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3:21 am
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I need to get smarter.

My groupmates are wayyyy too smart and I appear extremely stupid now when they keep answering all the questions.

I need to get more guts as well to be more vocal. Sometimes I feel like strangling them and asking them to shut up when they keep answering first. It's now like a bloody competition as to who can make the first (and loudest) noise to get the tutor's attention just so to let them know you're going to answer the question.
any noise is acceptable, ranging from "let's see" to "well...." to "ahh" to "ERMMMM" to "HMMMMMM

is it annoying? yes.
doesn't help when one of your groupmates is extremely smart and can quote studies. I repeat... QUOTE STUDIES AND NUMBERS. he knows more than the doctors in some occasions.
and he gets all the attention. I was so damn annoyed with this tutor that was meant to teach us and mid-way, the tables got turned round and my groupmate was teaching the tutor on random studies while the rest of us just stared. wow... great tutoring skills. I mean, there's nothing wrong with learning from a student but what annoyed me was that she could just completely forget there were other students she was meant to teach and just focused on that groupmate alone.

and yeah... it annoys me that he gets all the attention. every question suddenly feels like its directed to him alone and it feels like i'm sitting in on a private discussion between him and the doctor. another groupmate has mastered the making a noise competition so she get's some attention too. so that just leaves me and one more groupmate looking like complete dungus with some sort of language barrier. thanks so much guys.

crap it. i just need to get my degree.

the most annoying part... he is nice. just too damn smart.