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haircut again!!
7:46 pm
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i cut my fringe today... Just for the fun of it (and so happen a scissors seems to be nearby)
I sort of cut it lopsided but i don't really bother. Hmm... now i look like i have short hair when i don't
Hehehe.... my short hair

My normal hair! (hahaha... the above pic was photoshopped. I erase my hand that was holding up my hair. That's why the bg looks so weird)
Oh pls ignore the whitish stuff. This is actually a reflection of me.
The Devil Wears Prada
11:07 am
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I just watched the film a few hours ago and I must say, the film is quite entertaining! I especially love the clothes in it. The storyline however is abit cliched (evil boss, pityful worker, pityful worker rebels, happy ending) I have yet to read the orginal book (which was on the New York's bestseller list for 6 months!) but I've heard it's much more boring than the movie.
The clothing in the movie is sooo beautiful! I especially love the dress Andy was wearing when she finally decided to quit her job. The assemble she wore the when she went to Miranda's house was also great! (the part where Miranda told her that she's going to Paris!)
I would now shamelessly show you all the nice dresses/clothing i would love to own (hahahaha)
Oh, photos are of course stolen off the net

These two dresses are amazing! I personally love the one on the right (the gray one) But it is a bit too flamboyant to wear that anywhere around here (hmmm.... maybe as a wedding gown)

lol... later found out that dress i like must have also pleased Kyra Sedgwick since she wore it to the Emmys

These 2 dresses are from versace (i think) I like dresses which ends just above the knee. Then it means that the dress can be worn anywhere!! (very versatile..hehe)
The white dress to the left isn't as nice as the brown one. I like the bow... very cute

Both dresses are alright but I prefer the one on the left.. Stripes doesn't please me that much. The bag on the hip looks wonderful. I like neutral colours i guess

If I have to choose one dress from this page, I would choose the green polka dot one! It looks so nice! But maybe that's because the model wearing it is beautiful and slender. It'll probably look horrendous on me.

White! The one on the left looks gorgeous. It looks quite simple to make too. But the material would probably kill me.

Bags.....From where i downloaded the image from, they were referring to these as "school bags" OMG... my schoolbag is a frumpy, worned out looking backpack. These bags looks like they are only used by celebrities or models. My god.... if i were to use these as school bags, people would think i'm crazy

I'm too lazy to post more photos (not to mention i have a killer headache) Anyway, prom night is coming and i'm still undecided if i should go or not. Most of my classmates are going but most of my friends (the one which i'm with since form 1) are more keen on NOT going...
Awww.... prom is such a great excuse to wear nice clothes and put on makeup. But the ticket price is probably way too much (and i have to buy a dress, get make up done, etc). Most probably will be hanging out with my friends then

know me
4:05 pm
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strange as it seems but...
1:20 pm
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i've never really liked someone before.

Hmmmm.... maybe not that strange after all if i think about it long and hard. But I just feel like the oddball. But then again, many of my friends are not the boyfriend sort of type.

Am I contradicting myself too much?

Anyway, what i mean is that whenever me and my friends play truth or dare (or spin the bottle, whatever you call it) the most popular question is:
"Who do you like?" (hahha... and the others will quickly add in (no family members,must be from opposite sex (or perhaps must the like the "head over heels kind of feeling" blah blah blah)
I usually say nobody. But of course nobody sounds like such an impossible answer to them. Then they would try to force it out of me until 10 minutes later they decide to go on with the game.
My friends usually try to escape the question too... But it's quite easy to tell if they are lying or not. They would hesitate a little before giving their answer (haha... one even blushes so there's no way she will ever suceed in lying!)
I've never been attracted to anybody. Maybe I have but can't identify it cause movies seem to have distorted my definition of love. To me, if you like somebody you should:
1) think of that person 24-7
2) cannot stand being apart from him/her
3) just feel contented by staring at him/her
4) hmm... willingly accept anything he/her gives (eventhough it's a super crappy present)

So far I've never experince these sort of feelings before. And I'm supposed to be a teenager with hormones raging out of control, and a never dying curiosity! Am I normal? Even the most serious looking person has a crush on a movie star/friend/singer/blah blah blah.
Hahaha... maybe I will end up being a spinster one day (or she-bachelor! (bachelor sounds so much cooler than spinster))
Then I'll have more money to spend for myself. And time and energy(wahahahahaha)
Cheers to being single!!! (although i really should be thinking about SPM now)
new look
3:05 pm
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Yay! Finally got new specs! The old one is so battered I really wish i will not need to use them any more!
Got a new haircut too. Not really what i envisioned but i guess it's ok. If only my hair doesn't frizz up all the time! I had to comb and wet my hair to avoid looking like i'm having a mullet. Yeesh... my hair is still damaged. Not only it has split ends, it tangles up really really quick, breaks easily, curved and twisted into every shape and most of them are wavy and uneven. God... a month of no condiotioner and look what happens! Maybe it's because of the exam fever too (not enough sleep, stress and consuming loads of unhealthy food)
Anyway, this is how i look now: (not much difference i know...)

(dang pimple on my cheek... )

Marks have been pouring in day by day and my marks have either not improve or have improve slightly. I guess it's all right for last minute studying.

Have to study soon for SPM too. PMR-ers are sitting for their exam next week already. This is all very nerve wreaking for the form 5's since we know it'll soon be us to go into the Halls of Doom!
I hope we get to be in a class but i guess not.
Yen Kaye's bday
1:57 pm
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It's a few days too late but it's still worth mentioning it in my blog :D
Me, Yen kaye (bday girl) , siao chen, tifanny and xia xun went to Mid Valley to celebrate yen kaye's bday. I got into a bitch fit (which i sincerely apologise to all my friends who had to bear with me...) and was feeling moody all day long...
Things just got from bad to worse when i bought the wrong ticket and had to spent another RM1.20 to retify the mix-up.
After a trip in a crowded train, we finally made it to KL Sentral. Then, thanks to the inefficiency of our public transport, somehow the train got mix up eith the tracks and arrived on the wrong platform. We, who were not informed of the mistake, took the train only to find out we got back to Angkasapuri (going back from where we came from) Luckily xia xun found out soon enough (and so did the other passengers) we got off at Angkasapuri and ran to the other side of the platform cause the other train going back to kl sentral was already there. Unfortunately, the train was jam pack with ppl and siao chen and tifanny were the only ones who managed to squeeze in. Me, xx and yen kaye were left stranded there... and had to ait another 15 mins for the next train. I was still in my silent war against my own thoughts so didn't participate much in the conversation between yen kaye and xx. They were thinking of getting a cab back to kl sentral but it wasn't really wise cause we had to spend more money and had no way of getting out of that station (our tickets were only valid at mid valley) After a few minutes i got bored and started snapping pics. Too lazy to post all of them but anyway:

XX messing up Yen Kaye's hair

Finally the train arrived and we were on the way back to kl sentral. Then we finally reached Mid Valley at 1 pm. Tried to watch a movie but it seems everyone in the whole M'sia decided to watch a movie at MV too. The line stretched all the way into McD and all the movies were reserved. We gave up waiting and decided to have lunch.
Again, we got into a pickle again, trying to decide where to eat. Siao Chen was against anything hot or spicy and didn't feel like eating chicken. Tifanny supported siao chen and was against Japanese food. Xia Xun didn't want anything expensive and thai food (hmmm.... the expensive part he may have said that because of me. I didn't even have rm20 in my purse at that momment)
After a lengthy "argument" we settled for Pizza Hut. Ordered the package for 6. Quite resonable (rm11.20 per person) since we were all so full by the end of our meal. However, we did manage to finish up the entire bottle of cheese provided by Pizza Hut (it was full at the beginning of our meal)

Siao Chen and her cheese covered pizza

Then, me, siao chen and tifanny went to MPH
where we bought Yen Kaye's bday present- The 2 volumes of the Dalemark Quartet by Diana Wynne Jones. I was quite envious of her present (lol.... as i received a cup of apple juice as my bday present from her) Anyway, we made our way to a shoe shop (forgot the name!) where i made Yen Kaye wear this pair of pink stilettos. After laughing and giggling, she actually liked the shoe! Then she tried to make me wear this pair of hideous leopard skin stilettos. Hahahaha.... as soon as i tried it on, I knew there was no way my feet was going to fit inside that (eventhough it was my size) Yen Kaye booed me and tried the shoe herself. Lol.... it looked quite odd on her. She finally agreed it looked quite horrendous.

Then we made our way to Metrojaya. There, we (me and yen kaye) tried on the same evening dress, she in black and I in white. Hahahahhaa.... mine was a bit too big while hers was too small.. I didn't there come out in the open with it... The neckline fell beyond where it supposed to be and my bra could be seen in the open.. Hahaha.... it was quite funny
! Too bad i didn;t see yen kaye. Anyway, it was siao chen's turn to kena from us. We made her wear a skirt and a blouse. The combination was terrible. She looked like she just stepped out from the year 1880. I can even imagine her milking cows in that skirt (it sorta looked like an apron but i think my memory is fooling me)

Then we looked at more clothes but didn't try anything on after that. Tifanny then got tired of our crazy antics and decided to recuperate when we were in Jusco. I went on, trying out a skirt (lol.... the only skirt which looked good on me). I then hid in the changing room (crazy?) and looked through my physics paper again. Was in a foul mood again!
We decided to go back at 5. The train station was as crowded as hell and I was forced to buy a ticket since the lady at the last station didn't give me a pergi balik ticket. I cut my way through the lines of ppl (who have no idea how to use the ticket machine) and got
my ticket fast. The journey back home was without a hiccup and we were home by 6. However, my bitch fit returned and i sorta made a few rude stares and comments. Sorry again to all my friends.

From that day onwards, something changed, though I'm not too sure what. But nothing will be the same again... sigh

Here are some pics of that day:

Tifanny is at her wits end trying to argue with Xia Xun

Some sort of exhibition in Mid Valley
12:44 pm
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I'm so tired of this world. The older I get, the darker it seems.
I hate those who lie so much, you just feel like asking them to shut their piehole and go tell your lies somewhere else.

I have received enough of lies to last me a lifetime.
A Blue post
11:45 am
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The day everybody awaited finally was here.
Exam is finally over.
And I caught a dose of the blues ;(

I catch it whenever there is a birthday around the corner. My friend, yen kaye's bday is on this saturday. I feel down cause it reminds me of my own birthday. I'm not supposed to be sad. I feel so ungrateful. Maybe i am cause i wish i can actually know how much people care about me.

I care about my friends. Since I'm not an expressive person, i show them my care whenever it's their birthday. I think about what to give them, what would be the best present, and i they would like it. Apart from a few special friends, I few that the others are just there with me because they want something for me or because I'm quite pityful looking, being all alone, nobody to talk with.

My birthday was a simple affair. My class friends brought a cake shared with 10+ ppl cause i was sharing the cake with 2 other people. It was a very fast ceremony, cut the cake, eat, leave. So that was my birthday celebration. Sometimes I wonder, if the cake was exclusively for me alone, would they have gotten enough people to cover their expenses for the cake?

2 friends brought me out too. It was a simple affair too. We went to the movies on dutch. Ate lunch dutch and finally when we were going to have dinner, they asked me to choose my own birthday present. I hate to say it but that is like shuffing a RM30 in an envelope. Plus one of my friends kept saying that he got no more money. In the end, hahahahaha, i got a cup of apple juice for my birthday present.

Family pretty much never celebrated any birthdays at all. They have never celebrated mine so I gave up hope on that years ago. Now, I don't expect very much from my family. I prefer not to bother hoping too. Getting all A's? What's the big deal. My brother has done it before. My sister has done it before. So now it's my obligation to be doing it too.

Happy Birthday to Yen Kaye...
There's no such thing as castles in the sky
8:48 am
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There's no such thing as castles in the sky

Today I finished my kertas 3 for both kimia and bio. Hahaha... all the paper 3 got bocor soalan so ALL the form 5 knew exactly what was coming out.
Makes me wonder if SPM will be like this too?
I mean, in my class, rampant copying is still going round and the teachers are all blind!
Students can bring handphone in to the class while the exam is still going on...

Anyway, physics paper left. Again, got bocor soalan
Good for me also lah... No need to study so much

Is this the end?
8:26 am
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Trials are coming to an end... finally. I can finally have the luxury to sleep 6 hours continuously after 1 week of sleeping for only 2-3 hours a day.
I still have modern maths and paper 3 for all the science subjects. I guess it should be okay since i studied all the science subjects already. I just need to brush up cause i never really finish studying bio..(hahahah)
Maths i should be alright with.

Oh well.... 5 more days, 5 more papers