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1:18 pm
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See this black string? It's no normal black string... it's

So you might ask "what was i gonna do with the black string?"
Well, you could:
1. Use it as a hairband:
(and you can tie it across your forehead to look like a Street Fighter character)

2. Use it as a skinny scarf

tadah!! not bad le... (excuse the pants. those are my sleeping pants)

3. Disguse as a waiter:
Forgot to wear the vest tho.

4.Use it as a skinny tie:
(Lol. i was actually trying to find a paperclip to hold the tie together like a necktie pin (is there a proper terminology for that thing?) too bad couldn't find any.)

5. Use it to look like gangster/emo/goth girl

6. Use it as a belt of some sort

Also useful for:
7. First aid emergencies! (use it to make a sling! or to tie newspaper/cardboard to stabilize a broken leg

8. As a weapon! Strangulate people. Or wet the cloth and use it to whack people.

9.To kidnap people! Can be used as a gag or as a handcuff

10. And finally.... to save yourself from a burning building or to escape from prison. just tie it to a sturdy structure and slide down!

Only USD450.

(Well.. i made that string today using the thin straps i was contemplating to use for my pinafore last time. i sewed those 2 together and voila! oh, the actual use is actually as a belt. my lameness has reached new heights. so is my knack for procrastinating)