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YES! Finally I can access blogger!!! Couldn't do so since the last time I tried (I think last week)
Just came back from Malacca after celebrating Chinese New Year there...
It was so hot and sticky there and since there wasn't enough room for my parents, me, elder bro + little bro in the small room, me and my elder brother had to sleep in the next room where the fan wasn't working. Luckily there was a table fan there. I had to sleep on blankets also cause there wasn't enough mattresses.

My aunt actually offered us to sleep in her house but it was too much of a hassle to unpack everything and separate the clothes of those sho were going to sleep at my aunt's place. On top of that, my uncle (who is a director of some legal department at BP) had to interview a few new applicants via handphone so anybody staying there has to keep quiet.

So this was what I did during my stay there:
- drink coca cola
- draw
-play computer
- talk to ppl (all conversations nvr last for 5 mins)
-play with cat