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8:51 pm
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have to go to the dentist tomorrow.

i have dental caries. ah... the embarrassment. i'm not sure which is more distressing, the fact that
1) i have dental caries at freaking 22 years old
2) i'm a med student who can't even take care of her own dental hygiene
3) my tooth has died and has been sent to tooth heaven (much to my surprise (and annoyance, doesn't help that i have an obsession when something is not "right") lo and behold... a darn hole. how that slipped past me is beyond me. i think the nerves must hv died a long time ago)

it's like... getting diagnosed with copd. or obesity. or head lice/scabies/ parasitic infections that come from unhygienic practices. i wonder if dentist/dental students ever have caries?

i guess i had it coming. i can't even think of when was the last time i visited a dentist.

and i've never had problems with caries. this will be my first filling of my life T.T

then again, my years from 9-15 yrs old i visited the dentist regularly for orthodontic treatment. subsequently after that i was followed up for 2? years. then i think i didn't bother going anymore.

darn. now i can't stop thinking about it. can't wait to go to the dentist and just get it all sorted out.
i hope it works that way in the nhs? crap it if i have to make more appointments just to get a filling, then get the sealants, then to get it scaled.

bahhhhh. :(

i feel like i've let down my dental friends