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birthday gifts
7:02 pm
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i'm bored of studying.

i was thinking what sort of things I would like for my birthday. i keep having a headache over what to buy for people's birthday. yes, it would be nice to know that your friend has gotten you something you want eventhough it wasn't explicitly mentioned. it shows that your friend has known you long enough to know what kind of person you are, what you like/dislike and your innermost feelings. blah blah blah... this is why men think women are so confusing. we expect others to be so sensitive to our needs and wants, it's almost telepathy.

i think psychics must be great gift givers.... i wanna be friends with a psychic now.

well... most of the time, i'm not sure if it's just me, but i think my birthday gifts tend to miss the mark.
to be fair, i think most birthday gifts miss the mark. yes, they are nice and great but not something they really want. i think only gifts that cost $10,000 upwards are universally accepted great gifts (a car, house, really expensive bag, real jewellery)

hence, the practical approach: a practical written birthday wishlist. everyone should have this.

this is mine:
1. coffee press. gahhh... the things i could do with this.
2. kitchen scale. man.... no more converting nonsense. why can't the world be more standardized
3. travel mug/thermos. the times when i have to leave my coffee sitting pretty on my table when i'm rushing
4. baking stuff. c'mon...all i have is a standard cake tin and muffin tray. any other trays/tins/utensils are welcomed!
5. scarfs. love them. but just too cheap to buy them. paying money for a long piece of cloth... no way
6. watch. in need of one. too cheap to buy one to replace my missing casio ;(
7. socks. lol. especially longer socks for boots. my primarks keep rolling down into my boots ;(
8. nail polish. likewise, too cheap to buy more. i hv to wait at the clearance section each time
9. headphones. only have my apple headphones. someone kind enough to get me a good pair?
10. slightly difficult but this is one that I would hv to buy myself once I find one that's 10ish quid: a nice casual jacket. my spring/autumn jacket is just sad. patched it up a few times and there's still mysterious tears appearing.

back to studying....