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immigration... why can't you go away
11:51 pm
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stupid robber. why can't he send me back my passport.
i hate him.

now ukba is being asses. i'm being an ass.
this is so much headache.. my head is about to explode.

sounds like a poem

anyway, i'm stuck. i'm totally stuck in this situation which seems to be getting stupider by the day.
i need my passport to go back to malaysia but it's with the uk visa ppl who has yet to start processing my application. i've paid 220 pounds which i stand to lose if i request for the return of my documents. on top of that, i still have to get my visa sorted out when i go back to malaysia and pay another 290 pounds.
bloody immigration

if i just leave it with them, i'll burn my 500 pounds ticket back to malaysia and i won't be doing my electives. such awesome options. i can't even change my flight dates since it's like a domino effect; changing my flight back to m'sia means i have to change my flight to india which would compromise my electives.

so i should request back for my documents right?
burn 510 pounds instead of losing 680 pounds worth of flight tickets and fees and lose out on my elective experience. but then again, people are saying there MIGHT be time for my passport to be returned to me on time.

can someone just tell me what to do?