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9:40 pm
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prostate is described to be the size of a walnut
ovaries are almonds

i wonder what are peanuts and brazillian nuts
9:52 am
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tak suka laaaaaaaaa.

exam day 1- sucks sucks sucks sucks

When exam starts, happiness level spiking here and there when I feel like I've done well. After exam, it was like... YAYYYYYYY. Then I realize all my mistakes when I met up with my friends. 0_0
Boom... but I still didn't feel that bad cause I thought I shouldn't fail. Talked to friends, ranted... felt a bit better. Didn't study at all because I really couldn't concentrate. Went to bed early only to wake up feeling like crap. 
: /

9:27 pm
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osce made me feel like a dumbo now. i really feel like one cause the stations aren't even that hard. dumbo dumbo dumbo.

dumbo. make me an elephant with gigantic ears so i can fly away
12:34 am
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Few more notes to go then it's time to tackle the Leeds notes. and also... few more days now.

Seriously... the students here are so good with their communication skills, I really do admire them for it.

Word of the day:


hahahhaaa... that's probably what I aspire to be on OSCE day. (which falls next tuesday guys. wish me all the best :D)

on a side note (procrastinating again): I looked through randomly at my past entries. It's amazing how much you forget. Past trips, how close I was to some friends, how childish and whiny I was (actually still am. hahaha. i guess some things just never change) and just how weirdly this blog would know me better than I know myself. Honestly, if this blog is a talking and living person who I pour my heart and feelings and emoness to for the past 5 years, it's the only person in the world who knows me best (including myself). Back to studies now ;)  (btw, sad to note how 70%? of my post are related to study, exam, stress and how I didn't get the results I want. I can foresee problems when I finally don't have to study as often anymore)
Medical mambo jumbo
7:10 pm
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Studying fr imu notes, I realize how freaking confusing some statements can be. Take this for hypothetical example: drug X blocks enzyme Y that inhibits the release of enzyme Z (which stimulates secretion of hormone A). Ok folks.. So the net effect of drug X on hormone A =?
Maths can help decipher this horrible statement.
Drug X blocks enzyme Y (-ve statement)
Enzyme Y inhibits enzyme Z (-ve statement)
Enzyme Z stimulates hormone A  (+Ve statement)

-Ve + -ve = +ve + +ve = +Ve.... Drug x stimulates hormone A! Yay!!

Nerdy moment. Sry

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3:06 am
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looking in from the outside...
it's strange how much we compare our lives with others instead of fully appreciating the ups and downs, the dullness and brightness? of our own lives.
be thankful. i should have that tattooed on my palms.

10:51 pm
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(to finish my placements and pass my exams)
budget calculating
2:15 am
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i dunno... a lot of people have asked how much i spent for my amsterdam/belgium trip.
so here you go: 400 pounds. i know... a bit expensive actually. but it could have been cheaper. here's the rough breakdown:
flight: 55 pounds/return
accommodation: 90 pounds for 4 nights
transport within europe: 65 (then add another 14 because of the missed bus :( )= 79
attractions etc= 65 (could have saved more if you were stingy)
food= 70 for 6 days (again....could have saved more on this. but ah well..)
souvenirs= 40 (total splurge. belgian chocolates T_T. souvenirs tend to add up eventhough it's 2-4 euros here and there. no more buying unnecessary stuff)

so.. if you minus off the souvenirs and 10  from food and 14 from the missed bus... the whole trip only came up to 336 pounds ish. which isn't that bad. i just have to start saving again. my 20 pounds massive grocery shopping is serving me well. my fridge still stocked up with lots of food that can last me another week. so i'm technically surviving on 10pounds/week. not bad eh.