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2 more to go
12:26 am
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few more weeks till finals. which is terrifying. I ought to be studying a bit more now, considering i've only just done CVS.

respi in 2 days perhaps?

this placement in orthopaedics is really chilled. I ought to be more proactive and try to go into the wards more often but I'm just really not bothered.

Can't believe it's just a few more weeks to the end of med school. all this madness is coming to an end. only to herald in a new sort of madness. well, i'll definitely will still need this outlet to vent. can't imagine actually getting paid to do the things we are already doing. And I guess being responsible for it as well.

Can't site the cannula?
Too bad sucker, you're the only one with "dr" on their badge at the moment.

Patient mewsing at 3?
Hahaha.. i'll be shitting my pants even if the patient was complaining of a headache during an on-call


volunteered as a simulated patient for the 3rd years today as well. Gosh... reminds me of the times where I can't even get the order of my history taking right. I had to spell out socrates whilst now it (usually) comes naturally. I remember being amazed when the FY1 told me that socrates will just come naturally in your line of questioning. I understand now. Medicine is just practice practice practice.
it sort of reassures me I did improve somewhat. I still am quite adamant that I was smarter back in 3rd year. I probably would pass the 5th year written exams as my 3rd year self, or even better, my pre-sem 5 self.

brain.... please retain this information I'm feeding you now. I need it for real now.... not for some dumbass white paper