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Few more notes to go then it's time to tackle the Leeds notes. and also... few more days now.

Seriously... the students here are so good with their communication skills, I really do admire them for it.

Word of the day:


hahahhaaa... that's probably what I aspire to be on OSCE day. (which falls next tuesday guys. wish me all the best :D)

on a side note (procrastinating again): I looked through randomly at my past entries. It's amazing how much you forget. Past trips, how close I was to some friends, how childish and whiny I was (actually still am. hahaha. i guess some things just never change) and just how weirdly this blog would know me better than I know myself. Honestly, if this blog is a talking and living person who I pour my heart and feelings and emoness to for the past 5 years, it's the only person in the world who knows me best (including myself). Back to studies now ;)  (btw, sad to note how 70%? of my post are related to study, exam, stress and how I didn't get the results I want. I can foresee problems when I finally don't have to study as often anymore)