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third year
10:24 pm
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Finally 3rd year is coming to a close.

Relieved that I passed my exams but the breakdown today just highlights (very glaringly... my flaws shine like a car's high beams during a moonless night) my very weak history taking skills.
And I can't say I'm surprised. My examinations and clinical skills stations were great- no fails at all
History stations are a whole different ball game- 2 bare pass and 2 fails. :(
I really have to stop panicking in front of patients. I still don't feel totally comfortable with the patients and with that I become very tensed leading to total blank out of the mind. Worryingly, it does happen occasionally in the wards. An easy sign to look out for is whether I proceeded with physical examination on the patient as I only perform an examination only if I feel comfortable with the patient. Hahaha... and I can say that it doesn't happen often enough.

I guess I just need more practice. Now that I know my history stations are so weak, I just need to take x10 more histories then the next student. I need to stay calm, focused and confident. the 3 ingredients to a successful osce. hahaha