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back in leeds after 8 days of travelling round Turkey, 1 day in London and 3 days with my bro at Wakefield (a city 15 mins away from Leeds)
Spent the last 3 days just bumming around and playing xbox. and I'll be spending NYE just chilling with a friend probably.
Life is good.

apart from an annoying hsemate.

(but let's not let her get in the way)

so today is the last day of 2011. in reality, the first day of the new year is like every other day (and so are every single day before and after that). the only difference is that i must remember to write "12" at the end of dates rather than "11". and i should refer "this year" as 2012.

it is a good time to reflect however. how different i feel compared to last new year's eve. and i'm on a completely different continent too (haha... last time i was back in m'sia for winter and ranting about how dreadful 2011 would be since i was due to fly back in a few day's time at that point)

let's see... what happened in 2011?
Jan- back from winter holidays in a very depressed mood. work picked up, and i didn't have much time to concentrate on anything else. i think it was my GP placement. learnt to hate the GP setting and learned that I'm better suited for a hospital placement. Passed my BLS exam finally!

Feb- datelines for everything. had that random snowfall during a surgical conference. busy busy busy.

March- mock osce and became depressed due to a disappointing tutor assessment. starting of surgical placements and was frustrated with the whole placement since i didn't manage to watch ANY surgeries. save for a masectomy.

April- a much needed break to Netherlands/Belgium. took in the sights of the keukenhof, a huge tulip garden, windmills, the mannekin pis!

may- studying like crazy and sat for my exams. started my lab research project which was sadly unfruitful.

june- PASSED!

july- flew back to M'sia for sunshine and fun. went to Penang with family and Sg with friends :D

August- met up with more people and had plenty of fun. even had time to make pineapple cookies to bring to UK

Sept- back here. started year 4 with GOSH- babies, vaginas, C-sections, liquor, lochia. weirdly enjoyed the placement! maybe due to the massive amounts of handson. hmmm... potential career?

October- Visited bro in his new home for the first time. hectic placement caused me to had a very regular sleep pattern

november- Paeds placement. had an awesome placement group. trouble brewing at flats

December - Won the paypal lucky draw (more on that in the new year ;) ). TURKEY!!!! which is super awesome.

hahaha... i am enjoying 4th year more than 3rd. I'm still struggling to get a better assessment then "satisfactory". It's a bit frustrating when you can't break through mediocrity. Tutors write comments like "good job". Nothing constructive at all. :/ i suspect my work isn't horrible but isn't excellent too. I'm stuck in this zone. (so maybe this as my new year's resolution?)

2011 overall hasn't been a fantastic year for me. but the end of 2011 is awesome, i hope it's a preview of what's to come in 2012. ahahahahhaha.

happy new year everyone!