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10:05 pm
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i can never understand the locals.

some of them, we work together from 9-5, 5 days a week, and we get along fine. see them out of uni, they act like they hv no clue who the heck you are.
or either, we say hi, chat for a while, and when it's time to go back, they just walk off without saying anything.

not sure what their culture is, but if its like this, isn't it rude?

or maybe they are polite only to their own kind. sucks doesn't it?
no wonder when it comes to tourism marketing, asian countries marketing posters usually have a notion that asians are warm and friendly people. which i think we are compared to them.
few years back, i used to wonder why are we selling ourselves as friendly when i don't feel "that" friendly. i thought the whole world should be the same. we see someone we know, even if its just an acquaintance, we just smile and say hello. i don't mean go say hi and get to know their whole life story.
here... hmph.

i guess too soon for me to make conclusions.

but i get the same vibe from majority of the people here. sucks to be the minority.
lol... then they complain when they go on electives that they can't get along with the locals there. hey... maybe then you can sympathize with the international students then.