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Personally, I believe religion divides people.
Because of religion people discriminate, and somehow just because they think they staunch ppl, they have a right to judge ppl (eg: all those ppl who say gays go to hell. who the heck are they to judge them?) It makes me sick when i heard a class saying that gays are something like "dirty behavior" in their class presentation for LAN (can't remember the exact thing they used but I would be quite offended if i was a gay).

Another stupid thing they say is IF U DUN BELIEVE IN GOD U WILL GO TO HELL. This was written on a christian booklet. If that is so, i bet hell must be extremely populated now. I think there are 1 billion +++++ ppl in this planet who don't believe in god.

What is wrong with this ppl? I'm in no way insulting Christianity. I'm sure the religion itself is good but some ppl twisted the words in the Bible until it sounds so extreme. Same goes for any other religion. Those fake buddhist monks also irks me. Like those monks who go around asking for money in exchange for golden cards. And they try to make the card sound so magical. That is just making use of the religion.

Anyway. my fren wrote about afterlife. So I've got itchy fingers and I wanna talk about afterlife too.
Sooo... what happens in the afterlife?
Many ppl believe there is an afterlife. I guess maybe because they felt so alive when they are alive (sorry... can't find a better word) that they can't believe how could we just cease to exist when we are dead?
I mean, now when we are living and breathing, we can feel so many emotions, hear, see, smell, touch, etc and haveso many thoughts in our head. How can that all just end when we are dead. Souls are one concept. But if that is so, shouldn't it be that all animals have souls as well? So will we have cats, dogs, sheeps in the afterlife?

I'm not really interested in the afterlife. I'll be dead by then. I;m more interested in what happens just before we die. It's sad to think that we will be leaving the world someday. I've always imagined it to be like this:
I'll be prob in a hospital with glaring white lights. Then (preferably) there will be ppl's with me. When the time comes, you just feel very tired, and you feel like sleeping. Then you just fall asleep and nvr wake up again. So there is no afterlife. After that, all your emotions, everything just dies and you will just cease to exist. Like when we are sleeping. When we get up, we usually can't remember a thing that happens when we are asleep. Except in death you will nvr open your eyes again.
If there was such thing as reincarnation, maybe when we open our eyes, it'll be as another being or another human. That'd be cool.

Which then leads me to another weird qw. When did we start remembering? When did we started to be conscious of ourself? I can't remember a thing when I was a baby. I think the earliest I can remember was me looking in a mirror and thinking "oh... this is how i look like. So weird." And that was about 3. So what happened to all the memories before then? Could it be when I was 3 i could remember the time when I was a baby. I don't know. I can't remember.

Heck... I can't remember what I wore last week. What am I talking about?
Trials are over!!!
4:34 pm
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Gahahahahahhaa... i can do all the things that I like now at last without the guilty feeling!
Relieved is the best word to describe what i'm feeling now.
The trials was ok... xcept lots of careless mistakes! (gahhhh.... i think chemistry has the most mistakes!)
Anyway, its time to let down our hairs n go han kai everywhere :D (for the next few days though, after that is like.... study again!)

I must make something during my free time.
Hmmm... another stenciled shirt? I think i shall make something different this time
3:52 am
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i just found out i've been tagged! again!
3:27 am
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lol... good things come when we want them to come.

1. The person who tagged u is?
Yeen yee aka cricetus

2. Ur relationship with him/her is:
friends since............. std 3?

3. 5 impressions u have of him/her:
mature, calm, fun, honest and open minded

4. The most memorable thing he/she has done for u:
lol... this is easy. making me a bday card every year :D Luv u for that ^^

6. If he/she becomes ur lover, u will:
okkkkkkkkkk.... this is damn weird. but i think we will probably start by painting our whole house with graffiti. hahahahhahaha

7. If he/she becomes ur lover, things he/she has to improve on will be:
gahhhh... so hard to think. ummmmm..... financial status. LOL (not that you have to already)

8. If he/she becomes ur enemy, u will:
i'll nvr do the memes she tagged me with. take that yeen

10. The most desirable thing u want to do for him/her now is:
go shopping with her. i mean really really shopping when we both have gold americian express cards and a million dollars in EACH of our acc :D

11. Ur overall impression of him/her is:
damn creative and very grown up. unlike me

12. How u think ppl around u will feel about u:
introverted heartless no emotion girl (ppl say i nvr smile..... lol. ok, my status hasn't reach that bad yet. i still laugh the loudest)

13. The characteristic that u love about urself is:
i'm not a drama queen. only to my parents i am.

14. The characteristic u hate about urself is:
senang kecil hati.

15. The most ideal person u want to be is:
the person who is able to master every skill there is available. i'm like the jack of all trades but master of none.

16. For ppl that care and like u, say something to them:
thx for being able to withstand my character for the period of time you have known me (with my up and down, unpredictable mood. do you all know i get mood swings but happen quite rarely)

ok... i'm no longer going to name ppl. after that they spam my tag box calling me a slave driver for piling on questionnaires for them to do each time.
so who ever who wanna do, feel free to do it


capital punishment
7:10 pm
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this year, thanks to SAM I had a lot of things to think about.
For all of our subjects (xcept maths and physics) we had to pick an ethical issue and pick which side we will be on. (hmmm... i did blogging for esl so i guess that didn't count).
But ESL had this horrible oral test. and the topic was capital punishment! It's been a hotly debated issue of whether we shud place murderers in prison cells till they rot and die in their tiny cages or just chop their heads off.
I say we chop their heads off. Actually, imprisonment for life is far more torturous. When we imprison them, we should make them go crazy. Make them stare at the picture of the victims they murder everyday. threatened to kill them everyday. See.... isn't more painful to them. By the time we are done with them, they will be begging to be killed.

Anyway, that was a bit off topic. What i wanted to say, we should apply capital punishment for other crimes. Like rape.
Supporters of capital punishment says that it has a deterrent effect. But deterrent effect only works for crimes which need logical thinking.
So rape is a suitable crime to apply the death penalty. Rapist aren't the type who rape ppl because they are angry (in murder cases, i can understand if someone is so angry they accidentally kill them because they were blinded by rape.)
Rapists rape ppl after observing their victims, watching them and targeting them. They do it after watching too much porn. They do it with a clear head. They do it because they think they can get away with it (that's y they need to select their victims. they choose those that won't tell)
So maybe if we electrocute someone for raping, maybe the other perverts will think twice before raping a girl. In rape cases also, the rapist can be identified from semen samples so there whould be a low chance of killing the wrong guy.
Killing rapists can also be a good way to test the actual deterrent effect of capital punishment.
Government can always kill a few rapists and see if the number of rape cases go down. probably the number of molestation and indecent acts will also go down.

The human rights group will probably make a big fuss over it but if u think about it, is a rapist's life more precious than a girl's dignity? All human life are precious but some behaves like animals (and worse) so should we consider them humans when they don't consider themselves to be one?
The rape trauma is terrible, and with the social stigma over the matter, I think all rapists deserve to die and the punishment is fair.

That's my thoughts over the matter. Sigh, if i rule a country, this is the first rule i'm going to implement.
tagged again :D
6:24 pm
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1. The tag victim has to come up with 8 different points about his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there is NO need to do this again.
5. Lastly, and most importantly, HAVE FUN DOING IT.

8 different points about my perfect lover (male, for those that have doubts.. lol):
a) cas$h! hahahahahhahaaha. ok... i'm not that materialistic but he must not be some homeless/jobless jerk who lies around doing nothing. in short, he must be at least somewhat ambitious (but not in the daydreamer kind of way (eg: dreaming to be as rich as bill gates with a 9-5 job.)
b) respects woman. [ i will punch up any guy whom i know whistles/ harass woman/ objectify woman. (maybe not punch up but prob give him my look of utter disgust, take his photo and paste it in every forum/blog i know of so that ppl will know he is a sexual predator) ]
c) funny. sense of humor is always good.
d) taller than me? (easily achieved)
e) love animals. more specifically, domestic animals. (like my cat :D) cause i prob will own my own cat/dog if i ever get a place to stay away from home
f) does not smoke/do drugs. like duh.
g) will not cheat on me. again, duh.
h)obviously, he prob have to like me.

i probably won't mind him being: caring, considerate, generous, (insert every moral value u learn in form4-5 here) and hot but that'd be too much to ask for XD
lol... i bet there are hardly any guys that have the 8 things I listed already. for those that haven't notice, i kind of look down on man nowadays. (somehow friends don't include. they are like a diff species! so don't get offended. (but my friends are mostly females:D))

And my victims are
1) siao chen (top of the list!)
2) yeen
3) sabrina
4) alyssa
5) lisa (if u even read this.. lol)

not enough for 8. oh well.
3:50 pm
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meme are so cool... i wish more ppl tagged me cause i love doing nonsensical stuff :)

tagged by: yeen

10 people you love. (excluding family members. Random order)
friends i guess:
- yen kaye
-chirunu chan
- yuki chan
- x2
- siao chen
-hui xian
-oya... milo
-so little friends.... sad sad person ;(. i guess the last person i love the most is myself :D

10 things you want to do before you die along the way.
-do bungee jumping
-travel the world
-buy everything that i want - house, car, and lots lots of rubbish
-get a job i really love and like
-go to jap buffet
-learn chinese (mandarin) and learn to speak jap fluently
-learn to drive PROPERLY... hahahahahha
-repay my parents (see... i'm such a loving daughter)
-maybe go scuba diving
-oya... must learn to swim first. n cycle T_T

10 things you cannot live without.
-parents (money tree... ahahhaa... jk)
-computer + 10000 games
-pen and paper
-my limbs + 5 senses.... oh wait... my 6 senses.. hahahahahaa
-comedy shows! my scrubs, greys anatomy..... some anime?
-my house

10 bad habits.
-leaving my plate and cups everywhere
-leaving my notes everywhere
-watching tv while studying
-bathing at ridiculous hours
-watching series/ anime 10 episodes at a time
-leaving my specs everywhere
-chatting on msn when i shud be studying. or writing my blog
-sleeping in class
-going late to class
-leaving my charger on

the list goes on and on

10 attitudes that turns you off
-rude ppl. like those that push u n not look back to apologize. or shopkeepers who snatch back items from your hand when u decide not to buy the item.
-perverts. enuff said
-ppl who take things withour permission. like my brother
-annoying ppl who won't stop talking eventhough u show that u aren't interested. like those sales ppl. NO MEANS NO for goodness sake!
-spitting ppl.
-ppl who break promises. me included :P
-those a$$hole contruction workers who like whistle to every being that has boobs and an ass who walk pass. as long as they see humps on the front and back they have somekind of super reflex which they can't control. its like they have a direct pathway from their eyes to their mouth causing unwanted response of forming an o in the mouth and pushing air through it producing an annoying sound which females respond to curse under their breath and imagine the wrongdoers dying in a most terrible way.
-those irresponsible ppl who borrow things and return them in BAD condition! if u damage the item u borrow, tell the owner and at least offer to pay the owner.

10 words to describe yourself. (5 good and 5 bad)

Good: curious, kiasu (lol... good in the eyes of my parents), hardworking, always tak mau susahkan ppl, caring?
Bad: procrastinator,lazy, shy, a cynical person, irresponsible

10 favourite bands.
- fall out boys
-maroon 5
- artic monkeys
- evanescence
-orange range
-ran out of bands.... so i guess shakira
- gwen stefani
- kt tunstall

10 most prized possessions.
- my desktop (previously my bro;s)
- my PDA phone :D
- my hands
- my mountain of old drawings
- my digi cam
- my knowledge
- my "maruah diri" (i just remembered the english word: dignity)
- my car
- my cat
- whatever skill i have la.

tag: sab, slyth, alys, anybody who are bored or just dun wanna study :)
tell me if u have done it cause i'll be sure t0 read it :D
Sick+ exams = die
5:13 pm
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I'm sick!!!
Boo hoo.... useless body.
This is the 2nd time I'm sick this year! And its the same old disease- common cold.
Cough and running nose. The worst is the grogginess
Terrible, terrible

I can't study for trials (at snail's pace) and I can't concentrate in class!!
Tomorrow is my maths test and moral finals and I wonder how am I gonna fare... Today while doing maths I was like so damn blurrrr I kept pausing and think "eh... what was I thinking just now? I thought of the answer but I forgot already.... hmmm... the sky seems blue today"
Stupid brain. The virus must have caused the part of my brain used for daydreaming to expand and take over my left side of the brain (used for thinking and etc) I also seemed a bit gila. Keep doing rubbish in class and my mouth also produce alot of rubbish.
Have to sleep now.
Hey... u know, I can type with my eyes closed!!! Like how I just typed this sentence!!!
WOW... no mistakes at all!!!
let's try,,,, roayd I went to college with my eues closed and I sisn't trups...
awww... lost the power already. the sentence supposed to be: I went to college with eyes closed but I didn't trip.

G bye... n wish me luck for tomorrow's (or shud I say today... ahhahaha) test and next week's trials.
6:37 pm
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Oh well, its that time again!

Next week I have my maths test and a DI (directive investigation? cannot remember what its supposed to stand for) Creative writing assignment is also up this or next week.
Next, also have chem practical to do this week... @_@
Worst of all is the trials after next week starting with maths

All this and I haven't study yet!!!! OMG!!!
Looks like midnight studying is inevitable

Sigh... when will I learn not to study at the 11th hour....

After that I have physics presentation to do then it's the finals!!
Wheee......................... TT_TT
Me in 2 weeks time.. with some clothes on of course. And more hair. and glasses. hahaha and i won't look half as cute.