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hahaha, looking at some friend's photos, I realize how going to IMU has impacted their life quite a bit. I mean, yeah, going to IMU means surrendering your life to medicine forever. and ever. and ever.
but lots of my buddies from IMU (lol. more like ALL) have somehow found their partners in within the batch. so hey, going to IMU was a good investment. ahahahahahhaa. pay the ridiculous fees in exchange for your potential life partner.

not too sure what the point of this post is. but erm yea.... feel happy for people who have gotten together. I think everyone is a great catch. ahhahaa. and potential doctors. +100 points in the eyes of mother/father in laws. lol. just hope i get to attend their potential weddings (not sure, but i get a feeling that some of u still stalk my blog :P no pressure yea) cause some of them look pretty darn serious. and hey, the peak time for all weddings occur is i think 2-4 yrs after graduation when ppl have more or less secure a job as a doctor somewhere and have an idea of where and who they want to settle down with (not to mention by then we would be nearing 30; pressure from asian parents, aunties, uncles, cousins who are married, siblings who are married, etc will make any strong man/woman crumble)
i must drop more heavy hints after graduation so i would be included in the wedding guest list XD

onwards to more serious matters:

i think i'm swaying towards radiology. my brother pushed me to do a radiology research project and I sort of did it just to try it out. and hey, the lifestyle of a radiologist is pretty awesome. not to mention i get to play with big gadgets (lol... i'm a geek already so that's one pre-requisite fulfilled) and interventional radiologist get to do "surgery" like procedures. we don't hold a scapel but we do shit like put a balloon/filters/mesh in arteries etc. that's quite cool. and we get to dabble in oncology stuff.
(not to mention my research tutor is like... THE BEST. he makes me feel bad all the time for being such a lousy med student. and don't want to let him down so I'm always nervous doing any SSC related project with the fear of screwing it up and letting him down! goshhhhh.. lucky i'm not the only weirdo feeling like this. another of my friend is having some man-crush on his tutor as well. hahahahahaha. we have drs who are too nice to us!)
not too sure how i feel about looking at MRIs and CTs tho... right now, I still can't see subtle changes in CXR, what more MRIs and CTs with their multi image splicing, etc.

ah well... let's just graduate from med school first