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I think I'm slightly autistic after sitting in a lecture regarding autism.
Then again, there is a theory floating about that EVERYONE is on the autism scale, it depends on how severe it is.
Basically, autism is a triad of inability for autistic people to do:
1) social interaction (unable to understand sarcasm, unable to empathize, unable to understand relationships)
2) social communication (unable to perceive body language, personal space, taking turns in a conversation, etc)
3) inflexibility (must stick to a daily routine, obsession with a particular interest)

I guess I am able to detect sarcasm, body language, facial expressions, etc but there are some social rules I still fail to recognize. It's more vague rules of social interaction like how long do you maintain eye contact for when having a conversation? Such a strange thought but I do find myself thinking about it IN THE MIDDLE OF A CONVERSATION. hahahahaa.

Then there is also the question of when is someone officially a friend? I know that not everyone can be a close friend (close friends being friends that you can rely on, friends that you first think of when receiving exciting news), but when does an acquaintance becomes a friend? Hmmmmm... 

As a child also I just realize I never really got the concept of "best friends". I couldn't understand why people had BFF. It's like picking a favourite friend out of your circle of friends. I had trouble getting the point of boyfriend/girlfriends as well. Right now, I think people get bfs/gfs as sort of a loneliness cure for now and in the future. But does it mean that people who aren't lonely don't get bfs/gfs and people who are lonely have them? No idea. my theory is probably flawed.

I think of the most ridiculous things actually. Bleh.

I think all my idiosyncrasies don't really show that much because to begin with, I'm not a chatty person. But I must admit that I have great difficulty with social situations. :/

Further proof that I might be slightly autistic: I must watch a series from season 1. I hate to start watching a series from season 2,3,etc.
When I study, I must start from the beginning and I can't jump from one chapter to another without completing the previous ones.
I can eat the same thing again and again without complaining. I worry more about what people might think honestly.