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stupid scholars
11:53 am
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it irritates me to see how irresponsible some scholars are. JPA, MARA, whatever.
abuse of the gov's scholarship is so rampant... it's irritating me. Doing a course which is filled to the brim with scholarship holders and each are spending at least RM1 million of tax payer's money, you see all kinds of stupidity.
Take for example a fellow batchmate's fb status posted up a few moments ago:

Thanx JPA....I'll take time to savour this moment!!! Erm, money smell so good!!!

a kind friend reminded him about his duties at the end...
 indeed ur serves to d country would b more than d reward :)to which he replied:
 Bro, I dont know whether I'll serve M'sia first, Aussie has better reward prospect, big money will be priority bro.
WOW... like how dumb can a person be? he has so many friends on fb which are privately sponsored because they are unable to get a scholarship to study medicine and many had to stay in Seremban to continue their clinical studies because they don't have the cash to study overseas. I mean... when I was in primary school, we were told to be discreet while eating or drinking during puasa time. When we, the non-muslims. wanted to drink water in class.. we had to go out from the classroom and squat down, hiding below the windows, in order to drink some water. I understand that in primary school... maybe we had to do that because our muslim classmates just started learning how to fast. Why can't this idiot practice some sort of discretion instead? Everyone knows about how scholars never come back to the country to practice. Everyone knows how disproportionate JPA allowance is. Many can actually save so much money each month from their allowance, they can go on bi/tri-annual trips to Europe and still buy a ticket back to Malaysia every year. But they should practice a bit of discretion so their blatant abuse of the system is not so "in your face".

And the worst thing....I honestly think that government doesn't give a 2 rat's ass about it. And that's MORE irritating.  
12:07 am
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i'm slightly disturbed by your comments. yes, you: yeen and joanne.
i was contemplating if i should write this down, if i will offend both of you. but anyway, most likely you 2 are the only regular readers on my page so wat the heck.

honestly la, one of you is a friend i've known for the longest time and another is one of my closest friends currently.
not sure if the comments were a poke at teasing me or if it was just a one off thought.
and yes, to address your question, what's with the sudden vanity?
didn't you know i always obsessed about the way i look? HAHAHA. with the camwhoring and what not. heck... i think most of us will be self obsessed with our looks at one point or another. there will be times where we feel slightly insecure about our looks. for me, i've always been insecure about how i look. that's why i hated being in photos (note the past tense. i have to thank xia xun for helping me overcome my fear of being in photos. such a stupid fear to begin with). that's partly why i have such low self esteem. so yes, your one off comments about me being vain has opened a bag of worms.
btw, the definition of vain: 1. Having or showing an excessively high opinion of one's appearance, abilities, or worth.
- google, 2011

I guess you could say that I was being vain since I was fishing for compliments over my photoshop skill. sorry la if I misinterpreted your comment as me being vain about my appearance.

and when i posted that entry, i really wasn't thinking much other than how "untouched" the photo looked eventhough i did so much rubbish to it. and about why i even decide to photoshop that photo:
i am editing over 100+ pics for my amsterdam and belgium trip, basically adjusting the color balance and sharpness of each photo. i do this for photos on trips i care about. i honestly got so damn bored doing the same thing over and over again and i was irritated on how my shirt was riding up my waist. one thing led to another, as I for one can always see imperfection in how I look. geetha kena photoshop cause she would have looked distorted if i didn't. just a case of being in the wrong photo at that time. hahahahhaa.

anyway, just wrote this to get it off my chest. cheers

ps: btw.. the random photo up there was photoshopped. not my best work unfortunately but still okla. i think u can figure out what the original photo looks like. awesome or not?

pps: yes. the trip was awesome and i had fun :D

ppps: friends forever :D i'm just defending my previous entry as not being vain. not taking a stab at both of you

pppps: thoughts and comments pls. kthxbye
8:21 pm
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my photoshop too cun edi.

original (i tweaked the colours cause wanted to post this up on fb):

one thing that i realise after doing this for... years: make a person thinner or get rid of lumps by getting rid of shadows or adding shadows to define something. and it's so easily done in photoshop. how nice if it was this easy real life
can you figure out what I modified?
highlight below to find out:
1. our fats. lol. duh. squished us together to make us "slimmer"
2. i made us taller. hehehehhehehee
3. i didn't like how my shirt was riding up my waist :)
4. made our legs "slimmer". squishing together in 1. only works for overall body size. had to tweak the legs individually

12:19 pm
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regrets. and things learnt during my short trip

1. I regret not taking more photos while on trips. who cares if i look like a fool taking a photograph of the drains in Europe?

2. I regret not writing down my experiences at least on my smart phone. so many things forgotten already

3. I regret overplanning and worrying too much. Overplanning- not good. It's good to chill

4. I regret not getting that phrase book. darn it. and not speaking my broken french (merci! pardon!) in brussels. i'm so obviously a tourist,i can be excused for mispronunciation (unlike speaking mandarin. that's just plain embarrassing).

5. I regret not making use of the opportunity to get to know the locals when i was actually staying with one. not everyone is out to get you, despite being brought up thinking like that. a random guy who helped us find our way isn't planning to kill you when he ask how long we are staying here for.

6. who we travel with is important. the trip was good but I felt unsatisfied. sure i was tired, but i would have rather traveled another 15 minutes to see another highlight of the city. sure i was budgeting, but i would have spent an extra 6 euros to climb the tower to see the panorama of the whole city. sure i loved taking photos of people and myself but i also like to take photos of the buildings and local atmosphere

7. Punctuality is key. Wear a damn watch next time sooky

8. Bring a larger padlock.

9. Make use of stopovers, even if it's just for a few hours

10. don't bother bringing books (or a book in fact.. unless you're travelling alone/in pairs and foresee a lot of waiting around) especially when the trip is < 1 week. only made my shoulders ached. 
Random shots
12:12 am
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Photos from the past 2 months

break is here
3:29 am
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amsterdam :D

this last week has truly been stressful. stupid placement. i hate it so much
Pivotal period
8:01 am
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Every 3 Months:
1. I finish a bottle of shower gel and shampoo.
2. I do a massive grocery shopping (by massive, I mean the bill comes up to £15++)
3. I do a spring cleaning
4. I receive my banking statements and recalculate my budgeting
5. My mood takes a dive and I go crazy
6. Thus I have to leave the country. So thank god there's a holiday roughly 3 months apart

Can't wait for these 2 days to pass

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11:20 pm
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do you know what is stupid?

this is stupid: to know that this object is important and that you'll definitely need it again sometime in the future so you decide to store it in a super secure place until you can't remember where you've placed it when that time of need arises. 


the object is my spare watch battery (no more calculating pulse rates for these 2 days) and my resealable transparent bags (to bring liquids into an aircraft)

101 Things you didn't know about britain (specific to Yorkshire )
8:39 am
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I'm sure it won't reach 101. But 101 seems like the cliche number to use.
So here we go:
1. Thank you= cheers or "ta"
2. Everyone holds the doors open for everyone. Likewise, you should do the same. I guess I don't notice this much in M'sia cause all the doors here are automatic doors or we just leave the doors opened since it's so darn hot in the room anyway. All the doors here in uk are insulated and heavy and closes automatically to prevent the cold from coming into the room. Which brings me to my next point:
3. When you come across a door, PUSH/PULL HARD! Quite a few times I've stood there like an idiot cause I thought the doors are locked. Then an old lady comes an pull open the door. :-S Doesn't help that there are super strong winds outside
4. You can jaywalk here. With caution.
5. Cars actually stop for pedestrians at zebra crossing. Well, they are meant to but you know... In m'sia they will just honk and give u the dirty look when you do that.
6. Everything can be bought online :D pots, pans, cups, books. Plus... If you search hard enough, it's usually cheaper
7. The sad fact that everything closes at 6pm is TRUE :'(
8. The Sun really does affect your mood. Winter blues are real unfortunately
9. When you come here, you'll go looking for the Sun, Caucasian or not. Cause it's soooo cold, standing in the Sun really makes you warmer
10. They're not really creative with names here. There is a hundred Church Lanes, Hyde park, burley road, all over UK.
11. When finding for an address, the road name is the least important. Get the postcode right. The postcode is extremely specific: my flat has 2 postcodes depending on what floor you're living on.
12. Lambs are as cute as they appear in photos.
13. There are no bugs here. Have yet to spot a 6/4 legged creature. Maybe I'll change my mind when summer is nearer
14. KL seems like a futuristic City compared to most cities here ( well.. Apart fr London) there's not many highrise buildings here. Apparently, towns are not allowed to build buildings that are higher than the church's belltower.
15. It's always grey here. Darn clouds. The Sun is like Houdini
16. Winds can knock you off your feet. Literally
17. Blanket= duvet
18. There's no such thing as bolsters here
19. Everything is counted in ounces, stones and miles. Sucks for us :(
20. Walking 1km is a "short walk" away. We m'sians are quite lazy. So don't be deceived especially when booking accommodations
21. When a person ask if you would like another cup of tea, it's your cue to leave ( a friend told me this)
22. People here do drink a lot of tea
23. People here drink their tea and coffee and tea without sugar. :O just milk
24. Time is told in a different way here. It's not "ten thirty", its "half ten". Or "quarter to 12". Worst is when they say "10 past". They expect you to know the hour. Maybe it's to do with wearing analogue watches. Hardly seen anyone with a digital watch.
25. Common greeting here is "heya, you alright?" in manglish, it means "ello". Hahaha. It's not necessary to answer the qw
26. Everyone calls you "love". Boys call boys that, girls call girls that. Doesn't matter
27. Use terms like "brilliant", "excellent", "great", "fantastic" liberally during history taking/ examination.

I've ran out. Will add more when I think of the rest. Hahaha

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