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DR. Computer, M.D.
2:44 am
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I think it's entirely possible for a computer with AI to be a doctor.
Seriously... medical students are not smart. Well at least that's what I think. Some of course are genuinely smart but to pass the exams, all you need is a gigantic memory capacity and some simple application skills.
A computer can have boundless memory capacity.
Computers can be taught to apply concepts into practice.

Other than that, most good doctors become good with years of experience. They know what they are dealing with when the patient tells them their story and they examine.
All these are all pattern recognition. Patient with long standing cough, night sweats, weight loss, contact with developing country= TB! the combination of these factors points to TB.
If you change one factor, let say cut off developing country contact and exchange with a long standing smoking history= LUNG CANCER.

seriously... if a program can be created to input all these parameters and the computer can be intelligent enough to learn as it goes along as well (learning new patterns, learning to put them into practice, learning which cases are just extremely rare) it can beat any doctor out there. Best of all... computers don't really have an expiry date. Doctors just become better as they become more experienced. Imagine that... a computer with 50 years of clinical experience and a never ending memory.... should be pretty awesome in clinical medicine.

with full body imaging etc as well... the computer can just take that into account and produce a bloody diagnosis.

edit: case in point:

soon... we'll all be jobless :( maybe i can be the computer's technician. lol