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agony in med school
7:27 pm
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still wondering what on earth is going on. I'm a 4th year medical student and I don't know shit.
I can't get my mind to focus, concentrating has never been harder, observation skills are nearing non-existent and I feel like each day I walk into the hospital in 4th year is making me more miserable.

maybe i should think about doing something outside a clinical setting after graduation. maybe that's why I have no preference to any specialty till now. a career in research maybe?

come on now, only 1 more year to go.

Always thought last year I was miserable because I was homesick. Maybe it's just because I'm doing clinical placements. I hope it's just a phase (really sucks to realize you hate the hospital after 4 years. ahhahahahaha). Or maybe I just hate medicine here. Let's see how I get on with electives. At least it would be medicine in a different country altogether.

countdown to exams: 5 more weeks. :(

ps: i know i love being the emokid. ahahhahahaa. i really add pictures of skulls and gore in my blog just to complement the posts.
sad roses

on the other hand, passport is made, sent off to UKBA already so hopefully it'll be back next month. glasses should be arriving this week. and i'm on ICU ward. I HATE PLACEMENTS. 
5:34 pm
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really hope there would be a sharp drop of tourist, students and skilled migrants coming to the UK. maybe then they will rethink their ridiculous visa fees. 

i mean... come on... they charge 15000 gbp for one day visa service. hahahahhahahahahaha. they might as well say they will seize control of all foreign national's bank account. i got a feeling this service will not be used at all.