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hate weird qws
2:27 pm
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only in anaesthetics i get dumbfounded by questions where the answer should be obvious.

reminds me of the time in IMU where majority of the students couldn't answer "what is stress?" . ironically, i think all of us felt like pulling our hairs when we saw that qw.

fastforward 2 years and again i'm encountering qws like this.
what is pain? (ARGHGHGHGHGHG.. fav qw of the anaesthetist)
what is anaesthesia?
what is the importance of airway assessment? (duh... so we can get adequate o2???????? but i can bet the answer would be more "medical sounding")
why treat pain?
the effects of heart disease during anaesthesia. ugh. i only could muster up a feeble answer of "reduced cardiac function"

i feel these questions are like asking why is the sky blue? why do we breath oxygen? why do we have fingers? what is wind? what is space?

maybe i'm just dumb.

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