. But I was bussyyyy. Anyway, it's here now.
I think this trip took place on the 4th of January (thank you dear calender). Me, XX and Kaye went to Broga Hill in Semenyih after much planning (hahahaha. I suggested going there while kaye was still in Singapore and XX in melbourne, but we planned the whole thing in 2 hrs I think)

After a crazy night of meeting at McDs to "plan" the trip, I came home at 12am, only to wake up again at 4am. We set off at 5.30am (surprisingly everyone was pretty on time, considering the bad track record of waking up early everyone has), stopping by McDs again to have breakfast. This is where Kaye exclaimed in amazement, "Whoa, Look at those 2 people who woke up so early to have breakfast in McDs and have full makeup on" (and have messy hair and look pretty dishevelled)
Well, they most probably haven't slept and just came back from a night of clubbing. :D

Anyway, onward bound I drove towards Semenyih. After a slight detour (we got lost) we made it to Broga Hill and horrifyingly, it was pitch black at the start of the track (it was in a palm oil estate). Luckily there were quite a few people going up when we came so we just followed them up. And thank god for Kaye's headlights, which was super bright and also her handphone flashlight. My puny penlight was no match (I couldn't find my torchlight! so had to settle for the penlight. ahahahhaha)

Look how freaking dark it was.

The hike up wasn't easy at all. Me and kaye were huffing and puffing even before we cleared the mini forest. XX was like an energizer bunny. Ish. I think I was the most out of shape though. 

An hour later... and we reached the first peak.
No tripod= blurry pics. The view at the top. Must be about 7.30am here

Few moments later, the sun came up and here you can see the view better.

lol. pic with my olympus. see the picture quality difference? and this is after photoshop :(

Sweaty people. Hahahaha

Sunrise. Well, actually the sun had already risen. It was quite cloudy that day hence the minimal sunlight

I like this shot a lot. Sums up what the broga hill hike was like- stretch of clear cloudy blue skies with sunlight peaking through; lalang; forest; hills and strange rocks jutting out here and there.

Broga hill is famous for these types of shots :D

famous lalang

Track to the next peak. And the lalang

There's altogether 4 peaks I remembered. The first and second gave the best views and camwhore spots. The 4th was the hardest to get to (you have to scale a rock with a rope :/) and usually there's a minor traffic jam there since everybody takes time to scale the rock. And the view there isn't as spectacular. The forest behind the hill obscure most of the view.

I look so happy here. Must be the outpouring of adrenaline that was released while I strained my calf and thigh muscles (crap- was it stapedius? (holy crap. that's a bone in the ear not a muscle! T_T I'm embarrassed to say I'm supposed to be a 3rd year med student. I think even the first years know that) ok. googled it. it's the gastrocnemius (calf) and the quadriceps (thigh)). 

L for Leonard. I remembered we were talking about him suddenly. Leonard, did your ear itched suddenly that early morning?

 Lalang woman
Totally random poses.


I'm on the edge!!!!

Reminds me of the Sound of Music. THE HILLS ARE ALIVE!!

Lala gang. This shot is dedicated to you. HAHAHAHHAA.Plenty of other jump shots but unfortunately most are in xx's camera.

Tracking up to the 3rd peak I think

View on the 3rd peak. Xx was on the phone with his mom. Full bar reception for Maxis, Celcom and Digi (lol. just realized that all of us were using different service provider)

Kaye and her spiderwoman act

Scaling the big rock to reach the last peak of the hill.

Finally reached the top of the 4th peak and sadly, there was a giant rock there and some sad looking banana tree. Xx the crazy dude managed to climb the giant rock (which was really huge and slippery). We took loads of pics there for him cause it was so damn difficult to climb, it should be worth lots of shots.

Him on the top. Highest point of Broga Hill. And he said there wasn't a view up there. Disappointing.

 Modified london bridge?

The sky was looking pretty ominous up there with dark clouds advancing rapidly towards us (I'm not kidding. It was like those cartoon shows where you can see a clump of dark clouds following the cartoon characters) 

 Dark cloud......

We quickly rushed down the 4th peak when it started drizzling a little.

At the 2nd peak, the drizzle begun to slow down and by the time we climbed down the first peak, it already stopped drizzling.
The steep steep climb to the first peak.Or was it the second?

So we took the opportunity to camwhore on the way down to the car. 

The mini forest. Xx looks so sad here

The super dangerous path. Since we hiked up in pitch black, we cincai walked up, following the other hikers. Unbeknownst to us, we were walking right beside a 3-m drop of death. There's no railing or any trees down there to break your fall. Some areas had the rope and tape to warn people of the drop but this area didn't have any. Only when we were returning we noticed how dangerous it was. Scary....

Kaye trying to hook up her hair to the plant, avatar style.

Finally back to the oil plantation where my car was.

Of course there were more pictures. But I'm too lazy to edit them all. In case you were wondering, no, my camera didn't suddenly become super fabulous. Most of the pictures above were from Kaye's DSLR camera. Some are from my sad Olympus camera. But just wondering, can you spot which is the normal digital camera shots and which is dslr? Haven't transfer the pics from XX to me, so no pics from him.

On the way back... while I was busy driving....

... they were camwhoring. lol

We went ahead for karoake later (crazily enough. I forgot to mention that all of us had about 3-4 hrs of sleep only) with Siao Chen.
It was either the post-adrenaline rush, the lack of sleep or the weird tasting drinks they served us in Neway; but we all started becoming crazy. I think this was the first time I've actually sang my lungs out.
We were up in the chairs jumping about while singing too. 

 crazy women.

crazy people.

All in all, it was a great day :D

Since I was in the midst of photoediting, we all had some nice pics that I photoshopped a little to look like a magazine photoshoot. Enjoy :D


Yes. I crapped a lot. Cincai guessed what brand you guys were wearing. Sorry, if i underpriced your items. hahahahhaa.