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8:29 am
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Stole this off the net:
Name: Chin Sook Cheng
Birthday: 12/7/889
Birthplace: Hospital Besar KL
Current Location: Subang Jaya
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Very dark brown
Height: 162cm
Right Handed or Left Handed: Rightie
Your Heritage: Of Hakka descendant
The Shoes You Wore Today:ummm... none(haven't gone out today)
Your Weakness: food... it's irresistible
Your Fears: Cockroaches, caterpillers, enclosed spaces
Your Perfect Pizza: Loads of cheese and meat
Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: Acheive all A1s' in the upcoming SPM
Your Most Overused Phrase On an Instant Messenger: lol, bye
Thoughts First Waking Up: What was I dreaming about?
Your Best Physical Feature: Umm.... my fingers (hahahhaha)
Your Bedtime: anytime from 12am-3am
Pepsi or Coke: Coke (i have no idea why)
McDonald or Burger King: McD (burger king's burgers are soggy)
Single or Group Dates: Single (more privacy i guess)
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate, vanilla is tasteless
Cappuccino or Coffee: Cappucino... the foam is heavenly (too bad i can't take caffeine)
Do You Smoke: Yes... i use my french fries as cigarettes
Do You Shower Daily: yes.. cannot sleep without showering
Do You Want To Get Married: no... i want my money to be mine alone
Do You Belive In Yourself: hmm... sometimes only. I must trust myself more.
Do You Get Motion Sickness: YES! i hate my body
Do You Think You Are Attractive: Nope.. i'm pretty self concious
In the past month have you Smoked: no
In the past month have you been on Drugs: on antibiotics for my sore throat
In the past month have you gone on a Date: with my family
In the past month have you gone to a Mall: yes... 1 utama
In the past month have you eaten Sushi: NOOOO... i demand to eat sushi now!
In the past month have you been on stage: nope... going to be on one soon
In the past month have you been Dumped: nope..
In the past month have you Stole Anything: errr... this is a strange qw. No.
Ever been Drunk: Nope
Ever been Beaten Up: Err... no
Ever Shoplifted: hahaha... yes. Accidentally carried a bag of jap snacks all the way to my mom's car without realising it. I was too malu to go back to the shop to pay for it.. hehehehe
How Do You Want To Die: Painless and quick. Analgesics will work here.
What do you want to be when you Grow Up: I have no freaking idea!!! SOS
What country would you like to Visit : UK, France
Best Clothing Style: Casual and classy
Number Of Drugs I Have Taken: ummm.... 10++ types (all aantibiotics, painkillers, cough medication, for nausea,etc)
Number of CDs I Own: woah... i think 200++ (with my bro of course)
Number Of Piercieng: 2. 1 On each ear
Number Of Tattoos: none.. xcept for those i do with gel pens
Number of things in my Past I Regret: a lot... uncountable


I got the scholarship of rm10000!!!!! But i have to confirm by 11 nov! Oh no!
And registration is like RM1000???? WTF?
me being perasan.
11:56 am
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I cannot tahan... I'm a confessed internet-addict. I cannot do wihout internet for a week or not i will be really grumpy and foul tempered..
Anyway, I googled my name (cause i'm perasan... kuahahhahaha) And i found really interesting stuff... I found janice's blog and i found yi wen's blog (kuahahahahha) I also found out that my name, "sook cheng" seems to be pretty famous. As a "sook cheng" i'm a doctor, a SAM merit recipeint (hahhaa... what were the odds cause i'm planning to study SAM and become a doctor(i think...)) a kind interviewer, girlfriends of many, a famous blogger from Singapore, a BRANDS contest winner. LIM sook cheng seems to be a pretty popular name too.

Anyway, watched DEXTER, a new series by Showtime. It's about a psychotic killer disguised as a normal man with a job working as a blood splatter technician with the police. Oh, and did i mention he has an obssesion about blood? (ooo... very good)
Ratings: 4 out of 5 stars... It's really addictive and fun to watch.
GO WATCH IT NOW! (but i don't think it'll ever reach Malaysian shores since there is too much foul language in it)

Damn scholarship.... Why can't Taylors make us check a database (like NS) to see if we have been shortlisted. By giving us vague lines("we will contact you if you are shortlisted) i really only be more anxious day by day. If they never contact me, i'l be in denial and think that i may have missed their call, or maybe i accidentally gave them the wrong number.... argh... waiting ain't fun
Nana and beyond
8:20 pm
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I just got a dose of 3 episodes of NANA! *squeals in delight!*
I watched episode 22-24 just now and oooo.... the drama is fantastic!!
I love the fighting part in the pub where Shin splashed water onto Takumi's face. Takumi seems like a bitch but somehow I think he really liked hachi in the end (in episode 23) Is kinda sad to see Nana leave the apartment and Nobu being rejected (he should have been more firm with her...keep trying to win her heart!)
I love NANA!!!

Oh anybody know when the next season will be airing?
spoiler end

I read other people's comments on the episodes and I couldn't resist the urge to click on the spoilers... Damn.

Anyway, I think Ai Yazawa's character's are somehow very similar to my character. In Paradise Kiss, Caroline was a high school student who has no dream of her own and didn't know what she wanted for herself. I'm exactly like that too. In NANA, Hachi is very undecisive, naive, easily swayed and she is too.... timid? I'm like that.
Oh no... i must change! Is frightening to see people in the forums dissing hachi so much. Maybe because i'm at the tender young age of 17 with no actual life experience other than knowing how to study?

Anyway, today I went out with xia xun and yen kaye (i spend too much time with them... i'm being influence heavily by them!! (and oh no... they have started appearing with alarming frequency in my dreams!!)) We went to starbucks and redeemed our FREE coffee (ummm... how we got it is a very long winded story) Then, Yen Kaye's sis joined us. So after a while we went to 1 Utama (padini is having sales!!! But they are quite expensive still) and ate cacat japanese food. The Karamen mee is very oily. It felt like eating thick noodles with sambal and lots and lots of oil. AND FREAKING HELL, I PAID RM13.23 FOR IT!!! Never go eat at the Japanese restaurant near Kluang Station in 1Utama. Let the shop gulung tikar!
After that i started feeling pretty sick. I had a migraine and was yawning very often. I think it was the adverse effect of the coffee i drank. Then, we head back to Subang only to land ourself in McD drivethru. There, we didn't study but instead played Sudoku. I still suck at it no matter how many i try! I nearly completed my puzzle but it was too tough for me. Then, we went to Subang Parade to have dinner.

By then, I feel quite nauseous. Haha... luckly i managed to suck it in until i reached home. I crashed and slept for 2 hours straight. Somehow the symptoms got worse (due to the fact that i haven't ate my dinner) and i got tummy ache too. So my symptoms were:
1) migraine (my eyes were soooo painful too.. it was like somebody was trying to squeeze them out from inside my head)
2) tummy ache
3) nausea
4) heart palpitation (definately from the coffee)

What a day. Now i have insomia thanks to NANA
piano blues
4:36 am
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I SO WANT TO PLAY SHISSOU ON THE PIANO (freaking beautiful song!!!)
but i can't play piano well even if you give a million bucks!!!

i can't play fast enough and all the freaking sharps(#) are killing me!
# ### # ### \O/ - omg
# # ### ### -T_
# ## #### -_I -I

In case you can't decipher my drawing... the sharps are well... sharps and the strange thing on the right is me running away :D
This is the real drawing (hahahahha... see the resemblence?)

Shissou (lyrics)
5000 MAIRU hashitte iki wo kirashite
ADORENARIN 100 RITTORU 5 dai subete FURU kadou

Koko made kireba ii darou? Doko made ga OK?
Machi wo irodoru kigi wa moyougae kuri kaeshiteru

Kawari hateta shirosa kawarenai yowasa
Ima koko ni iru jibun wo shinjitai

Nigi te hidari te furikazashite yami wo kiri saite GO!
Itsuwari wa nai ze kakugo kimeteru ze
SUTAATO kitta sono shunkan kara sekai wa hirogaru sa
Mabataki wo kuri kaesu furuku iroaseta
Gaito ni michibikare itsumo no kaerimichi wo yuku

Sabireta machi ni natsukashii kaze ga fuki
Oikaze ni natte senaka osunda

Namida kareru made sono akirame mune ni shimatte STOP!
GOORU wa nai ze ori kaeshi mo nai ze
Kaze wo kitta kakenukeru kagiri nai shissou

Let's return those bitter days hirakete minai ka?
Yume toji kometa PANDORA no hako wo

Sen te go te dochira to te KOMA susumerya banji OK!
Yasundemo ii ze ore wa shitteru ze
Koko made no PROSESU sore ga kimi no akashisa

Nigi te hidari te furikazashite yami wo furi saite GO!
time is ticking
12:53 pm
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The reality of it grips me like a forceful jerk. A blanket of ice covers me, as i remembered how i struggled finishing up my essays and papers. What if i can't finish in time?
I remember the feeling.
The pain in the stomach
The uncontrollable shivering
The loss of thoughts

I must not panic.