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5:47 pm
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My latest endeavour:
PocketS!!!! (heart. this is my fav pic... camwhore!)
No straps? the weird waistband doesn't show here. must be my position

With straps

Halter style.

the waist band isn't exactly fitted hence the odd shape. But WHATEVER! spent enough time on this.
Ignore the funny bubble hem thing. It was just pinned up so i can see which length it should be.
Oh, ignore opened toilet door and messy messy room and dirty mirror + pissed face and loudy pics

soooo... length: shorter? longer?
straps? no straps? with straps? Or thicker straps?

i so need to do my PBL and study haemato soon
6:33 am
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procrastinating now. supposed to go study haematology. friends already started studying darn it all. haven't even got back the results for our previous summative.

ooo... secret msg.
btw, there's always one thing bothering me since i started uni.
I have no idea why this bothers me so much, i literally feel a weight in my chest each time i think about it.
and it's no help that i have an evil stepmother in my brain constantly pulling me down.
so day to day, i ignore that thing. hence, i always feel that i'm floating by each day. i feel that sometimes, i'm not even there in person. i choose to ignore this so much that i slowly begin to ignore everything.
my group did a sketch about people wearing masks, not showing their true self.

the problem is now, i'm confused with which is my mask and which is my true self?

confusing day for self discovery.

4:28 pm
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done with summative 3


back to lectures.
haematology next.

just met up with yik ming and pei chern. yik ming haven't change one bit. except for the fact she permed her hair.

But meeting up with her has make me realise to appreciate M'sia more.
Apparantly india, where her uni is, has nothing at all. AT ALL
No fast food, no shopping malls, no cinemas. Everything she wants to buy she has to go to town which is a 4 hr bus ride away. Even the dorms don't have a simple grocery shop apparantly. There is only ppl selling veges and stuff pasar malam style outside their building.
And internet is so sucky that youtube don't even loads sometimes.
Oh. and no seafood at all. + the air is so polluted when she touched down in KL she thought, "fresh air"
No entertainment what so ever since all the movies are bollywood style. At least the store owners all know a bit of english.
And their course is horredous. Their end of sem break is only 3 weeks. They get the occasional 2 weeks break in between of their sems sometimes. And they have classes everyday fr mon-sat, 8-3pm each day.

Compared to us in IMU, their life is pretty tough there. We have 2 hrs lecture, the occasional clinical sessions once a week in the morning and PBL sessions once or twice a week. And even if we don't drive, our public transport is pretty good that we can reach mid valley fr IMU in 1 hr at most.

So we should all learn to appreciate little things like this at least.

Oh, but then again, Monash actually supplies paper to their students for printing.
5:45 pm
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fyi, i edited the nicknames. sprayed the personal msg with green so u can't guess whose names i changed.

darn. shud have think of this earlier. at least if i'm on msn i still can drive something into my brain.

oya. observe the tongue twister names
3:54 am
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die die die
just finished cvs :D

respi to go. in 8 days. whoaaa.. smart sooky. stupid sooky.
6:11 pm
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just now, in a moment of craziness, studying cardiac failure drugs, my heart sank a few thousand miles cause i suddenly thought that my exam was this friday.

it's next friday

after i realised that, and breathed a sigh of relief, i quickly realise that it wasn't much of a relieve.

considering i go super fast, the most i can spare for respi system is only 1.5 weeks.
yea... cram 4 weeks of lectures into 1.5 weeks.

way to go sook cheng. you've done it again. dug your own grave each time an exam comes around.
3 hr sleeping a day, here i come.
(sry body, but hopefully since i just recovered from a nasty flu bug, leftover antibodies are still circling around)

progress: faster than before
studying: cardiac failure drugs

rheumatic heart
infective endocarditis
valvular disease
cardiac failure
Disease of arteries, veins and lymphatics
drugs for cardiac failure
anti-lipidemia drugs
lipid metablism
regulation of bp
anatomy of blood vessels

days to finish cvs: asap