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10:12 pm
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psst.....lemme tell a little secret...

won a lucky draw. lucky because i won it, unlucky because i didn't complete my entry. but i still won something so my friends told me to shuddup and accept what i won. lol

hence my initial rant about karma mumbo jumbo on fb the other day ;) i'll post pics up when it arrives

onwards to reality...
coming to the end of my paediatric placement. Verdict: never going into paeds. if i somehow end up in paeds... please shoot me in the head cause an imposter has taken over my body without my consent.
i can't act "normal" with kids. i'm too stiff, too formal, too conscious. so far i hadn't convince any kid to let me examine them :( only those that are above 6 yrs old lemme examine them without kicking and crying.
and i can't calm a freaking 2 years old screaming their lungs out each time their parent lift up their shirt to let me listen to their heart. i don't even know what to do.... i feel like they don't even understand what the crap is happening.. so all those talk about "showing them that the stethoscope don't hurt them by examine their parents" crap don't work.

booooo.... then the parents just look at me like i'm some sort of doofus.

but i must say that my paeds placement is really good. i managed to go on night shifts (9pm-9am yo! i didn't sleep for 24 hrs on that day thanks to a delayed flight from dublin...), a&e, late shifts, etc. all those shifts we are left alone to clerk and examine patients that walk in... and formulate differential diagnosis and think of management. awesome stuff. 1 step closer to the "dr" title. hahahaha

and christmas is so very near. everyone else (and i do mean EVERYONE IN UNI) apart from the sad 4th n 5th year medical students are still having placements.

flying off to turkey this sunday :D so i'm blardy excited :D:D:D

come january and i shall start studying... hard core style. will be reminding me of how i studied for EOS 5. hahaha... not fun indeed. and i shall also start my psych placement. will be interesting to see if i'm interested in that. i like reading on psycho stuff so perhaps a potential career choice? hmmmm....

and electives, i'll definitely will be going to india in July. no idea where i'll be in august... sarawak? (damn la... so hard to find accommodation cause i'm the only one i know going there) or just do it in good ol peninsular?

decisions decisions....